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There are several reasons why an Android and iOS user decides to lock their mobile. Mainly to suppress those applications that only work as “spies”, Since they are responsible for waiting for the moment when you neglect your device to come into play and snoop all your information. But luckily, today we have multiple apps that make it easy to block these platforms. In addition, these provide total security to your device in case of loss, since they protect all your information so that thieves cannot access it.

Although it is true, it is very common that at any moment of carelessness in which you lose sight of your mobile phone, third parties view the private information that you keep there, in case of not being locked or easily decrypt the access code. Sometimes, this action does not pass to greater but in different circumstances the information that your phone hosts, especially photos or videos, they can be lent to cause you harm by going public or even to blackmail you. However, all of this can be avoided by doing using an app to block these annoying apps of which we talked to you at the beginning.

Added to that, blocking apps They are perfect for users who are already fed up with the everyday patterns that are used or, it is a method that it no longer satisfies them or generates absolute confidence. As well as the constant changes in applications that promise great security without truly efficient results. This is why we present below the best fingerprint lock softwares on Android and iOS, mainly focused on those mobile devices that despite having a fingerprint sensor.

List of the best applications to lock your mobile using the fingerprint sensor

On most Android phones the option to directly block an app with the fingerprint sensor is not available. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the external tools that exist to do it without so many complications. Here is a summary of the most outstanding ones:

AppLock (No Ads)

AppLock (No Ads) for Android

It is software that can help you lock with your fingerprint, any app that is installed on your mobile. To start it, you must set a pattern firstSince in case you cannot use the fingerprint, you can enter it as an additional unlock method. Thus being an application that offers a lot of security.

Also, as another security measure, if the third person who is trying to access the app fails three times when trying to unlock it, you will receive an email that the photo that your Smartphone will once have taken. With which you can identify that subject very easily and in full gossip of your protected application.

It is important that you take into account that AppLock works on specific devices; half of them are from the renowned Samsung Galaxy family and the other half belongs to different smartphones. The good thing is that the description of the app informs you about it, where you can check all the supported models.

Here is a brief sample of how to do with the new version of WhatsApp Messenger:

AppLock (No Ads)

App Locker – Best App Lock

App Locker - Best App Lock

It is an application that it works very easily, although its design is not so attractive. But well, let’s see how to use it; first, App Locker – Best App Lock asks you what set up a code and pattern. Later, when you are inside, you need to go to the app settings to enable the option to unlock apps with your fingerprint, of course in case it is not activated.



Is a excellent alternative for Android terminals. As well as AppLock (the first in the list), it will ask you for a key that you will only use in case the method with fingerprint does not work or you forget the pattern you once placed. In addition, it has a small guiding start to block the apps you have installed on your mobile.

The software FingerSecurity has an advantage over AppLock, and that is you can even control services. This is done by simply clicking on the application padlock, and this way it will be locked. This application is recommended for both Android phones and iPhone.

In case of blocking WhatsApp with this application, it will look like this:


AppLock | App protection

AppLock |  App protection

It is another of the best alternatives to block your mobile and it is estimated that visually, is one of the most attractive. When using it, you must start by configuring a PIN code or a pattern, in order to be able to enter to block apps. After carrying it out, you can enter the app’s settings and select the section “Use fingerprint to unlock”. With this, it is now possible to use the mechanism when you need it.

List of the best apps to lock the iPhone with your fingerprint

There’s also very good tools for Apple mobile devices that allow you to lock others with your fingerprint. Here are some of the most famous in the iOS world:

Secret Apps Lite

Secret Apps Lite

It is an ideal option to restrict access to various apps and also private data stored on your iPhone. Actually, it is a very smart software, because in case of some unfortunate or dangerous consequence, it is able to save the event in its folder as a warning of the inconvenience. This by means of a screenshot made from the front camera.

Secret Apps Lite is so cunning that even distrust yourself And finally, this is very good, as it provides a great level of security. Now, you can use the pattern or pin as an unlocking mechanism in the different applications you want. And if that were not enough, it has a search engine for greater integration and to confirm optimal privacy at all.



It can be stated that it is the best lock tool for iPhones, in addition to the most famous and stands out for creating totally secure and independent passwords for each site. With which, duplicates the iOS security fence. It is important that you know that you must create a global password, in order to control all the others on your mobile.

Best of all, Password provides you with encryption from 256-bit AES encryption, an automatic lock in case of theft or loss. Therefore, it requires synchronization with an email that for greater benefit, must be the staff.



This tweak is specially designed for the iPhone 5S and its Touch ID. Which gives you the great facility of add more protection to mobile Y be able to set various applications to request fingerprint authentication to run.

Even if from a certain application you want to have access to another blocked by BioProtect, then the device will ask you to place your finger on the Touch ID.

AppLocker 2.2

AppLocker 2.2 for iPhone

It is one of the more traditional applications on iPhone to block the apps you want to protect from third parties with a security code. But not only in this way, since said tweak can execute those that are blocked through reading your fingerprint.

After installing from the device settings, you must go to the software settings where it is possible to assign the different apps that you want to block as a security method, either by fingerprint or by alphanumeric code.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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