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Throughout our lives surfing the internet we usually download a large number of files necessary for our day to day, whether it is important information, or some software, or just video games.

We are always going to come across some files that we just don’t know how to open and at first glance it seems that they do not serve, or have no purpose and for most people that is the case with files with the BIN extension.

That is why in this article we are going to explain in detail What are these types of files? What is your function? And the most important part, how we can take advantage of the information they keep inside, regardless of the operating system with which our computer runs.

What is .BIN files and what are they used for?

files with .BIN extension

Before knowing how open and extract BIN files you need to understand a little about the nature of these types of files. As usual They are installation files for programs, video games or systems.

BIN files are a way of storing data in a way that takes up less disk space, this data are saved in binary formats and always come on CDs, DVDs installation and virtual images of installation disks.

How to open and extract .BIN files on smartphones or computers?

Methods of extracting information from a BIN format file may vary depending on the system with which your computer works.

On Windows PC

One of the easiest ways to open a BIN file and extract its contents is by burning it onto a blank CD or DVD disc. For this you need to have the BIN file with its respective CUE companion, in case you do not have the second one, we will teach you how to make it.

  • For that we will open the text editor preferred or simply the notepad and write the following:

FILE filename.bin BINARY

TRACK 01 MODE1 / 2352

INDEX 01 00:00:00

open BIN files

  • But instead of putting “Filename.bin” you are going to put the name of the file really, in our case it is “Private.bin”, it should be emphasized that does not have quotes.

open bin files Windows

  • Then you will give it in “Save as” and you are going to save it exactly in the same place where the BIN file that you want to burn to disk is. In the format we will choose “All types”.

all types format

  • Then you will add the CUE format.

cue file

  • The next thing you will do is open your preferred program to burn records, it can be Nero or Alcohol 120%.
  • Later you will have to load the image which depends on the case may be CUE or BIN. Simply look for the option to burn the data on a blank disc, insert the CD or DVD depending on the size of the information and click “Burn” and ready.
  • The last thing would be check the content played on the computer disk or on the site of your choice.

The following method is simple, for this We only need to have virtual drives software installed on the computer.

*Note: The list of this type of software is long but below we leave you a few that we consider the best in this market.

  • The first thing is to locate the BIN file as always and then on it by right clicking, we will look for the options of the program that we have chosen to mount the virtual image of the disk and we will give it in “Mount to (X)” or mount to drive X.

UltralSO program

  • Once this is done, the file should be mounted on the unit E, as in the example of our computer.

CD drive (E)

  • In this way we will be ready to reproduce the information contained in our BIN file.

Ultimately if all we need is just a specific document contained within a BIN file, or if what we really want is to unzip all the content without playing it on a drive and without burning it on a blank drive, then all we need is a file decompression program that supports unzipping with BIN format.

For this exists a tool called For it to work, all we have to do is right click on the file in question and look for the IZArc options and choose if we only want to open the file, or if we want to unzip it and in which folders we want to unzip it. For this we will choose “Extract in”.

IZArc program

On Mac computers

The process on Mac computers can be a bit more limited, but at the same time easier. There are many applications that can perform the opening and extraction of the content of a BIN file, but the one that we will recommend fulfills all the functions so you will not need more than to have it installed and double click on the BIN files so that its extraction is executed immediately, it is about Stuffit Expander.

Stuffit Expander

On Android mobile phones

In general, it is not usual to find BIN files on our Android devices, and when this happens it is possible that it is due to some error on the part of the developers of whatever application we are trying to install on our mobile.

So when this happens we must resort to some unusual methods:

  • The first thing we are going to do is open the Play Store and we will search “App installer” and we will download it. Then we go to the phone configuration at the bottom of the list, we will enter where it says “Developer” and we will activate the “USB debugging”.

App installer

  • Then by sliding the upper screen and with the mobile connected we will choose the option of mass mobile storage, better known as a disk drive.

android usb mass storage

  • Once this is done, we will search the storage folders of our mobile for the file “.bin” and We will change the extension to “.apk”.
  • To finish all we need to do is disable mass storage.
  • Finally we open the “App installer” and we look for the app in APK format just modified and we execute it so that it is installed.

On iPhone devices with iOS

The procedure is the same as we mentioned above for the MacOS operating system, We just have to download the Stuffit Expander application (you can do it in the Mac section). With this tool you can unzip Zip, Tar, Gzip, Bzip, Bin files and more. Using it is very simple, you just have to locate the file from the program and execute the transformation.

List of the best alternative applications and programs to open a document with a .bin extension

If you have found that you have downloaded a file with the .bin extension and you don’t know how to extract its content or what the best programs are, don’t worry, here We will give you the most recommended options to see what the .bin file contains.

Daemon tools lite

Daemon tools lite

It is by far the best image emulator and although it has all the functions to read compress and decompress almost all types of files including BIN, stands out among all, for the ability to emulate virtual CD drives that the vast majority contain in our favorite video games, movies and free programs that we find in the vastness of the internet.

Ultraiso Premium

Ultraiso Premium

This is a software specialized in the creation and conversion of ISO files. It is very good for mounting virtual disk images on your computer. Currently it is the one we use and we recommend it with closed eyes, since it is excellent for reproducing and extracting information from different BIN files.

Alcohol 120%

Alcohol 120%

It is excellent for making CD and DVD replicas. In addition, it has the option of emulating images of virtual discs such as programs or video games. It supports different types of formats and is ideal for burning a blank CD with a BIN file or to mount it on a virtual drive.

Activate ISO file manager

Activate ISO file manager

Another of the best programs for create, edit ISO and burn CDs and DVDs, it is very easy to operate and is fully BIN compliant.



We are talking about a file compressor par excellence, which has one of the best performances in this area. This tool allows us to compress and decompress all types of files in many formats. Besides this, it allows us to make a format conversion to almost any other, including CD and DVD formats such as BIN.

How can I convert a .BIN file to .ISO format?

convert BIN file to ISO format

Converting a BIN file to ISO can be one of the easiest options to be able to extract its contents and mount it on a virtual drive. It is as simple as locating the file to convert, right-clicking on it and depending on the conversion program we have, click “Convert to ISO”.

To perform this task among the best programs we have the IZArc, the UltraISO and the Magic ISO. After this, it only remains to take it to the virtual unit so that we can enjoy the content.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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