What are the best add-ons and supplements for Gmail? 2020 List

Gmail is considered one of the most comprehensive emails in the world today. Where thanks to its excellent features and tools, each of its users can have a great experience when using it.

Gmail is mainly characterized by having a large number of add-ons that will give users a better experience with it, and where they can access them directly from the email web page.

Therefore, this series of add-ons gives the mail an advantage to be able to count on new features in each of its services, thus achieving a position among the best mail servers . This way, we’ll show here which are the best Gmail add-ons.

Steps to add and install a Gmail add-in or extension to your Gmail mail and improve your benefits

In order to add an add-on or extension to your Gmail mail is very simple, in general, one of the main features of this type of tool is the ease of operation and installation .

Therefore, to start using these types of extensions, you will simply have to perform the steps we explain below:

  • To start, you’ll need to enter your Gmail email address.
  • When you have accessed the main page of the server, you will have to click on the “+” sign located on the right side of the screen.
  • There you will see a new pop-up window, where you will see a complete list with all the available extensions in the email. Here, you will have to choose the extension you want to install completely free.
  • It will then open the desired extension to install with your description and ranking of other users who have already installed, this will allow you to know how good or bad the tool is.
  • To install it just click the “Install” option to start this process.
  • There you’ll see different windows to choose from and allowing you to proceed with the installation. Among them, you will be asked to choose the e-mail address where you want to install the extension.
  • Now you’ll see a number of permissions that you must grant the extension in order for it to start working in Gmail. This will allow it to work properly.
  • After accepting the permissions required by the extension, a new window will open, where it is indicated that it was installed correctly.
  • To ensure that the extension has been installed correctly in your Gmail, the tool icon will appear in the column to the right of the screen, just above the sign “+” This way, you can access it whenever you need it and in the same way you can continue installing each of the complements you need.

List of the 15 best add-ons and complements to improve Gmail and make the most of your Google email

If you want to install add-ons for your Gmail mail, but don’t know which is the best or what you’re going to offer the best returns, then here we’ll provide you with a list of the 15 best add-ons and add-on you can start installing in your mail to get the most out of it.

A way to add new features to the message tray that will make your experience much better. To do this, we’ve introduced the best 15 add-ons for you to install for free in your Gmail in a very simple and quick way.

GMass: Direct mail to Gmail

A very powerful tool that allows you to search for emails containing recipients to whom you have recently sent messages or received messages. This way, you can create mailing lists that will be loaded into a drawing window with all the recipients found in most of your latest messages. A good option to be able to send massive messages based on the search results in a very easy and fast way.

So, with GMass you can receive messages as new or in response to your last conversation with each of your recipients. This gives you the opportunity to create existing conversations instead of just having new ones. A very useful tool for those users who need to send massive messages constantly.

Trello for Gmail

is one of the most popular applications in recent times, it gives you the possibility to organize your work teams . With it, you can convert an email into a task so that it can be processed on the Trello platform, so you can give your team a shared perspective on the work and in the case required by the steps below. continue to do it.

It now has an extension for Gmail email, where you can convert each of your emails into tasks, or in this case, send important messages to the application and then access them more easily. So if you’re a user who needs to constantly organize tasks for your staff, you can try installing this Trello extension and start enjoying each of its tools.


Another addon that you will find available on the Gmail mail server is Asana, an application whose main function is to notify by email all available tasks and assignments. Therefore, installing this type of addon in Gmail will allow you to do everything the other way around, that is, with this addon, you’ll have the opportunity to manage Asana tasks directly from the Gmail platform.

It is worth noting that this extension called Asana has a very similar operation to Trello, but the integration of this addon is more simplified, which makes it even easier for users to use. By installing this extension in your email, you will have the opportunity to convert any element of a message into a new task for Asana , where you will simply have to consult the program to be able to track them, that way you can know which ones were completed and which ones were not.


If you are a user who is constantly using the Dropbox application, then you can start using this extension for your Gmail mail, which will make it easier to use when you want to see these attachments stored in the Dropbox . Also, you can access them more easily and directly.

Another advantage you get when you install this extra in your mailbox is that you can start sharing those stored in Dropbox files from your email. Therefore, it becomes very useful to work with both programs simultaneously tool.


Basically, Sortd is known as an extension for the Google Chrome web browser, but it is responsible for offering new features and functions specifically for Gmai l. Therefore, Sortd offers a workspace, with which you will be able to plan and prioritize each of your e- mails and tasks. It can be said that this extension offers the same experiences as Trello services, but this time everything will be done from your email.

It is important to mention that this complement is in its private beta version. Therefore, in order to obtain your services, you will need to send an invitation request that may be approved or rejected. In case you have been approved to be part of Sortd, a code will arrive to your inbox, you will have to enter it to install the addon.

When you have installed it, on the right side of your email input tray you will find the Sortd icon, from there you can start to annotate and delete all the beatings you have available. In addition, each time you receive a new email you will have the opportunity to classify it according to your needs, for them you will have several available states, “To do it”, “Done”, “In process”, among others.

BEE Templates for Gmail

One way to improve your Gmail mail with templates is through the BEE Templates extension, a tool that offers you a large number of great, well-designed templates so you can start using them in each of your messages. It has a total of 14 categories available, where you’ll find almost all topics, whether it’s notifications, birthdays, invitations, marketing, education, news, among many other topics.

Templetes BEE is designed to offer new features in email services, where its main function is to provide the opportunity to have different templates that you can use directly in each of your email messages. In addition, they become an advantage for those occasions when you are sending similar messages often as you can translate your ideas into a single template and thus distribute them to various recipients.

In terms of operation it’s very simple, just type the extension icon in your Gmail inbox and there you can choose your favorite model, which will be added immediately for you to make the necessary edits for your shipment. So BEE Templates becomes a great tool, saving you time by using each of your templates.

Friend of Google Analytics

This extension is mainly designed for users who have a website or e-shop, where they need to use tools like Google Analytics constantly, in order to track each of the online business data.

Therefore, with this extension called Analytics Buddy, you will have the opportunity to start getting the most important analytical data about your online business requests, which will arrive directly to your email. In addition, you can use this tool simply by accessing your email, which will save you time.

It should be noted that Analytics Buddy is compatible with almost all e-commerce platforms, where we find sites like Yahoo Store, Magento or Shopity. The main function of this addon is to notify you by email every time you have an order, as well as check each email to more easily detect the customer code or order number.


If you are a person who has companies and need to be able to manage them from your own email , you can start using the addon Happay , was created and created by a FinTech company , with the objective to allow your users The companies or electronics stores start managing all your data in a very simple way.

In general, with Happay you can manage orders, commercial payments, control fraudulent expenses, automate expense reports and manage cash flows in the best possible way. All this you can do with this extension that you can install completely free.

Furthermore, Happay is able to automatically detect all company receipts and in turn manage them as one more expense , as well as attach the incoming emails and fill in the corresponding information related to each of the generated expenses.

Meetingbird for Gmail

If you’re constantly in contact with your customers on line and use your Gmail as a means of communication to let them know about it, you no longer need to send email on either side to schedule appointments. With Meetingbird, you can start entering possible meeting times in each of your emails. This will allow your customers to select the most convenient time for them with just one click.

Therefore, this extension has become a very good option to be able to make appointments with customers much faster. It should be noted that Meetingbird carefully manages the time zones of each of its customers, keeping in mind that some of them may be from other parts of the world.

Thanks to all these services provided by the extension, and its great performance, it has received different awards within the industry , which has led it to position itself as one of the most used complements in Gmail.


How many times have you sent an email message and wondered if the recipient has read it or not, especially when you’ve sent an important message from which you expect a reply and it doesn’t arrive. This all becomes a big mystery, since we don’t know for sure what happened to the message.

Due to this type of problem and concern that affects most email users, the email tracking extension has been created , the main purpose is to inform you about what happened to the email you sent, whether it was read or not. To do this, the system uses a green symbol like WhatsApp , it is placed with a double green check when it is read , but if it is read for more than one occasion, you will also be informed.

However, this is not the only sale of this addon, and it will also keep you informed as soon as the person inside your email address has been checked, as long as the device has been checked, between others. In addition, you can check that you have read the message through the control panel. If not, the best way to start the next hack is to check each one of your e-mails.

Streak CRM

It is important to mention that there are currently a large number of very powerful CRM programs on the market with which you can achieve incredible results for your business. However, if you are someone who doesn’t like to get complicated and prefers the simplest and easiest things, then you can start using this extension called Streak CRM.

This tool will allow you to start managing sales and all relationships with your customers if you are a freelancer or have some kind of online business. Also, all this can be done directly from your Gmail email account.

Therefore, with the use of this extension, you will have the ability to monitor and manage your sales processes and business relations from your email inbox, from there you will have the ability to contact your customers, change sales information and Take a set of important activities without having to interrupt your workflow.

Hippo Video

If you have an online business or are dedicated to Internet sales, you can start using this type of extension to reach more customers by teaching a little more about your products or services.

With Video Email and Custom Video Campaigns, you can start creating, designing, editing and tracking videos from your Gmail email , an ideal way to improve the experience with your customers and start inserting videos into each of your email , teaching your products and increasing sales. As videos have become one of the most important sources for online business today.

Therefore, starting this type of file at each one of your emails will not be a problem, it simply installs this extension and starts to enjoy these services.


Other extensions you find available in Gmail store and with which we can start to follow – ups every email sent is Docsify, a very powerful tool and very well catalogued by its users. It has become an excellent alternative for those who want to know what the behavior of each of their messages is like and are so interesting for other users.

So if you’re a person who’s constantly sending important emails or simply looking for potential customers via email. Then you can start using Docsify, an addon that was created and specialized to guide users to marketing . Besides you can know if your e-mail was opened or not, the times the recipient entered it, the clicks he makes on it, among others.

It is important to keep in mind that the ability to know this type of action will help you improve each of your emails, so you will be able to know if they are good or bad. Allowing you to make improvements to reach the desired audience or customers.


If you’re a user who’s constantly sending email to your customers, friends or relatives, but often don’t have the time to send it to them – whether or not you can send it to them at the right time, then you’ll have to start using one of the Gmail Addons. In this case, we present the Boomerang extension, which is mainly designed to help and facilitate the work of sending messages to your users.

Therefore, with Boomerang you have the opportunity to start programs from each of your emails at certain times so that they are sent automatically. A good option for the occasions when you should send emails in the first hour , but for some reason you can not do this, where simply by configuring this tool you can start enjoying these services.

Among its other great advantages is that it allows you to retrieve old conversations to prevent you from forgetting them, a very good opportunity to retrieve old clients or prevent other people from forgetting you.


If you’re constantly using different programs in the cloud to receive information and have it more securely, you can start using Gmail’s Egnyte extension. It will give you very good results as it works hand in hand with the different programs in the cloud. A way to access these contained files in a safer and easier way.

It is no secret that having this type of storage in the cloud has become a big advantage for most people because it allows you to store any type of file and access it from anywhere, without any restrictions. But how often do we not have a document or file stored there and we can’t access it because we don’t have a WiFi network.

This way Egnyte gives you the possibility to save on your PC each file received through the cloud. This will allow you to have it at hand at any time, even if you do not have an Internet connection.

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