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Mobile phones are now a tool for everyday use, and it’s no wonder. From them one can do an infinity of different tasks, including recording audio fragments. These tools are used to record audio or voice clips and save them on our device, in addition to giving you the option to share it with the people you want.

There are many reasons that can lead you to want to record audio, either as a way to document information or to save important conversations. Although iPhone terminals have a voice recording application by default, this does not usually have characteristics or audio quality that if they have other downloadable apps that enhance this function of the terminal.

In this tutorial we will show you the best applications to be able to record audio clips on terminals with an iOS operating system. We will talk about its main functions, price, characteristics, simplicity or complexity, in addition to its differences and similarities compared to the other apps on the list. These are without a doubt the best alternatives that you will find in the Apple Store.

List of the best voice recording apps for iPhone

iOS is one of the systems that offers more resources to the applications that inhabit it, that is why we can find some very powerful that can considerably improve the quality of the audio that is recorded. Here we show you the best apps from the Apple Store to record and capture voice sounds.


SoundCloud for iOS

This app not only allows you to record what you have to say to the whole world, but also edit it with different tools that will allow you to broadcast better quality content in its community of more than 170 million users per month. Seen this way, Soundcloud is not a simple audio recorder, but also a social network where you can create a personal brand.

It is more focused on recording and distributing music tracks, but there is also a mass of people who contribute with their podcasts to the user community. Although the app is free, it contains micro-payments to be able to enjoy benefits such as not seeing ads, listening to songs and podcasts for more reserved groups and supporting your favorite artists.

Vocal Post

Vocal Post for iOS

A somewhat minimalist but interesting recorder app. Vocal Post lets you record long audio clips, configure the microphone to improve the quality of your recordings and besides everything, it makes it easier for you to share podcasts on your social networks.

This application is for the public looking for a simple recorder that allows you to transmit your voice to other people. It is not very powerful, but it improves the quality of the audio that is captured a bit and takes up very little space in the memory of the mobile.

QuickVoice2TEXT Email

QuickVoice2TEXT Email iphone

Although in this application audio fragments can be recorded, it is focused on text transcription. Among the features that you have to pay for is a transcriber that automatically converts the audio into text (as long as the recording contains understandable words), as well as allowing you to put a title to each recording to easily identify them.

This paid app (currently at € 2.99) used to record voice clips and transform them into text that you can assign as reminders or text messages on your device. This application is known for its ease of use and its simple design, which allows almost anyone who downloads it to learn how to use it quickly.

Voice Recorder Pro

Voice Recorder Pro

It is a professional recorder that allows record audios and edit them however you want, in addition to being able to export them in AAC / MP4 / M4A formats and turn them into any other. This application is also equipped with a function to record the phone conversations of the device paying a monthly subscription and facilitating the conference call mode.

It has a solid reputation as the one preferred by journalists, due to its large number of settings that can be tweaked for the best possible audio quality. All these functions are manual, so each user can use them according to their needs.

With this application you can export your files to Google Drive, iCloud Drive, SoundCloud, etc. In addition, you can also edit the audio by applying an echo effect, volume, raising or lowering the speed, configuring how high or low it sounds, distorting the audio, making it sound reverse … (And the best of all is that the application is free in the App Store)

It is undoubtedly one of the more complete free applications that can be found around sound recording. Available in Apple Store

iTalk Recorder

iTalk Recorder

This voice recorder is loved by Apple users for its ability to capture audio in very high quality and its easy-to-use interface, as well as being free. It also allows you to share the audio fragments with iTunes and have a noise cancellation tool on the iPhone 4 terminals.

HT Professional Recorder

HT Professional Recorder iOS

HT Professional Recorder is one of the best voice recorder apps for iOS. Among its many features are being able to perceive far and near sounds with the same quality of detail, placing markers in the audio to move between different times easily, and software designed to skip the silent moments in recording so that the user no need to pause and resume recording at every “dead” moment of recording.

It also has a “Auditorium” mode that improves the audio quality in the different voices, and a “Conference Room” mode that manages to record distant voices with sufficient clarity and volume while the audio quality improves for those near them. This application enters the best lists of voice recorders for mobiles, but unlike “Voice Record Pro” it costs € 9.99 in the App Store.

Clear Record Pro

ClearRecord Pro

It is an application that can be found in the App Store for € 1.99, this app is focused on reducing noise and unwanted sounds in the recordings made through it. That is why it is preferable to use it to record songs, concerts or even conversations in very noisy places.

Among its other characteristics is share recordings via Dropbox or email, automatically pause conversations when a call comes to the device, add images and bookmarks to audios to easily identify them and record high quality audio


AudioNote iPhone

This application is perhaps the most curious of the list, because combines a voice recorder with a space to write and draw. Downloading this app costs € 12.99, and among its main functions is to draw and record audio in a synchronized way, amplify the volume to listen to distant sounds, share the recordings on social networks, be able to add markers within recordings and be able to synchronize with the computer to view the drawings easier

Dictate2us Transcription

Dictate2us Transcription iOS

This application can record audio, but its main function is to be able to send the voice clips to workers to transcribe the audio to text for you, all you have to do is record the voice clip and send it to the application, After sending it, you must choose the range of time you can wait to receive your text, which can range from 1 hour to 48 hours, and finally you must pay a fee that will be more expensive the more minutes the recording lasts and the shorter the time in which you want to receive the finished text file


AudioShare iPhone

This application, in addition to being able to record audio like all the apps on this list, allows you to edit and share your recordings. Downloading this application in the App Store will cost you € 3.99.

But what really differentiates this app from the others, is that you can record audio from the same deviceFor example, with the other audio recording applications you can record a conversation while with AudioShare you can record the sound of a synthesizer built into your iPhone, or record the music of a video that you have recorded.

Although this feature is the only one that makes it stand out, it should be noted that this app can record sound in high quality, categorize your recordings and add bookmarks to them to differentiate your recordings

Multi-Track Song Recorder

Multi-Track Song Recorder

This app has the typical characteristics of a sound and voice capturer, for example being able to record long fragments of audio, or being able to share them, but what makes this application unique is that you can record up to 4 audio clips and then you can play them simultaneously .

This recorder is perfect for those who have a band with only a few members and want to listen to different instruments playing at the same time, or for solo musicians who cannot play 2 or more instruments at the same time. It should be noted that there are few applications that have this feature, in addition to being free

Awesome Voice Recorder PRO AVR

Awesome Voice Recorder PRO AVR iPhone

Awesome Voice Recorder PRO AVR is an app that costs € 4.99 in the App Store. The really interesting thing about this recorder is that it has a “Secret mode”Which allows the user to have more discretion when trying to record situations where it would be uncomfortable for someone to realize that you are actually recording audio. Besides this function also can be transferred to Apple Watch To be able to record audio clips like a spy, adding to the whole espionage theme, it is highlighted that recordings can be protected with numeric codes.

In addition to the basic functions, this app shows you how much storage space you have available on your phone, they added this thinking of users who make very long recordings and users who have little space on their terminal

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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