Ban and Unban Discord User  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

With the settings you can make in Discord, which we will show you below, you will achieve that the platform is a more pleasant and safe place so you and your community hang out without worrying about nasty users.

For it, You will have to carefully read all the steps you must do to block a member, but if you regret it, we will also tell you how to unban it.

Finally, we will present you a list with the best tips to keep in mind to avoid the presence of toxic users on Discord. Take a look at this post!

Learn step by step how to ban and unban any user on Discord

Learn step by step how to ban and unban any user on Discord

Whenever you want limit or unban a user’s actions on Discord you can do it in a simple way.

For this you must take into account the following step by step that we show you:

  • The first thing you are going to have to do is open the app from any device, mobile or computer. If you prefer, you can enter the platform through the official website, for this you must write in the URL address bar
  • Once you have entered you will have to write your User ID and password. If you do not remember it you will have to press the link Recover password and continue with the steps that the wizard will show you.
  • Once you are on the home screen of your platform you must choose Discord server in which the user you want to ban is located.
  • Select channel to which the unwanted account belongs.
  • Position yourself in the chat avatar and press the right mouse button on the name of the member you want to block.
  • This will allow a drop-down menu to open in which you must choose the option Ban (username).
  • Then you’re going to have to indicate the reason for the ban among the different possibilities offered by the platform.
  • You will also have to select time you want to delete the history of your messages (24 hours or 7 days, among others).
  • Finish on the red button Ban and ready!, that contact will not be able to enter your server.

Now to unban it, press the name of the server that appears with a down arrow. This is at the top of the voice and text channels. Doing this will open a drop-down menu. Choose in this step Server settings, represented with a cogwheel. Now look at the options on the left bar.

Enter tool User Management and look in its menu for the function Bans. You will have to enter this section to see the list of rejected ones that you have so far. Choose with the cursor the name of the user you want to re-enter. Press and select Unban among the available alternatives. By doing this, that member will be able to rejoin the conversation on the channel. You must bear in mind that such action can only be performed by the administrator.

Tips to improve your account privacy and avoid toxic users on Discord

For avoid banning a toxic user on Discord It is important to keep in mind some tips that will help strengthen the privacy of your account. This will ensure that you can chat without problems and better choose the people with whom to share this platform.

See below what we have prepared for you:

Create private channels

Create private channels

If you want only people authorized by you enter your channel you will have to restrict the way users can join. To do this, you will have to position yourself with the mouse pointer on the channel avatar. Then click on the gear wheel on the right, this will allow you to select the settings by clicking on Permissions

Select the different types of actions that each member can perform. Lastly, head to the field GENERAL PERMISSIONS OF THE CHANNEL and look for the first option, See channel. In this tool you will be able to activate the function of converting the channel to private.

Thus You can indicate one by one the roles that each member will have within the channel. Likewise, from here you can add the participants of the messaging channel one by one. Remember that only they will access, but the other channels can still be open. Also, for this privacy setting to work, do not forget to click on Save Changes.

Choose the level of moderation in chats

Choose the level of moderation in chats

If you are the administrator of a server, you can choose what topics will not be discussed on it, or at least what kind of content is prohibited under your command. For this the developers have implemented the function Moderation. This is in the tab User settings. From here it is feasible to control discriminatory, aggressive messages, with obscene language and others. In fact, it is possible to choose who can send messages and which member cannot.

Too there is a filter to analyze any multimedia content coming from users. You will also be able to avoid direct messages from members of the server. For this you will have to select the drop-down menu of the server, pressing the arrow that is located at the end of the name, and then you will have to choose the tool Privacy settings. Finally, deactivate the function DIRECT MESSAGES.

Configure who can add you as a friend

If you don’t want to be on everyone’s contact list, you will have to change who can add you as a friend. You can do this by going to the menu User settings, then you will have to select the tool Privacy & Security. Select if you want friends of your friends to include you or if only members of your server can do it. This will also allow you to avoid general mentions @everyone, @here and @mentions from roles on Discord.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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