Broadcast in Private on Facebook Live  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

To transmit a video on Facebook Live privately and in this way create a streaming only for whoever you want it is convenient that you read this article to the end. We will explain all the information related to this topic in a simple way.

You will know what are the benefits of transmitting completely private live videos on this platform and also how to make money with exclusive transmissions.

But this is not all you will find You will also read the process you must go through to create private transmissions on Facebook Live like a professional. Don’t miss out on anything.

What are the benefits of streaming completely private live video on Facebook Live?

Using Facebook Live for the general public is an excellent move. And it is even more so when you alternate it with private live shows Why? Because when you have a good number of followers you can reward the most loyal with unique content. Not only does this attract the attention of the public, but it makes those you select feel truly exclusive. This is one of the strategies used by brands, influencers, blogs and the most successful companies, since this business model seeks to build loyalty and gain engagement.

That is, to have real fans. Whether you privatize the streams for this purpose or in order to monetize in the short term!It can grow your profile! Of course, you must have a well-planned methodology behind so that You can use this technique to grow your portfolio of clients or leads through Facebook. From another point of view, it also serves to lose the fear of broadcasting in real time.

This method will allow you to transmit to close friends, family or trusted acquaintances to get feedback on how you behave in front of the camera. Therefore, broadcast privately it is a more than important step when you want to break the inertia of streaming tests.

You must bear in mind that, if you want to use this level of privacy selection, you can do it only from your personal profile, since for now the privatization of direct in FB Live in the pages has its limitations. And if you do it from groups, everyone in the group will be able to access this. So, an important part of your strategy will be deciding where to post your live streams.

On the other hand, you can also get these benefits:

  • When you broadcast privately the number of participants is limited so you will be able to better choose what type of interest and knowledge the participants should possess. This will help improve the channel and streamline the transmission.
  • The dropout rate is very low or practically zero, because a live broadcast is always fresh and makes participants always waiting for something new. This is much more pronounced in the living in private.
  • Increase the interaction between the participants. By writing the comments in real time, all members of the live can answer your questions or raise doubts that are read more quickly than if a public broadcast were made.
  • It considerably reduces the haters comments.

Earn money with exclusive broadcasts from FB Live How to create a business model for exclusive content with private broadcasts?

Earn money with exclusive broadcasts from FB Live How to create a business model for exclusive content with private broadcasts?

In addition to monetizing your live content with stars, sponsorships, ads and more Have you thought about the possibility of including these sources of income in private streams? The secret is to think, what do I have to offer my followers that I have not yet shared? The answer is very simple, it has to be truly of value to viewers.

For this, it will be necessary that you have made a planning of the entire marketing plan that you have been carrying out. But if you haven’t done it yet, don’t worry because you still have time. Once you have the social media project, it is important that you compare it with the journey that you have been taking on Facebook. From these there will be some deviations that you will have to correct and you must take into account the positive aspects that you have hit and that increased the number of followers or contributed to the brand branding.

Later of the mentioned steps you will have to rethink the objective you want to reach. This will allow you to know what topics or what elements you have not yet offered to your followers. Remember that in order for you to filter the results correctly, you must always keep in mind that the content that you will offer at all times has to be of the best possible quality and generate empathy in your community.

When you are clear about this, you can take different actions that will help you earn money with exclusive Facebook Live transmissions, we will show you below some ideas that you can carry out for this purpose:

  • You can promise exclusive content to certain people in exchange for a subscription on your channel or on the platform of your interest.
  • You can also teach courses, give talks or answer questions using the medium “Live” only with those who have shown a true interest in your content.
  • PIde that they contact you in advance by private message those who wish to access a stream. This will help you to have a database of interested followers, which you could use to promote your next privatized stream of the regulars created to the public.
  • What if you are a Gamer? In these streams made exclusively you can share game tricks, special shortcuts or how to get a certain benefit. You should not forget that in this business model you pay good attention to the policies for FB partners so that during the broadcast you fulfill what you promised to your followers.
  • Giving an extra to those who connect is also a good incentive (additional tip, more information, special guide, among others) That will make them have a positive perception of what you offer. By doing so, they are likely to become indirect sponsors of your streams.

Once viewers share their experiences you will see how little by little your private viewers increase every time.

Learn step by step how to create private broadcasts on Facebook Live that only those you invite can see

Then, You will find the step by step you must do to create private transmissions on Facebook Live and in this way only those you invite access to your live.

Check out:

Plan your Live

Plan your Live

If you are creating a business model It is convenient that you notify the buyer personas of your broadcast. Schedule it with enough time, remember that you have about 7 days to promote it. Try to tell them in the description (with the greatest possible empathy so as not to affect the relationships with those who will be excluded) which will be a private direct.

In this way It will be published in your biography and you will be able to choose who will be able to see them and who will not. This will create expectation among your followers. and they will want to know what kind of exclusive content you offer. In addition, you will have to direct your followers on your Fan Page to your personal profile.

If you want to do this additional plus that will boost your strategy, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Facebook from your computer where you should log in with your account.
  • Once you enter your username and password continues in “Log in”.
  • Then click on “Live video” or “To post”.
  • Then choose the tool “Live” located in the top menu.
  • Once this is done, the function will automatically open Live Producer.
  • In the right side menu you will have to select the button “Schedule Live Video Event.”

Add information to the stream

Once you have clicked on “Schedule Live Video Event” more options will open below.

Continue with these steps:

  • Within the options you will find, is the one to decide where you will publish. That is, if in your biography, on your page or in a group.
  • Remember that if you choose any of the last two options, privacy changes, so choose in your Biography for now.
  • From here you can also create an attractive title, add an interesting description and tag it, among other things.
  • In addition, you can set the date, time and even modify how the post will look.

Select privacy

Select privacy

Between the customization options from the left side menu you will find a drop down menu at the end.

Click on it and follow this process:

  • click on “Privacy”.
  • It will ask you to indicate who can see and join the event. Select all the users who will be able to join the live or in the “Private” option.
  • Then, you need to click “Next” and finish setting the details.
  • In the left section after creating the event it will appear the key and URL that you will use in the streaming software.

Download an encoding software

Once you are on the day you scheduled your live, although you can use your webcam, it is convenient that you use streaming software. Above all, if it is about video games or you require advanced details.

Try to choose the most popular ones not only for their safety, but also because they are intuitively developed for handling. We recommend in this case OBS Studio, which you can download from the URL Once you have chosen the operating system of your computer, you will have to follow the steps indicated by the installation wizard.

Login to your accounts

Login to your accounts

When you have finished configuring one of the most used encoding programs – in this process we use OBS – you should continue with these steps:

  • In addition to your FB, log in with your account on the OBS streaming program.
  • Go to option “Stream” and click on it.
  • Enter the drop-down menu of services and choose “Facebook”.
  • Enter the URL and the key of transmission that FB Live gives you in the event that you created some time ago.
  • Create a scene and adjust the resolution, orientation, fps and other details as you see fit.
  • Finally, go back to your account and starts broadcasting only with selected contacts.

Remember that after creating the event you can add more guests to the transition. A good tip is pass a reminder or direct message to those you invited. This technique can also be applied from your mobile where you should not use Live Producer or OBS. Simply go to your profile, press “Live” and above choose the audience to whom it is directed. You are ready to broadcast a private video with Facebook Live from any medium.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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