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Make a backup in Windows 7 will help you keep your computer protected and safeguard the information before errors that you can commit in the installation of programs incompatible with the PC.

For this reason, It is convenient that you know what backup copies are and what they are for in the Windows 7 environment. You will find this information easily if you continue reading the following paragraphs.

In addition, we will explain the benefits of backing up constantly and we will teach you the step by step you must do to create a copy in W7 without making mistakes.

What are backups and what are they for in Windows 7?

Backup is a Windows 7 tool that it will allow you to write down the information you have saved on your PC to access it at any time and recover important data in the event of an OS error or by the existence of a virus.

If you did not do this backup and you would have to format the computer and reinstall the operating system completely, you would lose all the information. The most prominent feature of this feature is that copies are not made of all files, but of the most important ones.

The difference between a restore point is that this element returns to a state before the computer, it is as if you took a photo at a certain moment and you would have it back on the PC in the same way as when you made the restore point. The steps you will need to take to create a backup are simple, so you do not need previous experience or advanced computer knowledge to carry out this task. You can find this process in the following points of the post.

What are the benefits of constantly backing up?

What are the benefits of constantly backing up?

Naps Thinking of backing up in Windows 7 you should consider all the benefits that you will get when you carry out this task. For this reason, we will explain below all the advantages you will have every time you make a backup of your important data.

The benefits are:

  • You can create a backup with simple steps or choose an external tool that will help you with this task. For this reason, accessing this type of death is not difficult and you do not need too much technical knowledge.
  • You have the possibility to configure which folders and files you want to have a copy of, which saves time on disk space.
  • When you make a backup you will be calm, since you will not lose the important information that you have saved. This is in case of making a mistake in the installation of a program or modifying some important configuration of the operating system.
  • The same thing happens in the previous valid point when your Windows 7 computer got infected with a virus or any other malware. This will help you to format the equipment, if necessary, and not lose valuable information.
  • You can choose to have the backup done automatically, so you will forget about this important task just by activating some options.
  • One of the most outstanding advantages what does this tool have Windows 7 is that you can create different types of copies. In this way, you will be able to make a backup copy of all the data or information that was generated and modified since the last copy you already created, which allows for greater versatility in each user situation.

Learn step by step how to make a backup in Windows 7 from scratch

Learn step by step how to make a backup in Windows 7 from scratch

When you want to make a backup in Windows 7 from scratch you can use the guide that we present below:

Enter the option System and maintenance

The first thing you should do to create a backup on your Windows 7 computer is press the start button located at the bottom left of the screen. Then you must choose the option Control Panel in which you will be able to find the tool System and Maintenance. This task can be done a little faster if you press Start and then write the name of the function you want to access.

Prepare the backup

In this step you must enter the Backup and Restore tool.

Next, you can choose different operations, which are:

  • Set up a backup.
  • Make a backup now, this being the option you must choose.
  • Create a new full backup, which differs from the previous option because you will not update the old copy, but you will generate a complete backup of your computer.

Set up Windows 7 backup

Set up Windows 7 backup

Once you have clicked on Make a backup now the wizard will ask you where you want to save your backup. Then you must choose if you want to copy all the libraries and the data that are in their folders, or you want to specify manually which files are going to be copied in the backup. The last thing you should do in this step is choose whether you want to manually set or schedule a backup to be carried out every certain period.

Run the information backup

When you have chosen all the configuration options you will have to click the button Save configuration and run backup. You must bear in mind that if it is the first time you make a copy, it may take more minutes and normal, so you must wait until the information is generated automatically.

Create a restore point

If you need create a restore point to return to a previous state on your computer Windows 7 and recover some important folders or files, what you are going to have to do is enter the tool System and Maintenance and then you will have to click System.

Next, you must select the option System protection and go to the tab System protection to press the button Create. You will have to write a description of the restore point and then click again on Create. When you want to restore the point you just created you will have to enter System and Maintenance and click Backup and Restore. Choose if you want to restore only your files or those of all users, after this the wizard will run automatically.

List of the best programs to make backup copies in Windows 7 and protect your files

In case you do not want to use the process that we show you in the previous point you can use an external tool that will help you when making backup copies and protect your files from Windows 7 in a safe way.

We will show you below a list of the best programs you can find for W7:


This online tool will allow you to save up to 3TB of data with AES 256 encryption bits. In addition, it is possible to generate a real-time backup, which makes it one of the best programs you can find on the market.

The backups that are made are compress, so this online tool It will allow you to achieve significant bandwidth savings. You can store up to 5GB for freeThen you must choose one of the paid plans to access additional tools such as synchronization of all devices.

EaseUS Todo Backup

You can protect your Windows 7 data in a practical way with this management tool.

You will have the possibility to choose the following plans:

  • Free users.
  • Domestic customers in this version you will be able to protect data quickly and get the cloning function of the system.
  • Business accounts, which will be able to access a Windows MS SQL database and an Exchange database.

Also, in all these options you will be able to get backup reports and perform a recovery in real time.

Download EaseUS Todo Backup Windows

Bvckup 2

Bvckup 2 It is a much lighter application than the previous ones, so the graphical interface is easier to understand because its tools are only intended to create backup copies. Supports storage applications on the cloud, generating in this way an additional benefit when choosing this program. To access this license you will have to pay around € 30 to make backup copies in a few steps.

Download Bvckup 2 Windows


Unlike the other programs this application it is completely free and open source. So it is only necessary to download the executable on your Windows 7 computer and then open it for the installation to run in a few steps. Dispose of an interface that will allow you to access all the tools in an intuitive way, thus becoming an ideal program for users with basic computer skills.

Download Duplicati Windows


In this case you can find a tool of a free version and with a paid license that you can install on your Windows 7 PC. The difference between the two versions is the amount of additional functions that offers the subscription of € 35. The wizard that this application has will help you carry out the task and coordinate what type of backup you want to make to your computer. Further, you can customize if you want to make copies automatically.

Download FBackup Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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