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The rise of social networks it has practically involved most of today’s generations. The main purpose of them was to contribute to socialization among its members. From there was born one of the most important, called Facebook.

Today Facebook is a huge community that not only allows interaction among its members, but has also been used for other tasks related to marketing. Due to the large number of registered users, it is a excellent way to transmit information, advertise, and much more.

Therefore, it constantly has updates tailored to the needs of users. One of the last known, allowed the introduction of the live video streaming and live, so that many people could establish closer contact with others.

Steps to stream a live video from Facebook easily and quickly and get thousands of Likes

What are the steps to stream a video from Facebook Live?

The transmission of live videos is a very powerful tool that Facebook incorporated so that people can share in real time with other users. Many companies and public personalities have taken advantage of it to obtain thousands of likes on their Facebook pages, so it is undoubtedly perfect to have new followers.

This function is known as “Facebook Live” and it was first announced in 2015. At that time, it was only available to celebrities, but since 2016 it is possible that ordinary users can access this function.

Then, We show you how to transmit a live video from Facebook easily and quickly either from a mobile or from a computer:


Stream a Facebook Live from your computer

  • Login with your username and password to Facebook.
  • Once inside the network, you have to go to the status update option that has the name of “Create publication”.
  • Instead of typing text as you normally would to update a status, you have to find the new icon for that function. You will also find it with the name of “Live video”.
  • Click the button “Live video” and allow Facebook to access your camera and microphone. Then select in “Connect”.
  • Immediately you will be able to visualize a tab divided into two parts. The left side shows you the steps to follow to start your broadcast, and the right side shows you a series of settings for your “Live”.
  • Fill in all the fields that are on the right side of the screen, such as the video title, privacy options, where you want to share it, among other settings.
  • Then proceed to obtain a preview to make sure everything is okay. This is done through a stream key assigned to you or with a paired encoder. Choose the option you prefer.
  • If everything is in order in your preview, select in “To transmit” in the lower right corner.


Broadcast a Facebook Live from your mobile

  • Enter the App Facebook with your username and password.
  • Open the bar “state” and click on it as if to type a new state. There, select the option “Live” which is an icon with a human silhouette or a camera.
  • Allow Facebook to access your microphone and camera. This notice will only appear the first time you do a Facebook Live.
  • Click on “Continue”.
  • The configuration section of your video will open, there you can choose the privacy, title, description and other aspects you want.
  • Select in “To transmit” and you can start.
  • When you want to finish, you just have to select “Finalize” and ready. Despite having finished your “live”, the video will be registered on your profile or page like any other video publication.

By last, Keep in mind that you can interact with your followers, read their comments, block unwanted users from broadcasting, and much more.

Why include Facebook Live in my Social Media strategy? 7 reasons to do it

If you are still not very convinced about incorporating the use of Facebook Live into your Social Media strategy, We explain 7 clear reasons to do it. You will see how much it can contribute to the improvement of your business:

Greater engagement

The term “Engagement” technically, it refers to how involved a person is during a certain activity. In a simpler way and related to the world of social networks, it is understood as the quality bond that companies or brands create with their fans.

The Facebook Live help to achieve greater engagement becauseCurrently, users prefer audiovisual content over images or links. This means that a video is more likely to generate higher levels of interaction.

Improve content viralization

As a consequence of greater engagement, the viralization of the contents. If a video reaches a high interaction with the public, they automatically increase the chances of reaching a large number of people. If the video is of high quality and original, it may reach unexpected corners.

Live interactions with your audience

Facebook Live as a Social Media strategy

Facebook Live is the best way to interact with users, because it is organically produces feedback. While you’re broadcasting, people can ask you questions, while you answer almost immediately. Also, you can read their experiences, opinions and react to them.

Improve user experience

To be able to enjoy a Facebook Live content, no need to enter another special toolIt is only enough that the person has a user created in said network and an Internet connection. This translates into faster and more comfortable, which means that the user experience is more enriching.

Identify interests of your audience

Thanks to the interaction with the public that Facebook Live has, brands and companies can learn more about interests, concerns or needs of your audience. With that information, they can adjust the next content they share, in order to adjust what is most useful to them.

Improve conversions

With live broadcasts it is possible to communicate trust and closeness to the public, which encourages people to consume your material and share it. As a consequence, your page can be recommended and recognized, drawing the attention of new viewers.

Greater brand visibility

If you share quality material, live streaming videos increase their potential, because can reach millions of users worldwide. Added to that, is the immediacy in the interaction. These are all factors that allow your brand get greater visibility.

5 Tips for Better Live Streaming on Facebook

5 tips for better broadcasting on Facebook Live

As we already mentioned, Facebook Live is a powerful option that helps people and companies to consolidate their brands. But not everyone knows how to get the most out of it, so we decided to share you 5 Tips That Can Improve Live Streaming On Facebook. Take note!.

A good way to keep your followers aware of your page or profile is announcing your Live. This strategy works for when you are going to broadcast new material or when you want to remind them of an already published video.

In this way, your community will have a constant reminder of the materials you provide them. Apart from that, the possibility of “Schedule a live video” which is very helpful in keeping people on their toes.

With it, you can send notifications minutes before starting a Live and you can even schedule a broadcast a week in advance.

Offer unique content on them

One of the best strategies to reach a large audience is through original and unique material. The topic you are going to talk about may be very common, but it is always an excellent idea to give it a different approach, to capture the attention of the potential audience that wants to see your broadcasts.

Use titles and descriptions that generate interest, show your personality, offers a unique material and we assure you that it will make you stand out above your competition. Everyone likes original and organic! No studied and robotic conversations.

Interact with your audience

One aspect that connects almost immediately with any audience is interaction. When the audience feels the confidence to ask, comment or interact in any way during a broadcast, a link with the viewer is generated which makes the dynamics flow much better.

Ask questions, tell your own experiences, show your most human side and allow the public to do it with you. This will establish an empathy that will surely attract the attention of new people.

Make collaborations

You have to get the most out of the “Live from Facebook” and an entertaining way to do it is making collaborations with other personalities in your area or who are relevant to them.

This extra ingredient can add many more interactions on your page, especially if you combine it with the other tips mentioned above. The reason is that involving another person in your broadcast can enrich the information that you share there.

Offer unique and limited offers

Finally, something very attractive is offering users unique and limited offers through streaming. For example, many take advantage of Facebook Live to give “Unique tips” users, making them immediately engaged and connected during the video.

You can too offer unique offers to those who comment during the broadcast, among many other efficient strategies. Here the important thing is to be creative and think about what attracts the most attention of your potential audience, to take advantage of it 100%.

If you combine these 5 tips, you can reach a wider audience and truly interested in what you have to contribute. Without a doubt, they are strategies that will allow improve your live broadcasts on Facebook.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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