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Do you have a file in BMP format and don’t know how you can open it? This type of extension is used with Microsoft Paint’s own files. The proper name of these files is Windows Bitmap. Although it was introduced by Microsoft, today all operating systems are compatible with this image extension and you can work with it from a number of softwares.

The files that contain can save 64 bit images or less, although the most typical are 24 bits per pixel. They use an RLE compression technique that allows you to store images, even if they are not too large. Digital images kept in this format are made up of pixels located on a rectangular grid.

If you are interested in knowing more information about the .BMP file extension, such as what it is and how you can open itWe invite you to continue reading this interesting article that would be great if you always had at hand.

What is a BMP file and what is this digital document format used for?

bmp file

BMP, as we have advanced, is the Bitmap format native to Windows operating system and is used for store any type of image data.

The files that are part of this type of files are formed by addresses that are associated with a color box for each pixel matrix. They accept up to 64 bits and are compressed using RLE. They are very not very efficient in terms of disk space, but highly valued in as regards quality.

They cannot be used in web pages due to the problem of size in relation to resolution. In fact, depending on the color of the image, each pixel can occupy several bytes in size, which would be outrageous when loading any website that includes files of this type.

This type of extension it is often used for printing images, as they have very good quality, a good color profile and a more than successful two-dimensional image.

Currently, .BMP formats are usually replaced by .jpeg, .gif or .png, since in them the compression is very high and, therefore, their weight is low.

You can know the type of extension that each image has:

  • Clicking the right button About this.
  • Clicking on “Properties”.
  • Then, by clicking on the tab“Details”. In that query you will also be able to know its width and height in pixels, the dimension of its matrix and the depth in bits per pixel. This way you make sure that the file you want to consult has the extension BMP.

Steps to open a document with BMP format in Windows 10 easy and fast

what is bmp file

This type of BMP file can be opened on both Windows and Mac platforms, although initially they were intended exclusively for the former.

There are a large number of programs to open, view, convert or edit these types of images. Next, we are going to show how you can open a document in BMP format with Windows in a simple way with the two main softwares that we all have installed, Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

Open BMP in Paint

open bmp paint

As we know, Paint is a program that is included within the Windows platform. Therefore, everyone with this operating system can enjoy it and use it, of course, to open files with BMP format.

The steps to do so are the following:

  • First of all, it must open Paint. Do it with double click on its shortcut if you have one or looking for it in the menu bar of “Start” typing “Paint” and clicking on the result.
  • Once open, you must go to the menu that opens from the upper left corner, clicking on “Archive”.
  • Click on the option “Open”.
  • A window will open through which you must navigate to locate the image you want to see in Paint.
  • Select the file.
  • Finally, click on “Open”.

Another option to open this file is:

  • Pressing with the right button mouse over the image.
  • Selecting the option “To open with”.
  • Search for “Paint”. If it does not appear:
    • Tap on “Choose another application”.
    • Once here, you will find it and you must click on it.
    • Finally, click on the button “To accept”.

Open .BMP in PhotoShop

open bmp photoshop

Everyone with Windows 10 has this program because, as we say, it is from Microsoft. But it won’t be very difficult you may have license to use Photoshop on your Windows computer and that, in addition, you prefer to use this software, especially if, in addition to opening the file, you want to edit it.

The steps to open a BMP image with Photoshop are as follows:

  • You must open the program by doing Double click on the Photoshop icon that you have on your desktop or in the Start menu.
  • In the top menu, on the left, the tab appears “Archive”. We press about her.
  • Then we do the same on the option “Open”.
  • Then, find the BMP image that you want to open (on the left of the window you have a drop-down with the locations).
  • Select it.
  • Once selected, click on the button “Open” or double click it; will appear on the program interface.

As in the previous case, you can also open the file:

  • Doing right click about him.
  • Clicking on “To open with”.
  • Selecting “Adobe Photoshop”. If it is not in the list of programs:
    • Click on “Choose another application” so that we are offered more options.
    • Click on it once we appear.
    • We give to “To accept”.

List of the best alternative programs to open BMP files from any device

best programs to open BMP files

We have already anticipated that, in addition to the basic ones, there are a large number of programs that can be used to open files in BMP format. Next, we are going to show a list of them and some of their most relevant characteristics.

Adobe illustrator

It can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website. It is a kind of work table where you can create drawings and illustrations. It is the first program of the company to carry out the so-called vector drawing. It has become a world famous program that can be run on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Download Adobe Illustrator Windows and macOS


It is a payment application belonging to the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. It is based on the vector design, so that use mathematical formulas to process its content. It is available for both Windows and Mac and is considered the main rival to Adobe Illustrator.

Download CorelDRAW Windows

Format Factory

This is a multifunctional software that can convert any type of file. It is available for free, although it can be susceptible to problems with the antivirus, which often detects it as Adware. Offers various quality levels for image editing And it can even be used to repair audios and videos.

Download Format Factory Windows

Janome Digitizer PRO

Is a semi-professional paid program which enables make designs from importing images in BMP format. Is used to simulate 3D stitches and also to transform embroidery patterns. It is compatible for Windows.

Download Janome Digitizer PRO Windows


It is a type of software that serves to view images of different formats in Windows. Owns a trial version, but ultimately it will be a paid program to process images.

Download ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate Windows


It is an application that is used for Image processing and it has been created specifically for iOS devices. It has a multitude of elements that allow working images in any kind of format. It is an application by which We have to pay.

Toast 11

It is a software created for Mac intended for the treatment and work of images with strange formats. It’s a program for professional use by which each user must pay.

Download Toast 11 Windows and macOS

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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