New marketing tools for developers

Coinciding with the new betas for the various Apple devices and it seems that preparing the next piece of Apple Silicon, the macOS Big Sur that represents a new era for the company, updated its App Store marketing tools for developers. Today there is the ability to create custom links and assets, including new QR codes and short links

Accessing the developer site, As we already said today, it is certain that it is being visited a lot by the launch, for example, of the ninth beta of macOS Big Sur, it seems that in the news section a section was included with the news regarding the new marketing tools for developers. In it you can read:

Take advantage of new marketing resources to promote your apps worldwide. You can now generate short links or embeddable code that take you to the App Store product page and display the app icon, a QR code, or an App Store badge. Download localized emblems from the App Store, the app icon and more.

As far as we can see, now the developers They will have new functionality to be able to link downloads of their applications. That way, users won’t have to be looking for the app on the Mac App Store, for example. We can scan a QR code or download an Apple stamp and go directly to what we want to download.

Very useful and above all very visual and we already know that in marketing one of the essential premises is that it is visual and easy for the general public. May we get to the desired product simply and quickly and have direct access to what we want. That’s what these tools do.