Broadcast in Groups with Facebook Live  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

Live videos they are a very positive strategy to grow within any web platform, because it generates empathy and closeness with your followers. In this sense, one of the most prominent platforms in the area is Facebook.

Through this functionality, people can run a broadcast on various topics, as long as they comply with the platform’s policies. Therefore, in this post we are going to teach you How to broadcast live videos in groups with Facebook Live and create my live videos?

Added to that, you will learn about some aspects to take into consideration when choosing an ideal group for live shows. Finally, we share a series of tips for increasing the audience of your videos and manage to grow within this platform.

What should we take into account when choosing the ideal group for our live broadcasts?

What should we take into account when choosing the ideal group for our live broadcasts?

The Facebook Lives are a perfect opportunity to get to know your customers or followers, discover their needs, interests, etc. This makes it a powerful tool to improve your brand. However, to achieve your goals you must ask yourself the question of What to consider when choosing the ideal group for transmission? Through this question, you can segment your audience and select the one that suits you.

In case you are new and do not have followers, analyze what are the interests of your potential audience, location, age range, gender and other specific details. Once done, you can run Facebook campaigns to promote your lives and attract new followers. When creating your campaigns, set your custom audiences.

These are created from the information you already have about your customers on or off Facebook. This causes the contents to be shown to them, to invite them to join your group. If you already have a number of followers, you can create a similar audience of Facebook. With this option, a search is made for people similar to your users and who are likely to be interested in you, based on your interests and demographics.

Learn step by step how to broadcast Facebook Live from a Facebook group

Learn step by step how to broadcast Facebook Live from a Facebook group

The live broadcasts They have become the day-to-day of today’s social media users. With the Facebook Live help, you can do them from groups of this social network. It should be noted that, depending on the privacy of the group, it is determined who can or cannot see the broadcast.

With this in mind, the way to start this procedure is:

  • Go to the news section and click on Groups, specifically in the menu on the left. Once that is done, select in group from which you will make the transmission.
  • Click on the option What are you thinking?.
  • Enter the icon with the three horizontal dots and, after that, in Live video.
  • Choose if you prefer Stream now or Schedule a live video for a specific date and time. This option is located in the menu on the left.
  • Enter the title you want and a description. In addition to that, it allows you to tag friends, add a sentiment or activity, and register at a location.
  • Press on To transmit in the lower left and voila.

If you are going to broadcast a game of a particular game, you can tag the title of it. What you should do is open the menu on the left and go to Videogames. Locate the name and select it. One thing to consider is that the transmission must comply with the policies established to carry out Facebook Live. You can take a look at those regulations from the Facebook Live policy website.

The best tips to increase the audience of your Facebook Live videos and grow on the platform

The best tips to increase the audience of your Facebook Live videos and grow on the platform

Doing lives on Facebook does not in itself guarantee that you will get visibility, since there are another series of procedures that you must execute so that you really impact your target audience.

For that reason, we will give you the best tips to increase the audience of your videos and grow organically on the platform:

Includes a call to action (Call to Action)

It is essential that use the live ones on Facebook not only to get visibility, but also to achieve a specific objective on your page or company. For example, if you have a website, always make sure to leave a link to information that may be of importance to viewers.

In this way, you guide them in that direction and generate greater conversion. In case you sell a product or service, put a link to a page that has all the detailed information. The way to do it is by including this element in the stream description or in the comments. Remember to take advantage of that moment, to invite users to review the link that you left them and thus make a call to action.

Stay creative

Another valuable tip that you can take into account is to always be creative. Live broadcasts are characterized by being dynamic and spontaneous. In addition, they are the perfect opportunity to connect with your audience. Starting from that, we recommend you execute dynamics that generate interaction such as questions and answers at the end of the live, etc. In addition to that, you can conduct interviews that are interesting depending on your type of business, broadcast an event live of which your company is part, and much more.

Check all your equipment

To do Facebook Live, it is not necessary to have all a professional recording equipment. Just have a few basic items on hand that work very well and voila.

So if you want to guarantee the success of your broadcast, you must have at least the following components:

  • Camera: It should not be a state-of-the-art camera, as an HD webcam is enough. If you don’t have one of these, you can also take advantage of the one on your mobile. Most of today’s smartphones offer excellent video quality.
  • Microphone: For your followers to hear you clearly, it is ideal to have a microphone. Similarly, if you use your mobile, it is best to connect headphones and transmit the sound from them. This way it sounds much better.
  • Good lighting: If you don’t have artificial lights, use natural daylight. It will be your best ally, as long as you keep facing the light source.
  • Good internet connection: This is essential for any live show that you are going to perform. Make sure you have a good connection every time you go live, as nobody likes to be on the air in the middle of a broadcast. Other than that, your connection will affect the quality of the image.

Be consistent

Many times we overlook certain marketing strategies due to lack of organization. In this sense, if you want to guarantee success you have to be constant. Therefore, we recommend establish a calendar where you detail the days you will be on Facebook Live. Remember to inform your audience in advance, so they can schedule that event on their calendar. Ideally, you should do this type of content At least once a month, always selecting a comfortable date and time for the hearing.

Analyze the results

The most effective way to assess whether you are doing things right is analyzing the results. When you finish a live broadcast, Facebook offers you a series of metrics that will be useful for you to study and improve more and more.

Some data that you will obtain are:

  • The audience peak highest of your transmission.
  • Average time in which users stayed connected.
  • Total of visualizations.
  • Reactions, gender, age range and other information about the public.
  • Locations from where they connected.
  • Number of people achieved in transmission.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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