Bot for Twitter  What is it? + Benefits and Tools ▷ 2020

Know what it is for and what it is the best tools to create a bot for Twitter It is a good idea, if you want to become an expert in the use of this social network.

For this reason, we have prepared this article for you. You will find a precise and easy definition of what a Twitter bot is and what are the benefits that you will get when you use these types of programs.

You will also find information about the different uses that are given to a bot and a list of the tools to create one. Don’t miss out on anything.

What is a Twitter bot and what is this tool for?

A Twitter bot is a program that controls and performs, automatically, certain Thanksgiving to a set of procedures, routines and subroutines that has a library that is part of software development. In this way you can create repetitive tasks, answer messages, download videos and even report on tremors and earthquakes that occur anywhere on the planet.

What are the benefits of using a Twitter bot to automate functions?

What are the benefits of using a bot on Twitter to automate functions?

When you use a bot you will have the option to generate a more professional Twitter profile due to the possibilities offered to your audience by obtaining information and resources from your account. This means that you can install automatic software to answer general questions or to say thank you when someone starts following you. A bot will allow you to generate greater empathy with your followers thus causing you to have more visibility on Twitter.

Another advantage that you will have when using a bot is that you can better filter those topics that are important and to which you need to pay more attention. With this, you will be able to better channel your efforts and better compete with other companies or users. You must not forget that Customer service is one of the most sensitive services that contributes the greatest value to differentiation from the competition.

For this reason, every time you use an automatic bot you will have more possibilities to increase quality in the customer service area. But this is not all, since if you are looking to increase your sales in a short time you will need to have 24/7 type schedules. Therefore, having a bot that builds customer loyalty is a good idea to generate more resources.

Finally, being a computer program, a bot does not have feelings or any other human characteristics. This will help you you always get the answers and the expected behaviors, considerably reducing errors and interaction with your audience.

Applications of a Twitter bot What uses can I give it?

Applications of a Twitter bot What uses can I give it?

Among the different applications that can be given to a bot on Twitter, we can find the following:

  • Chatbot: is perhaps the most used and refers to a program that automate responses with audience. In this way, any user must enter their question and, according to the software programming, it will generate general responses to different people.
  • Download videos: this type of bot allows the audience download multimedia content that are in the tweets. To achieve this action, they must execute the commands responding to the tweet so that it mentions what the download link.
  • New content on Disney + and Netflix: Oddly enough, a bot can recommend the new movies and series that a multimedia platform has just uploaded. For this you will have to follow the bot on Twitter.
  • Days of the year: If you are one of the people who like to know and quantify all the data, this bot will allow you know the number of days that passes in the year. It will show it by means of a progress generated in a bar of a histogram.
  • Append emojis: when you need to give your tweets a content of emotions and express ideas Through symbols, you can use this type of bot.
  • Bot recognition: every time you need know if a user is a real person or a bot, you can use this type of program that will help you detect and analyze the behavior of an account in Twitter.
  • Image edition: this type of bot is used to transform photos and give them unique styles.
  • Artistic content: there are users who upload to their accounts elements that can be considered artistic. To determine this type of valuation, automated software can be used to define whether it is art or not.
  • Personal care: these bots allow Twitter users access different tips that help maintain personal health through physical activities and daily behaviors.

exist many other applications you can find for a bot on Twitter, which are not mentioned because the list would be long. To find the use you need the most, you just have to use the Twitter search bar.

List of the best tools to create a Twitter bot

When you want to create a bot for Twitter, you can choose some of the tools that we show you below:

It is one of the most popular when it comes to create a bot for Twitter, since it has functions that allow the intuitive creation of programs through blocks. It is platform that You will have to download it on your computer and run it through the Chrome Chrome browser. To achieve this, it is necessary to access Chrome paste the URL localhost: 1880.

Among the most outstanding features is its intuitive interface that shows in the left sector the nodes that are available to develop. Then you will find the progress of the project in the image sector. In addition, it works in JavaScript so you can use documents from Twitter and from other social networks.



It is one of the most interesting programs for create a chatbot for Twitter, since it has an easy integration to the platform thus saving several inconveniences. With this google tool you won’t have to download anything. To start using it you will first have to create an app through the Twitter platform, then accept the terms and conditions and click Continue. Then you will have to create a “Keys and Access Tokens” so that DiagolFlow can be connect via Twitter API. The address to enter is “”

In this case you must do it very carefully, since it is a very important step to create a chatbot. You must keep in mind that you can create or generate the tokens at any time and then link them again with DialogFlow. Next, you will have to grant the permissions to all the tokens and configure DialogFlow.

First you must open the platform to generate a new project and then you will have to go to the Integrations section and activate the Twitter option. When you have completed this step, you will have to enter the Keys and Access Tokens generated previously.

This option has customizable functions that allow you to create a chatbot intuitively and quickly. You do not need to know how to program like a professional, since with minimal knowledge of PHP you can use this tool without any problem.

And if you have no idea what we are telling you, don’t worry, because you can check in the free code galleries section a sequence that will help you. Among the main advantages it offers is that is developed with open source, so any project will have robustness when it comes to testing them to the fullest.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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