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Sometimes we want to block calls and messages from private or unknown numbers, because there are people who use the anonymity that this setting can provide to annoy, insult, intimidate and even go to very delicate extremes, which can have great consequences if it is possible to know from whom it may come.

Luckily, smartphones today have the option to restrict those calls and messages that reach our mobile phone, so that we can reduce the amount of inconvenience. We can do this through the tools that the team has, or by installing an application, since there are some that do not have this function integrated. With this we will ensure that known or unknown people cannot contact us in any conventional way.

That is why in this article we will explain how to do it on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We will also show you some applications to block them, so you can choose and use the one you think is the most useful and simple for you.

Steps to block incoming calls on Android mobile phones

There are a series of very simple steps that you can use on your mobile device to restrict unknown, private or known numbers that you do not want to be contacted by calls. In this case we will do it from the settings that your device has incorporated.

Restrict calls from unknown numbers

Do not allow calls from unknown or private numbers for Android is a bit complicated, Because this functionality is at the discretion of each manufacturer. So not all teams can include it, that’s why we will provide you with different ways that you can use to do it.

Manually: To be able to do this, you just have to search the call log and block the contact.

  • Accede to “Telephone”, then look for the contact you want to block.
  • Hold down the number that interests you for a few seconds, there will open a small tab with different options, in it you will choose Block number ”.
  • After choosing this option, another tab will appear to confirm if you really want to isolate that number. We will click on “To block”.
  • In this way we will have blocked calls of those we do not want.
  • Another way to do it for unknown or marked private numbers is: go to the “Menu” from your mobile device, then search “Setting” > “Calls” > “Call rejection”.

call rejection

  • You will choose the “Automatic rejection mode”.

auto reject mode and reject list

  • Then choose the option “Automatic rejection number”.

automatic rejection numbers

  • Finally search Reject list “ and check the box Unknown ”.


Block messages (SMS)

To perform this process with messages from unknown numbers, You just have to follow the same steps that we have previously explained, since in this way Android does it together with those numbers that you have blocked. One thing to take into account is that these steps have been carried out on a cell phone with Android 7.1.

Using applications (Truecaller)

If your Android device does not have these functionalities by default, the only viable alternative you have is to download an application, either by Play Store or by searching for an APK by Google.

In this case we will recommend a tool that has given us results, “Truecaller “is an interface available for both Android and iOS, in this case we will explain its functionality for the first one.

  • The first thing you should do is download it on your smartphone and install it. Followed by this, proceed to open it.
  • After it has started, you will look for the option to “To block” which is in the upper right.

truecaller block

  • The application automatically, it will offer to stop different numbers that it detects as Spam, These may vary depending on the area where you are.
  • You can access the list of blocked numbers, to add or remove. Also when pressing the button “More” (+) you will have a series of options to add the ones you want, either from the cell phone directory, the call history or add it in a personalized way.

truecaller locking options

Finally, you will have the option to Lock settings, which will allow you to adjust the parameters, either hidden numbers, spammers and others. If you want it to be automatically, the “Lock method”Must be marked.

  • Activate the options “Block hidden numbers” Y “Block spammers”. This way you can restrict messages and calls.

blocking options for hidden numbers and spammers

How to block incoming calls on your iPhone smartphone?

Doing it with messages and calls from unknown numbers is very easy on iOS operating systems. The first thing you should do is take your iPhone and search “Settings”, then “Telephone”. There you will find an option of “Contacts blocked” where you should choose “Add new”, followed by this, it proceeds to add the contact number to “freeze”.

Another option is to search for the application “Telephone”, in the same location “Recent”; you must touch The letter i) which is in a blue circle next to the phone number or contact. Later, you must slide to the bottom of the screen and press “Block this contact.”

Do not receive calls from hidden and unknown numbers

You can restrict the contact of hidden and unknown numbers automatically, this is thanks to the function of “Do not disturb”, the only detail you should keep in mind is that You will only receive messages and calls from the contacts you have saved on your iPhone, if you configure it this way. To configure them you will go “Settings” > “Do not disturb” > Handbook”.

Block hidden and unknown numbers

You can do it automatically, this is thanks to the function of Do not disturb”. The only detail is that you must take into account that You will only receive messages and calls from the contacts you have saved on your iPhone, if you configure it this way.

  • To do it you are going to “TOjoust ”, then select Do not disturb” and choose the option Handbook”.

do not disturb manual option

  • You are going to press the option “Allow calls from”, A new window will open, where you must select “All contacts.”

all contacts do not disturb

  • If for some reason you live receiving messages or calls from unknown numbers since it is necessary, we do not recommend this option.

Using iOS apps

In iOS there is also a reliable application and it is Truecaller, a very easy to use application without so many complications. To use it, you just have to follow the same steps explained above for Android.

Lock on Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile)

As we mentioned in Android and iOS, in Windows there is also a reliable application and it is Truecaller, a very easy to use tool without so many complications. This has integrated an identification and blocking service, That helps in those moments where we don’t want to have any kind of communication with a person.

To use it, you just have to follow the same steps explained previously.

Cancel messages (SMS) and calls on Windows Phone

Windows 10 Mobile is one of the least used mobile phone operating systems, but it does not mean that it is one of the best and easiest to use. For example, to block a number we only have to perform a series of steps that we indicate below.

  • Open the “Menú “ from the mobile, then look for the option Telephone”. In it choose the Call History”.
  • You’ll long press the unknown number or contact you want.
  • A new menu will appear, in it you will choose “Block number.”
  • You will see a small confirmation tab, there verify that you want to restrict the number and voila.
  • To do the same with the messages, you must repeat the same steps. The only difference is that you will do it from the application.

How to block SMS and text messages from anonymous contacts?

There are many tools that you can use to prevent receiving text or SMS messages from anonymous contacts or private numbers. In these cases it is best to use a platform for your mobile phone, since sometimes the blocking settings that mobile devices bring natively do not allow certain actions to be carried out.

You can get applications for Android and iOS, such as:

  • Mr. Number-Block calls & amp; spam
  • Truecaller

What are the best apps to block calls on Android and iOS?

There are endless tools that can meet this requirement, some better than others obviously, this referring to advertising that may already have their functions. The ones that we will present to you below are easy to use and most importantly, cross-platform, that is, they work for iOS and Android.

These can be used for calls and even SMS from any number:

Clever Dialer

Clever Dialer home page

It is an application for the Android system, it has a list of numbers that it recognizes as spam and that they are updated day by day. You can block known numbers as well as unknown and hidden numbers very easily. If you have doubts about it, you can see the comments that other users have given to this great tool.

Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

Mr Number Block calls & spam

It is another application that works on both Android and iOS, but This only allows you to block calls, whether from private numbers, unknown numbers or from a contact that you have decided, sending them directly to voicemail. It is a reliable interface that does what it offers.

Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist

It is one of the best applications to not allow calls and even messages, you can get it only for Android devices. With Calls BlacklistYou can cancel numbers from your contact list, your call log, or even manually if you remember the contact that causes annoyance.

The great thing is that it is free and allows you to block unknown and private numbers, and even messages (SMS) just by adjusting some parameters in the settings of it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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