ANDROID RECOVERY  What is it? + Features ▷ 2020

The recovery mode is a very useful function that the Android operating system to repair your mobile and do other related tasks with the main OS configuration.

Although this tool is found in all smartphones, there are differences in these. Some are for the access mode, others for the interface and others for the available menu.

In the following paragraphs we will show you the most complete information about the Android recovery mode. So that you can become an expert, we will teach you the steps you must do to avoid making mistakes and restore factory settings.

What is Android Recovery Mode and what is it for?

It is a tool incorporated in all Android devices, both mobile phones and tablets. Your job is to help your computer recover from various operating system problems.

As usual, recovery mode is used when the device does not advance to the boot stage, especially do not go beyond the manufacturer’s logo. To solve this problem it is necessary to carry out simple steps that will allow us to unblock this bad start of the OS.

In this way we can conclude that this tool is a function that serves to “Boot” the mobile, being its environment parallel to the execution of Android, since it has its own core. This is why the operating system can be recovered because it runs on it.

Android Recovery functions What can we do in this mode?

Android Recovery functions What can we do in this mode?

Smartphone manufacturers usually include different types of recovery mode versions on their devices. But this does not mean that it will not perform the same functions on a mobile.

Let’s see below what their main tasks are:

Reboot – Reboot

It is a function designed to make the computer restart quickly. Many people get confused by this activity as they believe that the device will be formatted and will return to factory settings, just as you had it the first day.

This is not the case, with this method you will continue to keep the applications that you have installed and also the different configurations that you made.

Apply Update From ADB

The translation of this would be apply update from Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Which is a program for computers that works with the command box to be able to make modifications on your Android mobile.

Apply From External Storage

With this function you will be able update programs on the mobile from an external SD memory card, which was recorded on a computer. It is ideal for installing a new firmware or programs related to the operating system.

Wipe Data From / Factory Reset

This tool will allow you to reset the mobile to the factory settings. That is to say, you will be able to format it and leave it new as the first day when you took it out of the box. You must bear in mind that all the content you have on the device, including the files in the internal memory and the applications, will be permanently deleted.

On most modern Android operating systems, factory formatting cannot undo or delete the Google account that was previously registered. This prevents the mobile, if it is stolen, from being able to function normally again.

To change this account, in case you give your mobile to someone else, you will have to change it manually by entering the system settings.

Wipe Cache Partition

With this function you will be able to erase the cache partition from your smartphone. With it, all the data stored there will be deleted, also completely erasing the partition. This partition is responsible for storing data and information temporarily.

Apply Update From Cache

From this option you can install an update of your mobile operating system. This can be done with the computer running, as it will be stored in the cache. In this way, you will avoid connecting to a computer and using special programs.

Learn how to access Android Recovery what you can use it for

To access the Recovery Mode on an Android mobile you will have to perform the steps that we will indicate below. You must bear in mind that, once you have entered the touch screen will not workInstead, you will have to choose the options using the volume and menu keys.

In addition, we will introduce you to the process for Recovery Mode and not Download Mode. This should be taken into account, because sometimes only a few steps vary to enter both options.

As we told you at the beginning of this article, The steps to access the tool that we are analyzing will depend on the model of your mobile.

Let’s see the step by step for different brands:

On Samsung

On Samsung

When you want to access from a Samsung mobile you can use one of the two combinations that we leave you. This will depend on the model you have:

  • “Turn up the volume” + “Start” + “Power button”.
  • “Bixby” + “Turn up the volume” + “Power key”.

On Xiaomi

In Xiaomi, the steps change a bit, because these teams do not use a combination of keys. You must have the equipment turned on and then follow this step by step:

  • Enter the app “Updater”.
  • Click on the menu, located in the upper right corner represented by 3 dots.
  • When you see two options, you will have to click on “Reboot to Recovery Mode”.
  • The screen will turn off and after a few seconds it will take you to Recovery Mode.

On Motorola

In case you have a Motorola, you must follow this process:

  • Press the key at the same time “Volume Down” and then the button “Power”.


On HTC phones you will first have to activate the Recovery Mode function and then you will only be able to access this tool. The steps you will have to follow are:

  • Enter the device settings with the phone on.
  • Click on the option “Battery”.
  • You will see several options and boxes that you can use for configuration. You will have to uncheck the box “Fast Boot”.
  • Next, you will have to turn off the mobile.
  • Press the keys at the same time “Lower Volume” and later “Power button”.

On Huawei

If you want to enter the Recovery Mode of a mobile of this brand, do the following:

  • Press at the same time “Turn up the volume” and then him power button.

On Sony Xperia

On Sony Xperia

The steps to enter the Android Recovery Mode on Sony Xperia devices are not so different from the previous ones, but the order in which you should do them varies a bit. Let’s see how it’s done:

  • Turn off the phone and after a few minutes turn it on again.
  • As soon as the LED turns a different color, you will have to press the keys simultaneously “Volume down” With “Turn up the volume”, twice each.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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