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Right now audio is one of the most consumed content formats in the world; podcast, voice notes and all kinds of songs are shared daily on the main social networks. That is why it is almost an obligation to learn how to produce these files, for which we need software that allows us to record and edit them.

This is becoming increasingly practical due to the excellent tools that exist, in this case for computers with different operating systems such as Windows and Mac. Which makes it confusing and a bit difficult to choose a good audio editor, which is why we decided to help you.

In this article you will discover which are all those platforms where you can create, join and optimize all your tracks as if you were a professional. Well, currently the best firms place at our disposal different solutions to achieve it, It only remains for us to make the most of each one.

List of the best paid and free programs and software to record sounds in Windows

Are you one of those who spends hours looking for a good program to record and edit audios or sounds? If you are one of these, you won’t need to look any further. In this article we present the top 6 of the best tools to do it. But, it is always important to know part of the functions to know which one is best, That is why below we tell you everything you need to know.

Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder

Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder

This program is ideal for recording sounds on websites, such as YouTube, since it allows to carry out the process with higher quality in all files. It has a place within its tools where it manages to organize all content by topic. It also manages to divide your tracks, add certain topics such as the name of the song, record video, music, radio and others while you listen or watch them, even from sites that do not accept downloading.

This features a method known as digital video recorder (DVR) capture, which means you can take background recordings from all premium sites like Netflix, Hulu, and others. The best of all is that they are made with a high quality and when saved, it supports several formats including MP3 and MP4.

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

It is an extremely professional and versatile tool that can be used on both Windows and Mac. This digital recorder can record anything you want in real time, allowing you to capture any amount of music resources online from different platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple music , Dezzer and others. With it you should not worry about those that have copyright, because it is 100% legal and you agree to do so.

Not only that, with this you can record calls through Skype, Facebook Messenger and WeChat. The most outstanding advantage is that you can customize it to perform the action even when you are not present. That is, if you want to record a radio program you can configure it to start when it starts and automatically close when it ends. Best of all, it remotely removes all ads that play while it’s in progress.



This Windows and Mac compatible software supports recording of all types of audio. Its functions will allow you to make live recordings, mix and modify audio tracks, in addition to that, it will help you remove the noises that could interfere with your files, apply effects and others to it. It also gives you the possibility to add voices or songs recorded with a microphone connected to the sound card.

Its playback speed and high quality make it one of the most used programs It supports most formats, including Wav, MP3, Ogg, and more.If you are starting in this world or if you have little experience in these topics, it may be a good option to start. It has the basic functions of any program for recording or editing, so it is very easy and practical to use. Although like everything you need a little practice to improve the development of the creations.

Recording Studio -Glauco

Recording Studio

The “Recording Studio” tool is used in the Windows operating system. This allows you to make your audios in a more simplified way, because all the tracks you want can be recorded using a microphone that the application has incorporated, do it by adding one of the equipment or by a USB audio interface. It has a fairly simple design because it was made for novice users. Some of its functions consist of common editing, for example, copy, cut, paste, mix tracks and apply effects. When importing the files you can do it with MP3 and WAV formats.

Zynewave Podium Free

Zynewave Podium Free

It is a software specialized in the production of audios and sounds that is only available in the Windows operating system. It is free and ideal for users who are starting, since it shows a simple interface and very practical and easy-to-use tools. In general, it is very good and customizable, in fact it has features that may not be found in many programs. Although it lacks an antialiasing and dithering engine to improve sound quality.

Nero Wave Editor- Nero AG

Nero Wave Editor

It is a free program that will allow you to fix your audio tracks and edit them while maintaining the quality of the file. With this you can apply a variety of effects to improve your editing, and even add silence if you wish. It shows a very simple interface so that users can manage it and create great sounds, but like everything else, it requires a bit of practice to make good use of its tools and functions.

Its way of using it is that once you drag the audio clip it will show it to you in the form of waves for greater compression at the time of editing. The final result can be saved in the most common formats such as WMA, MP2 and WAV, you can also allows you to store them within the program to later continue working on them.

List of the best paid and free software to record audio on MacOS

On this occasion we will provide you with the best softwares used on Mac computers, which bring among their options excellent tools so that you can fix all those audios you want and record new tracks with great quality. Turn your Mac into a music studio by creating incredible sounds with these 7 platforms that we show you below.



If you are a lover of instruments, this platform offers a Sound library that includes default options for guitar, drums, and percussionists. It contains in its functions a very modern and intuitive design to learn to play, record, create and share your music. If you want you can also record a song and use it as a ringtone, or export it to your iTunes account. As it is an exclusive Apple software, you can use it on your iPhone or iPad and take it with you everywhere. It presents a large catalog of functionalities to make professional files with it.

You can arrange your audios with absolute precision, adjust the rhythm of the songs, improve the sound with plugins, apply effects and many more. Although it may seem to experts, it is used mostly by those who have little knowledge in this matter. Best of all, it includes music lessons so you can learn to compose and get the most out of it.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X

“Logic pro x” is software used on Mac computers. It is designed primarily for professional users as it has a variety of instruments, effects, and functions for creating, recording, and mixing sounds. Likewise, includes a large collection of instruments and loops for devising compositions like an expert, as well as a number of production models.

That is why it is listed as Apple’s recording studio.One of its excellences is the Flex Pitch; what is mostly known as elastic audio. With this you will be able to re-edit the voices through a series of tones, to adjust the melodies of a previously saved audio. Besides the attractive tools it provides, it also has the ability to support formats such as WAV, CAF, SDII, MP3, MP4, and MID.

WavePad – NCH Software


WavePad is compatible with both the Mac and Windows operating systems. It has a very visual interface for a better understanding of its functions, in turn it has very efficient instruments to record, edit, cut and paste different files. It also shows a wide range of effects to make your tracks something very elaborate, since you can also remove and modify the noises to achieve an error-free sound.

The disadvantage of this platform is that when saving the projects as a sound file, the Premium version must be paid. Otherwise, they are saved only to be used in the application. They can also be stored in a cloud like Dropbox, Google Drive, or SoundCloud. However, in Dropbox the first 2 GB are free, in Google Drive the first 15 GB and in SoundCloud only 3 hours of audio. The rest have a monthly or annual charge.

iScream – Media Human


The “iScream” tool works for Mac computers and is so easy to use that it only has two buttons, one to start recording and the other to finish. The most relevant advantage of this is that once you have recorded the audio it automatically stores it in MP3, WAV or AAC format, because they are the most commercial and accepted by different players. So if you only want to record, you should know that this interface is very basic, so it will make you carry out the process without major setbacks.

Fission – Amoeba Software


Like various tools, it is designed especially for Mac computers. It will allow you to record, edit sounds as well as cut and paste all the tracks so that you form a fairly complete audio with good sound quality. It will also allow you to combine your recordings and join them to form several sounds in a single file. The formats it works with are MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV.



Since its creation, this app has managed to record all the audio tracks that users want with higher quality and in a fairly professional way. By using it, you will be able to record programs, online audios, internet stations, extract audio clips from videos, customize them and much more. The most relevant advantage is that you can pre-program it, in this way the platform will know how to execute the moment to perform the tasks automatically. In the same way, it will help you to recognize the information that the tracks contain when it is not in plain sight, this when it refers to the ID3 tag.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live

If you are looking for a tool that has the characteristics of a professional one and that has a versatile and easy-to-use interface, this is what you need. In it you can record and compose songs, mix and even improvise if you want. For greater understanding, this has an interactive tutorial within it, so you can move around and manipulate the instruments correctly. High-resolution multitrack recording, real-time MIDI recording, note tuning, exclusive effects, drum sampler and more are noteworthy. Ableton Live supports AIFF, WAV, MP3, Ogg and FLAC.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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