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Like the old boot floppies that were used, CDs or DVD-ROMs can boot from any operating system, but just copying to a CD will not work at all, since it requires a “master” boot record and other hidden files from the startup operating system. Given this requirement, an ideal method arises to create a single file that refers to an image on a bootable CD, known today as “ISO image”. Since most CD-ROM burning applications recognize this type of image file and once the ISO file is burned that way, the new CD obtained is a clone of the original.

Although it is true, this disk model is called “image”, Because it is an exact reflection of the entire composition and structure of the original album. Being so, an excellent portability alternative, thanks to all the new architecture, folders, files and other information, it is only reduced to one element that is the ISO disk image. Indeed, the boom that this type of disc has taken is remarkable, because Large software distributions such as Microsoft, Adobe and Linux allow the download of their products in this element.

In this sense, we want to provide you with the information, procedures and recommendations necessary for you to achieve burn an ISO disc image to CD or DVD, easily. Thus detailing the process to be carried out to carry it out on a Windows or Mac computer and also, specifying its most relevant uses and utilities today.

Steps to Burn ISO Disc Images in Windows to Cd or DVD

Steps to Burn ISO Disc Images in Windows to Cd or DVD

Fortunately, burn an ISO image to a CD or DVD as commonly done old school, it is not a complicated procedure far from it. Taking into account that it can be done with the tools offered by the Windows operating system itself.

In this sense, we present below the steps you must follow to carry it out:

  • To start, try insert a “blank” or recordable CD or DVD into your computer’s recorder reader, this will cause a warning window to be shown asking you how you want to burn said disc, to which you must ignore and press the button “Cancel”.
  • After that, enter the window of “Disk imaging tools“By clicking the right mouse button on the ISO file so that the contextual menu opens. Then select the option “Burn Disc Image”. In case you double-click, the default choice will open, that is, “Mount the image”.
  • Subsequently, the computer will show you a window where you must press “Record“To start the process. It should be noted that windows image recorder is very simple, therefore you only have one option which is check disc after burning or not. Which will take much longer and will allow you to ensure that the item has been recorded perfectly.
  • Finally, you just have to wait for the recording process to complete, which it will just take several minutes, depending on whether it is a CD or a DVD, as well as the magnitude of the ISO and the recording speed displayed by the computer.

In addition to leaning on the recorder of your Windows computer, it is possible to burn an ISO by means of programs that are dedicated to it and they give you a good result. Here we will introduce you to the characteristics of some of these, taking into account that they have been recommended by experts:

Free ISO Burner

Free ISO Burner

This program is free and is dedicated, in particular, to burn ISO to DVD. Regarding its interface, it is very simple to use because you just have to insert the DVD or Blue Ray disc in the computer tray and select the ISO image you want to save to said media.

Free ISO Burner has alternatives that allow you to specify the write speed and with an option for the recording session is closed as soon as the process is finished on the computer. Thus, a tool that works in various versions of Windows (from Windows XP onwards), for which it is estimated that is compatible with any equipment, practically. Giving you like this an excellent solution to backup your ISO images to physical media and perhaps more secure.

Active @ ISO Burner

Active @ ISO Burner

This perfect solution for any version of Windows, supports CD-ROM, DVD or Blue Ray disc recordings and has ideal tools to obtain a good result. Its operation, like the previous recommendation, is based on insert the disc you want in the computer tray and proceed to choose the ISO image to store.

For its part, this program offers you additional functions and one of them is: make massive copies, which looks extremely useful. Since if you need 100 copies, you can program them from there and get them without so much work. So in short, it is defined as an excellent option to start recording ISO on your Windows PC, especially if you are a beginner.



Among other alternatives indicated, we find this platform that shows a more improved interface than the previous ones. First, it offers you a Quick and easy to burn an ISO disc, but in addition to this, it allows you to carry out a specific action with your results.

In this sense, ImgBurn It has sections to store ISO images to disk, check the state of the ISO image once it is created on the computer, the easy elaboration of one of these images by means of directories or a folder and many other options.

How to burn ISO disc image to DVD or CD on Mac computers?

How to burn ISO disc image to DVD or CD on Mac computers?

Par excellence, Mac OS X Disk Utility, is the program of this operating system for the disk management. Hence, it features the ability to create CDs, DVDs, disc images, and also useful ISO files.

Taking into account that in addition to that option, there is another method to record these types of files on a Mac and it’s about the Finder, which is considered the universal method to burn an ISO disk image on Mac, today.

For that reason, we want detail the step by step of both methods, in order for you to choose the one that seems best to you.

To start with, the procedure to record these types of items through Disk Utility, is the following:

  • Initially, you should open a new Finder window and click on the option “Utilities”Found in the menu“Go”. There, double click on “Disk Utility” for of course, enter the program.
  • Subsequently, press the button “Record”Which is located in the upper left corner of the window. After this, click on “Images”And look in the window that appears next to the ISO file you want to burn.
  • Now, choose the ISO file and proceed to press the “Burn” button. At this point, you must insert the recordable CD or DVD into your computer. To finish, click on the box “Checking the recorded data“, In order to check the content after burning.

Now, the process to record directly from the Finder is very simple:

  • Insert the disc “Virgin”On the Mac recorder. After that, open the folder that contains your ISO file, in the Finder.
  • Since then, simply right-click on the item and select the option “Burn Disc Image”.
  • Once you do that, proceed to click on the “Record” and alone wait for the burning process to finish.

However, as in the case of Windows, there are programs with great functions to burn an ISO file from your Mac OS X computer. Therefore, we introduce you to some of those options:



East free and open source program, in versions for several languages ​​(Spanish, English, German, French, Chinese and Italian) in addition to being lightweight, it has multiple tools for recording any disc, regardless of the type. So, supports ISO image recording and it gives extremely good results. Which, is compatible with Mac OS V 10.3.9 or later versions.

Burn also has compatibility with built-in players or old systems, supports various types of audio and video. Regarding its interface, it is easy to use.

Express Burn

Express Burn

Another option for burn ISO images on Mac computers, is this free and reliable program that offers variety of tools. Among them, of course enables burning of an ISO disc image to CD and DVD. Thus, it exhibits a user-friendly and intuitive interface, so users confirm that it is a great alternative.

Among other features, it allows you to record different audio file formats, such as tracks on CD or MP3 files. It also gives the option to get movies and various videos on DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Likewise, has full command line support for including files and burning to disc, and options for copying audio and data discs.

What is the use of creating an ISO disk image? Uses and utilities

What is the use of creating an ISO disk image?  Uses and utilities

In view of the great portability directed by an ISO disk, its uses are diverse and well, it is worth noting that facilitates effective software transfer over the Internet. Thus, being a compressed file of smaller size and have the ability to make an identical copy of any data disc, stored on the hard drive or on any device, shows significant support in the computing world.

The first of them, is about create backup copies of your disks and keep them saved in electronic format, thanks to its simplicity to transfer data, regardless of whether they are of a high volume of files.

In addition to this, an ISO file can be uploaded to any server and from one where the user can download a single file without any inconvenience that the data packets get lost. They also allow free up physical space on your computer’s hard drive, since the information can be kept stored in this element, perfectly.

To conclude, it is extremely advantageous to make use of this type of elements, taking into account that in addition to all the aforementioned, manages to reduce multiple folders and original documents to a single file It houses a computer and this is essential to handle information much easier.

In this way, we wish we have been of great help to you and that from now on, do not hesitate to create and make use of an ISO disc image on CDRom or DVD, to keep your data more secure and also to bring positive changes to the computer.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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