Best Video Game Platforms for PC  List ▷ 2020

Video games play a very important role in the digital world today. So, for years, they have had a powerful audience of all ages worldwide. But, beyond the game consoles that have gone through many generations, today the fun of playing in the cloud is also valuable.

When we talk about cloud gaming, we basically mean those gaming platforms that can be run on a PC. In other words, when you buy and install a software dedicated to entertainment, you will be able to have good times of entertainment without worrying about having the best console or the best computer.

In this sense, we want to let you know what video game platforms and what do they work for, like its advantages more important. Taking into account, additionally, the best platforms out there to install video games on your computer.

What is a gaming platform, what is it for and what are its advantages?

Best video game platforms on the Internet

As such and how the recognized platforms of Spotify and Netflix work, to facilitate music, movie or series content; There are also other platforms that provide all kinds of video games to the public in order to get closer to what will be the future of the digital games industry. Well, more and more companies are betting on offering the user’s favorite video games from their own servers.

It is not about downloading and installing a game on your PC directly, but make use of the content hosted on the servers of said companies after making a certain payment. Which means that, when you want to play, you need to connect to these servers from anywhere, both with your PC screen as well as with your controller or console.

In short, this means that on the servers of each company that facilitates the experience, is where the game is actually running. Simplifying, in this way, the way to run each title for users who prefer to play on the PC, instead of traditionally with the console.

In this way, it should be noted that gaming platforms serve to avoid spending so much money on console games that are much more expensive and also allow get more variety when executing a title, being everything much more updated and in a certain way, close to you.

Here are the main advantages of gaming platforms to install on a PC:

  • Although you will surely have to pay a subscription, it is an alternative much cheaper than to buy the titles for special video game consoles.
  • You have the possibility to modify the components according to your preferences and thus, personalize your equipment as well.
  • Gaming platforms on PC provide better graphics and with it, the gaming experience is completely magnified.
  • it’s possible use the controller you want.
  • They contain mods or additional content.
  • Besides playing and entertaining you, too you can manage many more things without complications.
  • Show backward compatibility, that is to say, backward compatibility. Thanks to this, you have the ability to use data created exclusively for previous versions. Thus, they can be opened and saved with full compatibility.

List of the best platforms to download and install video games on your PC

Although many people believe that console players are more exquisite than PC players, in reality the opposite is true. Since, a PC gamer will always wait enjoy high-quality games and want to access the content with greater variety; which can simplify this type of equipment. In this way, it is necessary to define the best platforms that exist to download video games to a computer:



Thanks to the fact that it stands out for being the largest video game platform for both PC and Mac, it is valuable to position this alternative in the first place. Which, contains more than 7,300 games in total and for this reason, it ensures a complete variety to its users in order to enjoy any existing title in the world of entertainment to this day.

For its part, it is an ideal option for players who prefer to find free video games, because it has a section called “FreeToPlay“Which guarantees some free games forever, all of them being of great fame (Dota 2, for example). In this way, it functions as an organization that allows you to try or buy the games.

Thus, it has around 13 million connected players from its web version and from a client with which you must download and install the titles to be executed. Among its advantages, it stands out that it does not contain such high prices and constantly provide offers, especially during the summer times or some holidays like Halloween.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia

As its name implies, it is a Google service known specifically as “Stadia”That offers streaming videogames. This service must be paid monthly and has a price of 9.99 euros; which is available throughout Europe. Among other features, we highlight that this entertainment platform for PC it only requires the WiFi remote to broadcast the video.

In addition to this, it also allows the television to be connected to broadcast the game and it does so via Chromecast, especially if you use a Smart TV. As expected, it has a powerful catalog of titles of different genres and for greater interest, these can be executed at 4K resolution and 60 fps.

As additional information, we mention that Stadia offers a package with a cost of 115 euros And with it, you can get a subscription for three months, which includes a controller and a Chromecast Ultra with 4K compatibility.



It is a platform that belongs to Electronic Arts and at the same time to Ubisoft, being widely used in Spain. In this way, the solution offers all the games registered in Ubisoft, but the titles can also be obtained directly from Steam. Therefore, you can have it installed to run video games or do it through Steam.

However, this platform usually presents disconnection problems and from the beginning, it showed security flaws. Because of this, it has a lower number of players than the other platforms on the list. But, if you are a faithful follower of the saga “Assassin’s creed“Or”Whatch dogs 2”Uplay is ideal for you.



This is definitely another of the best alternatives to Steam on the market to run games on any PC, being one of those that includes largest number of users worldwide. Taking into account that, after Steam, this is the one with the most active players today.

For its part, regarding the download and purchase method, it is extremely similar to that used by Steam; the first detailed option in this listing. In summary, it is paid online and when subscribing, you get a unique password to access whenever you want. All the titles that Origen contains are from Electronic Arts and stands out for providing renowned titles such as “Fifa“, for example.



Also known as “Good old games”, This is another gaming platform recognized in many countries around the world. But above all, it comprises a large English-speaking community. Being owned by CD Projekt, a Polish company that is responsible for providing, easily, classic and DRM-free games. In other words, you don’t need to have an internet connection when you want to play.

Thus, it is estimated that its operation is somewhat different from the other options proposed in this post. However, luckily, it offers the majority of titles that you can also locate in the other options and the best thing is that it gives you much cheaper prices, taking into account that offers weekly deals most of the time.

It is a platform owned by the Blizzard production company and through this, you can distribute and play different titles, such as World Of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo III, among others. Being, in this way, one of the most renowned options today to find different video games.

It is worth noting that, Battle has a large community which is very well organized. This, in order that users can use their games easily and quickly, but for this it is necessary to download its official client on the computer to use.

Humble bundle

Humble bundle

It is a platform that take out bundles or game packages on a weekly basis And best of all, there are different types and they allow you to select any according to the price you want and can pay. Such packages basically contains three games; but if you pay more, you can expand it to your liking without any complications.

Referring to its benefits, we specify that Humble bundle supports a minimum payment amount of one dollar, making it the preferred alternative for thousands of users in the world. Apart from that, they allow you to allocate part of what you pay to the charities available that you want And with this, in addition to having fun, you can also help those who need it most.



To conclude, we highlight this highly recognized indie platform that stands out for being a hosting service for commercial video games and freeware with purely social functions. Which is suitable for both developers and consumers, since the latter can navigate very easily through the video game store, thanks to its organization by categories.

As for the advantages it provides to developers, these are based on the fact that they have the ease of upload your own game and for greater benefit, adjust the price of this just as you want to offer it to the public. Among other features, it displays a simple to use interface and has a calendar with the Game Jams that are active at a certain time and those that are to come next.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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