Apps to Remove Google Accounts from Mobile  List ▷ 2021

Everytime that we configure a mobile for the first time, we need to link it with google accounts as part of the installation process. However, it is rare that a person decides to eliminate them at some point.

Although it is not a complicated process, few are the users who really know how to do it. To facilitate that work, there are applications and programs that guide the user and allow you to remove them without problems.

If you find yourself in this situation and wish remove Google accounts from your smartphone Android, we share a list with the best applications and programs to achieve it. In addition, we will talk about some situations in which you should consider eliminating them.

Why should you consider removing Google accounts from your smartphone?

Why should you consider removing Google accounts from your smartphone?

It is not common for a person to decide remove a Google account from your smartphone, especially since doing so the data linked to said account will be deleted from the device, such as contacts, emails and configuration options. However, it is essential to do it for example when you go to sell the equipment to a new user.

The reason for it, is that when factory reset next time, Google account password will be requested. To avoid inconveniences related to it, without a doubt, the best alternative is to remove it. Another scenario for which it can be especially useful to remove a Google account is that you go to replace it with a new one that you have created or that you want to link to your smartphone.

Keep in mind that on Android phones you can use two or more accounts, but you need to configure one as the main one to work with Google services. Whatever the reason, you should know that there are apps specifically designed to help users delete accounts from their Android. In this way, the procedure will be easier and faster.

List of the best apps and software to delete Google accounts from your Android

If you want that a Google account is removed from your device without problems, the most advisable thing is that you work with a software designed for it. These have the use of a 100% reliable FRP lock removal tool, which is vital for the process to run smoothly.

Here is a list of the best apps and software to remove Google accounts from your Android smartphone:

iMyFone LockWiper

It is one of the most popular from the list and there are many reasons why you should use it. First of all, it is perfect for removing the FRP lock from the device and has a very easy to use interface, so operations run fast and responsive.

In addition, has high compatibility and one high rate of successful removal of Google accounts. Another interesting aspect is that it has the ability to remove any type of screen locks from an Android mobile. This means that it is the perfect solution for your Android unlocking needs.

Some main features that can be highlighted of IMyFone LockWiper are:

  • Delete the Google account of mobiles Samsung and tablets without using a password.
  • Remove all types of locks screen of Android devices in just minutes.
  • Does not require providing any credentials Google account to remove the FRP lock.
  • Easy interface to use.
  • It’s compatible with older Android devices.

In order to remove the FRP lock through this tool, follow the steps below:

  • Launch iMyFone LockWiper on your PC. From the home interface, tap on the mode Remove Google Block (FRP) and press Start to continue.
  • Use a compatible USB cable to connect your mobile to the computer and provide the requested information.
  • Download the data and firmware package necessary to continue. If everything is correct, the Google account will be deleted from the mobile.



This software has also gained high popularity from users who want to quickly remove Google account lock or Factory Reset Protection from Android devices. It should be noted that it works differently from other tools of this type. Simply put, HushSMS FRP provides services such as sending a text message to another mobile. Through that service, you can forward important information to another computer, which will help to unlock and remove the Google account from your Android.

The most outstanding features of this option are:

  • It has a practical shape to remove Factory Reset Protection.
  • High rate of success.
  • Your instructions are easy to follow, but you will need another device for the method to work.
  • Has compatibility with a wide variety of Android devices.

Download HushSMS FRP for Android


This tool is one of the most recommended, because it is compatible with all Android devices. Using Pangu FRP Bypass is very simple, but the steps may vary a bit depending on the mobile from which you do it.

Some notable aspects of Pangu are:

  • It is free.
  • Easy to use.
  • high compatibility.
  • Trustworthy and fast.

D&G Password Unlocker

D&G Password Unlocker

It is another very effective option when it comes to helping Android users to remove FRP restrictions from your mobile devices and tablets in just a few seconds. It is compatible with brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, etc. What’s more, it is compatible with Windows platforms such as XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

To use it, first you must download it and follow the instructions to install it on your computer. Once this is done, connect the mobile to the PC with a USB cable and restart it without the need for an email and password Google. Thanks to D&G Password Unlocker, you can flash the Android mobile and rewrite the firmware. Without a doubt, it is another highly recommended alternative with which you can remove a Google account from your Android device.

Download D&G Password Unlocker

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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