Backup in Windows 7  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Make a backup in Windows 7 To protect your documents is not a difficult task, but you must know the secrets of this process so that you do not make mistakes and execute it correctly.

If you want to know how to do it, you can find all the information related to this topic in the following paragraphs. We will show you in a simple way the process you must do.

Finally, you can find the best services and programs to make a backup in W7. Do not miss anything and enjoy this article so that you have your computer safe.

Why is it important to make a backup?

Why is it important to make a backup?

When you do a backup in Windows 7, or in any other operating system, you will have the advantage of having created a specific point of your files. I mean, it’s like you would have taken a photograph to your computer at a certain time. This will help you go back if, after that copy, you installed programs that malfunction and generate internal conflicts with the operating system.

Too you will have the option to go back if you made mistakes in removing programs or files that were important to maintaining the operating system. You must not forget that some OS updates generate drawbacks in their performance and operability. Therefore, when you create a backup you will have the advantage of removing those updates and going back to where you started.

Lastly, you can’t fail to mention information security. This is another factor that you must take into account and take it as an important benefit when creating copies of your OS, since you will have all your confidential files and data stored in a place other than the computer.

Learn step by step how to make a backup in Windows 7

Learn step by step how to make a backup in Windows 7

To make a backup in Windows 7 you will have to do this step by step:

  • On the desktop right click on an empty place and choose the option Team.
  • Then click Properties.
  • You will see the main window of the Control Panel. You can also get to this option by selecting Start, Control Panel, System and Security and finally Backup and Restore.
  • Choose the option Create a copy of the system, which you will find in the left panel of the screen.
  • Select where to save the copy and give it a name.
  • You will find a list with all units available to which you can make a backup. Choose Local disk or all the units you want.
  • Check the box Let Windows choose (recommended) and click on Next.
  • You will have a new window in which you will have to choose from which files you want to make the backup. So you will have to check the boxes you want and then press Next.
  • Check the settings before performing the backup.
  • When everything is ready click Save configuration and run backup.

If you want to make a total or partial restoration you will have to enter the Control panel main window and select the option Restore my files. Then, you must choose the copy you want to reactivate and click on Next to continue with the intuitive steps.

List of the best services and programs to make backup copies in Windows 7

Another alternative you have to backup Windows 7 is to use third-party tools that will help you perform the steps in a more direct way. We will show you below the best services and programs that you can use to carry out this task.

Choose the tool that suits you best:


This is a free tool with which you can make backup copies of your computer, but also a USB stick and CD. It can work in the background without taking up too much of your resources and offers compressed files in formats SQX, ZIP or ZIP64. Its use is very simple, you just have to follow the intuitive instructions provided by the program.

Download Cobian Windows



It is a very simple application to use and has a free version and a paid version to do backup your operating system and any file you have on your computer. It has different tools that will allow you to choose what you want to save, where and how often you want to repeat the task. Its interface is very simple and you can recover the files that you will save it on your computer or on removable disks quickly.

Download FBackup Windows

Paragon Backup & Recovery CE

With this tool that is available for free not only for Windows 7, but also for MacOS you will be able to create backup copies in a few steps and automate them so that you have safeguarded your computer and computer data pen drive. To adjust the backup scenarios you will have to configure what you want to save and where to find the information for future restoration.

Download Paragon Backup & Recovery CE Windows

Uranium Backup

You can opt for a free version or have more functions if you hire a paid subscription. You will be able to choose different types of plans that will adapt to your needs without any problem. With this platform you can create backups of one or more computers with Windows 7 and save them in the cloud or anywhere you decide.

Download Uranium Backup Windows

EaseUS Todo Backup

It is one of the software that is most used to make backup copies of a computer with the W7 operating system. It has plans for free users and paid versions for home and business customers. You will have different options to automate the backup copy and get reports about the process in which this task is performed.

Download EaseUS Todo Backup Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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