Best PS Vita EMULATOR for PC  List + Games ▷ 2020

Over the years, the entertainment industry in charge of video games has been given the task of innovating in all areas. In the case of Sony, the second generation of PSP, known as Play Station Vita.

But as is common, there is never a lack of someone who loves emulate consoles to play the same games but directly on your Windows or Mac computer. So, to make everything easier, we have already given ourselves the task of looking for those that will serve you for what you want.

In this article we will show you the most solid emulator of the PS Vita, and where to find the Roms of the games for you to run on your computer.

The best PlayStation Vita emulator for PC ready to download for free

Here we present you the best and the only one so far, PS Vita emulator so you can start having fun the way you like.

Vita3K Emulator

Download Emulator for Windows

Download Emulator for MacOS

It is the first Play Station Vita emulator that came out and although it is an experimental version, that is, it is not yet complete, as it is an open source software, There are a lot of developers that are part of a community and a team to carry this project forward.

For download this emulator you only need to enter the main page and choose the type of device you currently use. It should be noted that it is only available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. With this emulator you can run some games, but not all, since it is not ready yet and the developers are still working on it.

In any case, the developers have been in charge of making a blog in which they upload any important progress and updates, so if you are interested it would be good to take a look. On the other hand if you are a developer and want to join the project You can get in touch with them from their official page and give your support to the community.

List of Best Classic PS Vita Games You Must Try to Play on Windows PC or Mac

Running a game on a computer always requires certain minimum requirements, so you can imagine how much more a computer may need to be able to run a game that is not made for that software through an emulator.

So if you want to emulate a game on your computer, be it MAC or Windows, you need to know the minimum requirements:

  • When it comes to a Windows PC we will need at least 2GB of RAM, a graphics card compatible with Open GL 4.3 or higher, Windows 7, 8 or 10 and 64 Bit CPU.
  • On the other hand, if it is an Apple computer requires at least 2GB of RAM, OS X, Yosemite or higher operating system and an Intel Core I5-520M 2.40 GHz processor or higher in speed.

When it comes to impressive graphics, it should not be overlooked to talk about the Playstation Vita, a portable console version which was distinguished by its excellent graphics quality and gaming experience.

This edition is the successor of the well-known PSP, which reached higher quality standards than expected. In this sense, it is worth highlighting which were the most popular titles of this current version and why. If you want to know them, check the following list.

  • Gravity Rush: An action-adventure classic arrived for the PS Vita with the aim of captivating players with its plot. It is a fictional story in which a city is being attacked by monsters who promise to destroy everything in their path. Therefore, the character of Kat will be controlled, a girl who lost her memory after obtaining the abilities of a black cat.
  • Limbo: this game was developed by Playdead and is framed within the adventure genre. The story revolves around a boy who is dedicated to getting his missing sister. To achieve this, you will have to go through a series of places and avoid obstacles full of enemies.
  • Rayman Origins: it also stays within the adventure genre. Everything is happening in the Glade of Dreams, a place where Rayman’s character is controlled. This curious character, together with his friends, must stop all those who want to invade the peace in the place.
  • Hotline Miami: it has graphics reminiscent of the 8-bit era. It is a version that is characterized by being quite violent and bloody, practically becoming its identity. It has a rather catchy soundtrack and here the antihero has the difficult task of facing many enemies.
  • Sly Cooper (Thieves in Time): incorporates elements of stealth and the story unfolds in different eras and locations. In it, you must control the character of Sly Cooper, who enjoys stealth abilities more developed than ever.
  • Person 4 Golden: This is another edition of the classic Persona. More than 100 hours of gameplay and new content are offered here, which is a distinctive look from the other versions. You must investigate murders, discover the murderer and rescue whoever you can. Added to that, it incorporates action-packed combat moments.
  • Fez: It is a complete adventure in which we put ourselves in the role of Gomez. This is a very special creature that lives in a two-dimensional world. However, one day the protagonist discovers the existence of a third dimension, so he is sent on a mission to challenge his abilities. It offers many puzzles to solve and treasures to find.
  • La-Mulana: It is inspired by MSX games, an 8-bit computer that became popular in Japan and many western countries. It can be understood as an action game that is based on the archaeological exploration of ruins. It involves retro-type graphics and various levels of difficulty.
  • Shovel Knight: here adventure and action are combined once again. It has 2D graphics, and the character must move laterally, in order to use his shovel and obtain new treasures. In this way, you will have to make your way through the land and eliminate your enemies.
  • Minecraft: This is the best-selling title in history, because it is a complete revolution to what has been designed in the field of video games. It takes the concept of LEGO much further, in an infinite world loaded with creatures of different kinds, both good and bad. The goal is to survive and build whatever the imagination allows.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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