What are the best Torrent pages to download movies and Anime series? 2020 List

Nowadays, more and more people, who enjoy and entertain with Japanese animation, also known as anime , these animated series have an audience that grows day by day, there may be some series or movies, that you liked so much that you want to download it.

For this task there is Torrent that will allow you to download a wide variety of content of this nature, just by searching carefully in the different pages that can provide it.

In this article we will indicate different webs, which you can use to search and download torrents files that may contain the series or anime you like. Remember that the availability of the links, clearly depends on the community of the page.

List of the top 10 sites to download anime series and movies that are still active

There are a wide variety of sites designed to download a large number of files, of almost any kind. There are also some sites specialized in a unique type of content. Here you can see different pages, which you can visit and investigate . And if it contains the content that interests you, you can download it and enjoy it whenever and wherever you want.


This site has a wide variety of titles, series, movies and even manga of different animes, that you liked, it still has a list of different games that may interest you. The available languages are English and Japanese, but if you are an expert in some of these languages, the web will be very useful.


This page is entirely in Spanish, which makes navigation easier. Besides being very intuitive, which means, you will understand how to use it in a very short time. It has a large catalog, which is organized, in alphabetical order or you can search according to the genre of the series or animation that interests you .

The best of all is its download section, in which you will find the most recent and constantly updated series, practically from the day it appears on the web, is now available for download. Also in this section you have other options, like manga or games. One of the best pages to download animes for free.


Now, we leave aside the webs strictly focused on a content, and we arrive in which the great variety is expanded. It has a wide variety of files, and you can find almost any item that interests you.

Just write the name of the series or be a little more specific and indicate the chapter that interests you or the name of the movie, so you can find it. The search engine will always show you the latest content related to your search.


In itself it’s a torrent search engine, that is, by putting the name of the episode, movie or anime series that interests you, the web will show different pages that may contain content that interests you. It’s basically like Google, to explain it more easily . However, it is a useful tool for the popular series you are interested in saving.


Here you can find a wide variety of content dedicated to anime, it’s a very simple page, the best thing before you start using it is for you to register on it, and after you have completed the process, you can search for the content that interests you.


In this web it is essential that you make your registration before making any option, in it you will find a great variety of files in high quality, mainly anime and eggs and even hentai (adult content). They are in Japanese language, with English subtitles.


And now some of the giants and favorites for many, this site with one of the largest file galleries for download, just write the name of the anime, the movie and you’ll see all the content available for it on that web . Thepiratebay.org is easy to use, it doesn’t have many complications.


To use it you have to be registered, once you have finished this process, you can go directly to the anime option and see what content is available, or do a search and get the content you like, as long as it is available. It is very easy to use, in a matter of minutes you can search quickly and efficiently.


This site works in a similar way to Google. Since by placing the content that interests you on your search engine (phrase or keyword), it will show you a wide variety of torrent sites that contain information regarding what you are looking for . An excellent tool, in cases where you do not know the availability of any series, either because it is something old or unpopular.


Although it doesn’t look like it, this portal has a wide variety of anime series in its catalog, you just need to use it in your search engine, write the name of the anime you’re interested in and look through the different options until you get the one you’re interested in. Keep in mind that the site is entirely in English, so searches and content will be in the same language.

Tips before using torrents

Some torrent download pages, warn and suggest to your users the use of VPN , this in order to improve their security and keep their data protected. Besides avoiding legal problems. Since downloading files by these means in many countries can cause legal problems, and to avoid such inconveniences, it is recommended to use them.

There are different VPNs for mobile phones and computers , just look around and you can find excellent free versions, for any browser or operating system. On the other hand, there is the question of viruses, which will always be a constant in this world of illegal downloads. Therefore, it is essential to have a good antivirus.

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