Apple TV started out as a service, say exclusive to Apple, that could only be used on the company’s own encoders. Little by little was entering our lives through other devices like Smart TVs and now we have the news that we can access the service through the Microsoft Xbox console.

As we said, in the past few years we’ve seen Apple open its software allowing third-party hardware to run Apple TV and even support for HomeKit and AirPlay 2. With the new Microsoft console at the door, Xbox surprises us with the announcement that it will include Apple TV in the form of an application.

As reported by Windows Central through its XboxTwitter account, Xbox is the newest hardware platform on which the Apple TV app is planned to be included. The option to use it has been shown to some users of the Xbox Insiders beta program. Windows Central was able to check the availability of viewing the Apple TV app with multiple sources.

The launch more than likely It could be with the new Xbox Series X and S consoles on November 10. With that, we see that although Apple and Microsoft do not do well in some areas, in others they do. For example, Apple recently blocked Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service. On the other hand, we have Microsoft 365’s announcement of a single payment on macOS. Now collaboration for the console to host the Apple TV app. They are business.

We will see if it really will be in mid-November, when we will be able to enjoy Apple series and movies on Microsoft devices. Of course, we can say that the Xbox will become an entertainment center for its users.