It seems incredible that we have the beta 9 version of macOS 11 Big Sur in the hands of the developers and we still don’t have an official version available, but something is happening with our Mac’s operating system. It seems clear that Apple has a problem or doubt when launching this new version and this is demonstrated by the ninth beta version released yesterday afternoon.

There is no indication of a GM (Golden Master) version anywhere and it is not clear whether this week we will see the launch of the new official version of macOS 11. It is true that this changes in a few hours and Apple releases the final version for you, but for now it doesn’t look like that will happen.

The beta versions for developers do not stop and, although they do not seem to find noticeable changes, it seems that everything is being adjusted so that the new version of macOS is released one of these days for our teams.

In the notes there is no information about the novelties other than improvements in system stability and typical bug fixes, although in this case we believe there may be some more hidden details, since there are many beta versions that have been released and it does not seem that have a close end. It is true that the compatibility of iOS and iPadOS devices is not affected by the release or not of the final version of macOS, but Mac users also want the new version to be already on their computers to take advantage of the news we saw last June at WWDC.