What are the best add-ons for Outlook email? List 2020

Outlook is considered to be one of the most popular email addresses on the web today, mainly because it has many features that offer a better user experience.

However, not all users are always comfortable with the functions they find on this mail server, but they also want to add new functions to run new Outlook tools. For that, we use the different add-ons or extensions that we will find available for email. With which we can add new tools.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft Outlook is a tool that works both for online mail and for a desktop tool, in which programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and others are integrated.

Steps to add and install an add-on or extension to your Outlook email and improve your features

On many occasions, we want to find new functions in the mail tray that allow us to perform tasks of different types without the need to resort to other web portals. All this with the aim of improving the Outlook experience.

For this, there are a large number of extensions available that can be found in the Office store from the email or by inserting directly into Microsoft AppSource . From there, we can start installing the accessories we need.

However, unlike other emails like Gmail in Outlook, we will only find add-ons that will give us access to the email message data we are working with.

Therefore, to install an extension in your email, you will have to perform the following steps:

  • To start, you will need to type one of your messages in the “Inbox”. There you will have to select the drop-down menu within the conversation and from the available options, we selected “Get add-on”.
  • Now you will open the “Outlook Add-ons” page, there you will have to select what you want to add.
  • Keep in mind that here you will find add-ons that are totally free, while there are also some that are paid for. You only have to choose those that are free to add them.
  • After adding the add-in to your email, its icon will appear in the bottom bar on the left side of the drop-down menu. From there you can access it whenever necessary.

List of the 15 best add-ons and add-ons to improve Outlook and get the most out of your Microsoft email

Today there are many extensions available for Outlook that you can choose to get new tools in your email. Keeping in mind that on many occasions they are required to perform some tasks, but they are not available.

It is therefore necessary to use these add-ons that you can easily add from your own email to perform any particular function or simply to integrate any online service.

Thus, here we present the 15 best add-ons that will help you improve your Outlook experience and thus make the most of your email account.


A very useful tool when you have a very complete message tray, which becomes a problem when you want to look for those really important messages that we received weeks ago and usually end up losing.

Therefore, you can use the Evernote platform to start saving important messages you receive in your email, so you can easily search for them whenever necessary. Plus, at Evernote, you have the opportunity to organize them and create projects in which you will share information whenever you receive new emails.

That way, losing old emails will no longer be a problem, now you can start sending each email directly to each of the categories created in Evernote. This will be quick and easy to do.

A tool that will allow you to save each of your ideas, projects and pending tasks to start creating a workspace that can be synchronized everywhere. An easy and fast way to start working in a more organized and secure way.


With this Trello add-on, you’ll have the opportunity to read or modify any content in the message box to create new elements. This way, you can convert your own email into actionable elements that are able to follow.

Therefore, Trello becomes a tool that allows you to create cards, ticket descriptions and add Outlook expiration dates.

Other advantages that you will find when using this additionally is to be able to obtain access to personal information of the recipient, the sender, the subject, the attached data or the body of the text. Furthermore, all this data collected by the addon can be shared in a third party service.


If you are one of the people who likes to decorate your messages with emoticons, you can start using this add-on that will allow you to create more fun texts that you can share with other users.

Therefore, the Emoji will simply allow you to add a panel in which you can start selecting the emoticons you like to insert into the body text. Note that these emoticons will be categorized, something very similar to what happens when you use it in WhatsApp or Facebook .

In addition, it offers the possibility to select the color of each of the emojis you want to share. A much more fun way to share your e-mail messages.

Maps for Outlook

Another extension we will find available for email is Maps for Outlook, a paid addon, but that is considered one of the best, classified with 5 stars by users. Therefore, with this tool, you will have the possibility to see maps and addresses directly from your email.

It’s definitely an ideal tool for people who are constantly traveling or working with tourist destinations. Basically, the main function of Maps is to allow your users to open, send and read maps from any address.

In addition, each time you send an address in physics via e – mail, the addon will be responsible for recognizing it in this direction and turning it into a map with the address of where you find a way to power place and in turn, it works very similar to GPS.


Gif continues to become one of the most interesting tools on all social networks today, as it has become a more lively way to interact with other users. This is how they have already become a part of email and instant messaging.

So, if you’re a user who likes to interact constantly with Gif , you can start installing Giphy adoon , an add-on that will allow you to send and find animated gifs in each of your emails and thus insert it into your e -mail messages so that they can be seen by your recipients. They will make your email conversations much more fun.

It is important to mention that images in gifs format are classified according to their category. In addition, you will find a wide variety that will allow you to use them at all times.

Wunderlist for Outlook

In case you are looking for an addon that allows you to perform various tasks, create appointments, send an email, among many other things, then you can start using Wunderlist , an addon that will help you perform certain tasks very easily and quickly .

In this case, Wunderlist is associated with your Outlook email and therefore you can get to know each of your pending tasks, want to send those emails that you left in the draft form , send emails to the task list , among many others. A very interesting tool that will prevent you from forgetting something pending.

Craft – Mail Reply

If you are a busy person and do not have enough time to constantly check your inbox, in addition to responding to each of the messages received in the email, you can start using tools such as Office in Word Mail Reply , a very effective way to start responding automatically when you access one of the emails you receive.

This will allow you to be a little more active before other users. In addition, you can let them know that you have received their mail and that it will be answered when you have time. Keep in mind that you have the opportunity to customize this type of response, which will be sent automatically to save space and time.

Therefore, Office in Word Mail Responder is a very interesting add-on that you can start using to approach email more freely. Ideal for those commercial emails that are constantly active.


On the other side, if you are looking for an addon that allows you to let it scratch your pot, and zoom out a bit and – mail without having to be constantly receiving messages, then you can start using the Boomerang addon, a 4-star rated tool that has a large number of active users.

With Boomerang you have the opportunity to completely empty your tray and also configure your account so that you can receive only new messages at the time you want. In addition, you can place pending tasks and thus prevent the accumulation of activities or projects that, in the end, only take up time.

You also have the opportunity to create reminder messages that will be sent to you on the selected dates to avoid forgetting any pending or really important tasks.


The Salesforce application has been integrated with Outlook so that email users have the ability to synchronize contacts, events and tasks directly from email and Salesforce.

In addition, they offer a set of features that you can perform and that will make your experience much better in your own email. This is how you can add new emails, attachments, tasks and events directly in Outlook . You also have the opportunity to start seeing records in the Salesforce application that relate to your email contacts.

One of the advantages of installing this add-on is that you’ll have the opportunity to synchronize each of your Outlook email addresses with Salesforce , so you can access them from either of these two tools. So it becomes an excellent add-on to start managing your email contacts from two completely different sites.

Email Translator

A tool that should never be missing in any online platform or program. It’s very common to receive emails in languages other than ours, which can become a problem if we don’t know the language of the email. This means that we need to turn to another website that allows us to translate the content to understand the information reflected in it.

Therefore, due to this kind of problem is very common in e -mail , Outlook took the decision to create a supplement that will help to translate these texts from other languages . For this, you will need to add EmailTranslator, a tool that will help you translate any email that is in a different language from yours.

Perhaps the main disadvantage in this case is that you will need to know the language of the text to translate it. However, it is still among the best addons to install in email.

DocuSign from Outlook

This extension is ideal for people who work with documents signed by email. When you install the add-on, it will appear in the menu of the message you receive, it will not sign received documents and return them in seconds.

In case you are the only person authorized to subscribe, you can include other people to do this, in this case you will have to select the recipients and label them so that the application is responsible for giving you the authorization to do so.

Among its most important features, we find that it allows you to sign from the “New Message” window or, in this case, from the “Reply Message” window. In this case, the system allows you to upload the desired documents or template, and DocuSign will be responsible for specifying the subscribers according to the e-mail.

Note that you can login to DocuSing directly from email by entering the correct credentials. It is important to mention that DocuSign has a free trial, in which case you want to keep the extension you will have to buy it once the free version is finished.


If you are a Clickline user and want to start analyzing each of your requests on this site, you can do it directly from your email, thanks to the extension available for Clickline Outlook .

With it, you won’t need to enter the tracking application to see the status of your requests, but you can simply do it every time you type your email . This way, you can save time and be much more aware of your shipments.

An extension that until now is positioning itself among Outlook users, which has an excellent interface very simple to manage. Besides, you can add it completely for free.

Weather Forecast

A very useful extension for most users, and is that you will have the opportunity to always be aware of the weather forecast . An extremely important tool and better than having it directly in your email.

This will help at those times when you need to reconcile any meeting or otherwise , and you can see what kind of time to wait during the day or the next day and so whether you can accomplish what you have planned.

In terms of management, it stands out for being very simple and basic, and for having a high percentage of hits in terms of forecasts. However, this extension is only found in English and does not have a translator function , which can become a problem for users who do not master this language. Also, this addon is paid, so you will have to buy your version in order to use it.

Dropbox for Outlook

If you are a user used to using cloud platforms like Dropbox, you will certainly want to have your Outlook email extension, a way to see each of your documents online simple and easy. To do this, you will simply have to add the add-on to your email for free.

With this addon, you will start to do what is shared from the Dropbox to your email inbox , which will make it much easier to view these attachments through a simple shared link.

Among the main features of this plugin can be found that allows sharing email files to Dropbox of any size, a way to avoid incoming email tray is constantly full, you can also save files that are more important and access it at The moment you want and finally allows you to synchronize any type of message so you can see it directly from the extension at any time.


If you want to increase your sales and start discovering new opportunities in a short time that will lead to the closure of most companies, you can start using HubSpot sales , considered one of the best tracking and sales extensions that you can associate with your email and start doing a study of all your contacts, in addition to tracking each of your emails.

This will allow you to constantly monitor and in turn receive a notification when a possible customer opens the message , where a link will be sent to you so that you can follow up in a timely manner, which can lead to an effective sale.

Among its main features, we discovered that it allows you to eliminate e-mails and missed calls that are no longer used to free up space and avoid distractions. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to choose sales appointments that are beneficial to the customer and to you.

Finally, it is important to mention that you can start for free, in case you want to get more advanced tools to get better results, you will have to buy the paid version.

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