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Smartphones are a fundamental part of most people’s lives to carry out all kinds of activities. But nevertheless there are many who still do not take advantage of all its functions And they don’t know that their cell phone can be turned into other gadgets, so some journalists and students still carry a heavy old note recorder.

There is no doubt that on many occasions a support is essential that allows us to capture a certain sound, be it a class, an interview or any other that while it is of higher quality, it will be better. Due to the quality, many do not use the default recording application of their cell phone, however it is possible to get third-party programs with better features and without having to buy a recorder.

In this article We will give you a fairly extensive list with options to record the sounds you want, each of the applications that we show you is available for download on the Android system and they are easy to use. In addition, each one has a series of different functions, so you can evaluate them and choose the appropriate one according to the specific use that you are going to give it.

List of the best applications to record sounds and audios on Android

Your mobile has the solution for everything, if you know how to use it. With one application you can learn to cook, another manages to transform your device into a flashlight, a compass or whatever. For those who want to capture the sound of nature or the environment, save a work meeting to repeat it, a music session with friends, or create audio notes to remember moments or ideas that they might otherwise forget, the best thing is to get an app.

Even though most mobiles have a default recording functionThese programs do not provide very good results because they do not capture the sound in detail and in many cases the recordings have interferences. However, when you are not looking for something so professional it is useful. If you prefer or are looking for something in more detail, we offer you more than 10 applications below, along with its description so you know which one is right for you.

Easy Voice Recorder Recorder


It is an application with some years providing a fairly balanced service, useful for professional or everyday tasks. It is available on the Play Store in two versions:

  • Free: the free software offers a platform in which we can capture sounds and then choose the format in which we want to save it, in addition, some cloud storage platforms can be synchronized and the files saved automatically so as not to waste storage space.
  • Pro: the paid version integrates slightly more advanced features, such as using a bluetooth microphone or stereo mode and a transcription system that converts audible sounds into a text in Spanish or English.

Voice recorder

voice recorder

A fairly simple application, for those who do not need much professionalism. It’s free and it’s in various app stores. We can choose a name for our recording and thus avoid having to search by date, as most similar programs usually do.

We can assign a maximum duration or record freely, captures sounds that you can then email or save. It should be noted that it is one of the most popular.

Smart Voice Recorder

smart voice recorder

The first thing to note about this is that despite being available in the Play Store for free, it does not work on tablets. It is for mobile use only. With Smart Voice Recorder you can analyze and control the sound you are recording. In the interface you will find several possible settings to increase or decrease the sensitivity to sound, modify the microphone gain, analyze the sound spectrum and you can also activate the recording in the background.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice recorder

Hi-q MP3 Voice Recorder

It is relatively new, but its features promise that it will be one of the best. It is available in a very basic trial version that does not have relevant features and the paid version with more advantages and advanced functions such as:

  • Record in 320 kbps and MP3 format at the highest quality.
  • Record on one track unlimitedly.
  • Choose between primary or secondary microphone
  • Change the recording frequency.

Voice PRO

Voice PRO

A little more professional than all the previous ones and with outstanding features that give it some popularity in the Play Store. With Voice Pro, in addition to record audios we can download Youtube videos in mp3 format with the best possible quality, store them on our device.

As for recording, we can activate the quick access widget To capture sounds at important moments, once we have the recording we can edit it in different ways, either by mixing several, modifying the gain, time or reverb.

Audio Recorder App

Audio Recorder app

A free program in several stores, when entering the intuitive interface gives us an idea of ​​how to use it and take advantage of its features. Among other things, it activates the internal microphones when the device’s audio needs to be saved, to finish saving to SD card storage, internal or cloud.

Call Recorder App

Call Recorder app

As its name indicates, when developing this app the function was thought to record the sound of callsThis is useful in personal, legal or business problems, that’s why many people require it. It has a free and paid version, with the only difference that the paid version does not include advertising on the interface. By using it we can configure to incoming and outgoing calls, activating microphones and making white or black lists.

Parrot voice recorder app

Parrot voice recorder app

This software is ideal for general or professional use, with pro version and free version, Parrot offers all-in-one recordingFrom call capture, programs, scheduled external audio recording, automatic storage in the cloud and observing the frequency and sound sensitivity as you record.

RecForge II App

recforge II app

This one stands out for its incredible potential. It’s free and it’s on the Play Store. It allows you to configure various factors of the recording such as pitch, gain, time and other things. It is ideal for long recordings, music, concerts or conferences. Once the audio is captured, it is possible to edit it in the interface itself, cutting out the parts or adding sound details.

Snackback App

Snackback app

The use of this platform goes a bit beyond what the rest of the similar ones are used to, in general it does the basics, record calls, audio, schedule recordings, save, upload to the cloud, but also edit audio quality, reduce noise and interference and finally, its most remarkable and differential function is that it allows you to recover and save up to 30 seconds of sound prior to the start of the recording.

Voice Recorder App

Voice Recorder app

Considered one of the best for being very easy to use. It has a fairly simple but cute design, it is free and allows you to save in PCM, AAC or AMR. This program provides the ability to record calls, internal audio, or external audio for different amounts of time, while recording you can observe the sensitivity and adjust it, in addition you can change the bit rate.

Titanium Recorder App

Titanium Voice Recorder app

It is one of the most outstanding among all and this is because in addition to being functional, it is totally free and despite that it does not have annoying advertising. With titanium it is possible to record high definition audios by setting it between 8 or 16 bits, depending on the user wishes. It is also possible to compress in MP3, AAC or 2GP format.

The interface has a very simple and minimalist design, where when installing it, the first thing we get as tools for the users is a screen where we can touch to start, see when it is recording, the time it takes and of course, stop the recording. Although if you want to go out and use it in the background, it is also possible and you will have this menu in the notification bar. Further you will find the file manager where you can see the captured audios to edit, delete or share them.

Cogi App

Cogi app

Simple and functional, is the motto of this program that in general is an all-in-one work tool. The application is paid, so to enjoy it you must spend a little. Its advantages allow you to take detailed notes with audio and images.

In the interface, which by the way is quite modern you can capture external sound recordings to the mobile or internal sound like calls, store it next to a name and add a note or images to be more explicit and optimize the work experience.

Skyro Voice Recorder App

Skyro Voice Recorder app

Skyro is a functional work tool similar to Cogi. The interface with a simple but careful design, has stored all the audios and saved files, being able to add photos or notes, edit it, and delete them when they are not useful.

The default name of the files can be changed according to date and time formats, It can also be saved in WAV, MP3 or M4A. Sin forgetting that when recording it has advanced options such as using Bluetooth microphone, add audio gain, and add the location.

Tape-a Talk Voice Recorder App

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder app

The operation resembles a voice dictator. It allows sharing to Dropbox from its modern interface where you can record, organize and edit sounds. It is neither slow nor heavy. It can be used even with the screen off and add background images to the sound.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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