Avoid YouTube Copyright  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

For create a channel in Youtube we must follow a series of rules and regulations that are established to order and organize the community. Also, you must comply with local laws governing activity and behavior. within the internet.

As we know, the most protected today is copyrightas it is closely related to intellectual property and copyright. If you want to create a channel on this platform, you must know these terms.

Today we will help you become a content creator in YouTube, without violating any of its regulations, with this article, where we will show you All you need to know.

What are the most important aspects of YouTube copyright you should know?


Without so many boring words, we can define copyright, as the set of rules that protect content created by a person. The law provides all the support for those artists who generate content of all forms and types, so that it is not reused without authorization. Copyright also it is known as copyright, thus defined in Anglo-Saxon law. In case you wonder, the copyrights are the same as intellectuals, changing the name does not mean that they are different.

YouTube is a broad platform that allows us to enjoy of audiovisual content. For this reason it will always protect the properties of the authors, including both content uploaded only on its platform, or external ones. All content, no matter how small, are subject to copyright. For this reason it is so important to create content totally unique. Titles are the only ones that are not directly subject for copyrightHowever, there are exceptions.

If we want use content protected by copyright without violating intellectual rights, we must first obtain the consent of the author, because they are the only ones who can say who or if they can not reuse their content. There are, on the other hand, content free of copyright that we can use. The content creator offers his works so that they can be reused, under the Creative Commons license.

Learn step by step how to avoid copyright problems in your YouTube videos

youtube copyright

For upload content on YouTube, these must be free of copyright, otherwise we will be violating the rules of the platform.

To help you in this, we leave you below some steps, so that your channel is free from breach of copyright:

Use CC content

The contents under the Creative Commons license, are completely free for reuse. For this reason it is highly recommended to use them, since we are not bound by copyright. However, many professionals recommend editing these contents in a moderate way, since allows them to identify themselves to a video network as large as YouTube.

Note: the edition in a moderate way, it is established not to infringe the conditions of use of the file, established under the CC license.

Use a cappella songs

Use a cappella songs, it can be one of the best options to share our content, without being punished for Youtube, for some violation of copyright. If we upload or use full (original) songs, we must know that we are violating community regulations. In conclusion, there are two options, request permission from the author, or simply use a cappella songs, to make use of their lyrics in some content.

Do your song covers

Create covers is the quick solution to use music in videos without affecting the copyright. According to the Spanish translation it means cover, and this is the objective, since we must modify the songs, either with an editor or otherwise, to create differences with the original. This method is widely used by channels, where they use a musical background, or offer songs to work relaxed or animate events.

Use music from YouTube library

If the objective of our channel in YouTube, is to offer tutorials or guides on any subject, using a good musical background is the most recommended, but in a world where copyright is so protected, we must make use of copyright-free content. To solve this, Youtube offers us a wide library of music copyright free. These audios, can be downloaded completely free, and used as backgrounds for our videos.

Trim songs at 9 seconds

If we see in Youtube, Many of the big channels use famous music as backgrounds to present some content or an experience. However, when analyzing the timing and quality of the audio, not like the original. The first and most recommended is to trim the songs to nine seconds, so that YouTube can’t recognize it, avoiding violating copyright. With the use of a good application, the extraction of the audios is very simple, and shortening them, much more.

Use frames in protected videos

If your channel is one of those that shows video clips, or anime content, that are protected by copyright, the best option to reuse them is editing them. The first thing is to add a watermark, and a frame wide enough so that YouTube does not identify the video. On YouTube we will normally see videos that have frames, and some watermarks, even sharpen the audio. The purpose of this is that Youtube don’t put us in blacklist for violating copyright.

List of the best copyright-free image, video and audio banks for YouTube

As we already mentioned, the contents that are free of copyright can be freely reused for our channel, but get them it is not always very simple.

For this reason, we created a small list of five totally free and copyright-free content banks:


Videvo is the preferred video bank of many people with great channels on YouTube. It has a wide range of results, which allows us to use any content and download it, and thus create great videos for our audience.


Many of us already knew Pixabay long before. This bank of images, illustrations, vectors, and videos, offers us all your results downloadable, and totally free. Just by using pixabay As our only content bank, we will be able to create great videos that the public will love without violating any copyright.


After pixabay, the second most famous information bank is Morguefile. There users upload your images non-profit, with the intention that they can be reused on any platform or social network. It has a number of files that will allow us to achieve the objectives of our channel. But nevertheless, they are not of the best quality, but with an excellent image editor this can be solved.


Many of the sound banks, they offer us free audios, but they are not long-lasting. When we need files that are up to 18 minutes long, we can use Elong Sound, famous for this quality. The sounds that we can extract from this audio bank they are not of the best existing quality. However, it is not the lowest either, since its contents are considered to be within the acceptable average.


Finally, we have Soundeffects + a great provider of sounds, which gives us security in all its contents, marked by the free from copyright. The sounds they offer us are found in a WAV or mp3 format, that with a single click we can download all those that we like so much. The great quality of this page is that, when downloading some content, gives us a kind of record, stating that the extracted file is copyright free.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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