Browse Long YouTube Videos  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Nowadays YouTube is one of the most used platforms by Internet users. In addition, it has an endless amount of videos in all Languages Y categories.

It is also about a site with a vast list of tools and utilities. And since its launch in 2005 it has not stopped evolving and increasing facilities.

One of the last added functions is that of “Chapters”. In this post we will explain everything about this. If you want to learn how to use it or add it to your videos, you should not stop reading this post.

YouTube chapters function Make it easier to navigate through long videos!

YouTube chapter function Make it easier to navigate through long videos!

It has surely happened to you, especially with full length videos, that there is content within it that is not essential to you. So the best option is move the playback point forward or backward if you missed something. The problem appears when we do not know specifically where to go. Fortunately, Youtube just launched the function “Chapters”. In order that users can go directly to the part of the video that interests them.

This feature works for both web and mobile versions with slight differences. With respect to aspect of this utility, it is almost imperceptible and it doesn’t bother the interface design that the platform has been using. It consists of small spaces that segment the playbar. In this way, each one marks the beginning and end of the chapters.

What are the benefits of this new feature for content creators?

It became clear that the possibility of move between chapters within the same video it is very useful for your followers. But not just for them. Since the organization that carries this tool will make your creations more dynamic. In this way, following a script or storyboard will be easier. Another advantage, if you dedicate yourself to recording tutorials or extensive audiovisual documents, is that visits looking for a particular topic, I dont know “Scare” for the duration of the content.

Using this tool, will not target shorter, more specific videos. Novelty always attracts. In addition to the recentness of this feature, using it means that your video has taken you more work and consequently it is a well made and better quality product. These issues are highly appreciated by the community of Youtube.

Learn step by step how to use the sections feature in long YouTube videos

Learn step by step how to use the sections feature in long YouTube videos

Before shooting out to find the videos in Youtube who already have this modality, it is important that you know how it works. To start, what you should know is that this function behaves differently in the web and mobile versions. In the first, you will see in the video navigation bar, small cuts. If you hover over it, will show the title of each section, Besides the time coordinate they already owned before the update.

For go to a specific chapterYou just have to place it on the timeline and press the main mouse button at the beginning of it. Since performing this action from the Smartphone is a bit more uncomfortable, since the finger does not have the same precision as the mouse, YouTube has applied a detail to solve this.

The moment we scroll down the bar and find a new chapter, the mobile will make a slight vibration. Thus indicating that we have arrived at a section divider. In turn, in both cases, within the description of each video a list with links will appear that carry the name of the section along with the exact minutes and seconds where they begin. To the click on them, the site will play the content from that chapter.

Learn the steps to activate the functions section in the videos of your YouTube channel

Now that you know the benefits of using this feature and what it will help your followers, it’s time to learn how to use it.

To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Login to your account Youtube.
  • Click on your profile picture. Within the drop-down menu select “YouTube Studio”.
  • Add a new video or modify one that you have already uploaded. For this, press “Videos” on the side panel.

Learn the steps to activate the functions section in the videos of your YouTube channel edit video

  • Of being a new content, perform the usual steps. If instead we will modify some, choose the pencil that appears next to each miniature.
  • Add below the description the list of chapters that the video has. It must have the format “0:00 1 – Name of the first chapter”, under this same “0:10 2 – Name of the second chapter”, and so on. The first being the time it begins, followed by the number (optional) and title of each section.

Know the steps to activate the functions section in the videos of your YouTube channel place chapters

Some important clarifications. The first of the chapters always You should start In a second zero. Each one of these must last at least ten seconds. And the video must possess at least three timestamps.

How will this feature affect the retention and dwell time of your videos?

We have already seen the benefits of using the chapter mode. But if for you YouTube is not a hobby but a work tool, all data counts. For this reason, it seems important that you know that the time of permanence of users within your videos it will be counted as follows.

The exact time mode. That is, when a user enters your video and goes to chapter 2 and this starts at minute 5 for later leave two minutes later; the fragment will be counted (2 minutes) Y not the 7 totals. With this new tool, it is likely that partial visits by your followers or interested in your content will be facilitated. But nevertheless, as it is a novelty, it is likely to undergo changes in the future.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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