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East text processor stands out mainly for offering a large number of elements to all its users when working on it, which will allow you create very professional texts accompanied by visual representations that will allow your information to be easily understood.

It’s like this microsoft program has smartart graphics, which are visual representations that they will allow you convey a message or idea in a more effective way. Also, these graphics you can not only apply them in Word, but also in PowerPoint, Excel and any other office software.

All these elements you can insert and edit anywhere in the text, which will allow you to have a more control in each one of them. That is why here we are going to explain how you can apply these graphic elements in your text documentTo do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post.

Steps to style your SmartArt graphics in Word

These smartart graphics they are only one visual representation of data and ideas that will allow you transmit in an easier way that information you want to teach. Luckily, here you will find different kinds of styles, so you can select that design that suits more to the message you want to convey.

In this way here you will find designs as they are the diagrams or flowcharts where can you represent specific datawhile some others designs they will simply help you improve appearance of the information either bulleted in list skins.

In accordance with all this, here we are going to show you what are the steps you must take to apply style to each of your SmartArt elements in Word.

To do this, follow each of the steps that we will teach you below:

  • Before you start using these items in your worksheet It is important that you are very clear about what type of information is what you want to add. Since when applying them you will have to select the type of style that suits you best, be it list, relationship, hierarchy, among others.
  • Having this already decided, the next thing will be to enter the “Options” and there select the tab “Insert”.
  • Then you must do click about icon “SmartArt” located in the category of “Illustrations”:

Steps to style your SmartArt graphics in Word

  • Now a new window on your screen, here you can see each of the available styles of this item. Here you simply have to try each one of them until find the one that best suits what you need.
  • Once you have defined the style you want to apply to your word sheet, the next thing will be to do click in the option of “To accept”.

Steps to style your SmartArt graphics in Word

  • The element is automatically I will add you to your worksheet, the following will be modify each of the lines of text available there. In this way said graphic will be applied to your text document in an easy and fast way according to the style you want. Please note that each of these styles will vary its shape.

Steps to style your SmartArt graphics in Word

What are the most optimal styles for each type of SmartArt?

What are the most optimal styles for each type of SmartArt?

As mentioned above, these elements will allow you add information to your documents in an easier and more attractive way, thus allowing you explain certain information through visual representations that will allow the understanding of it to be much easier.

Also, this word element stands out for offering a lots of styles what can you apply depending on the type of information you want to add to the text.

With this in mind, here we are going to show you each of the styles available within the SmartArt tool:


These graphics can be used through a list layout, in this case each of your ideas will be inserted through a vertical list where each of the information you want to add will be separated.

This will allow you explain different points of the same topic in a simpler and shorter way. Also, this list style is designed for information where the elements are grouped but do not follow any step-by-step process.


Another of the formats that will be found there is the hierarchy, you can say that it is one of the most used in this type of graphics. He himself is a Organization chart where its illustration is used mainly to show the hierarchies that exist in a company.

For this it has several designs, either a decision tree, a family of products or many others that you can get there.


This type of style is designed for when you want display information that is repetitive or circular, something like what they are the life cycles of a human or a product, as well as the cycles of writing and publishing a website or to perform a analysis of the performance of workers in a company.

In this way, the type of information used here is when you set objectives, development points, completion and all over again.


In this case it shows what is the relationship of components to a whole, where also shows slightly more complex relationships. In this way it is mainly used so that each of the axes of this style take care of show a range in terms of cost and skill, for it includes quadrants and axes.


As its name indicates, this type of element is used mainly on those occasions where you want explain a process which can contain repeating shapes. The most common cases are when a part of the text and it should continue, for this I use long arrows that connect one step with the other, always showing a directional flow.

In this category you will find more than 30 styles of processes, either for you to explain everything the procedure of a plan or product, always showing the progression of it.


This time you will also find different types of diagrams, so the opportunity to choose a style that suits what you are looking for will be much wider.Here you will get what are the Venn diagrams, radial and concentric circles, which is mainly used to represent a connection between two or more objects or information.

In this type of case you can have what it is converging radial design where several elements affect a central object or are related to it. What it is the basic Venn design which is formed by two or more overlapping circles, just as when the areas overlap and meet at the central intersection of both.

And finally, the basic destination design where are shown gradations or hierarchical relationships.


This type of style is responsible for showing what are the proportional processes that grow upwards in the form of pyramid. This is how they show a process of continuous adjustment where collect data without filter shown in the bottom and they continue upwards.

In this way this style is designed to offer more spaces for what the text adapts as the pyramid gets narrower.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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