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exist different reasons why you may want to hide your phone number when making a call, taking into account that every time you dial another mobile phone, your mobile number will appear on the screen of the receiving terminal.

Either for security reasons or simply to have more privacy you can carry out different methods that will help you your conversations are completely anonymous. A form of protect your identity with those people you want.

In order to do this, it is not necessary be an expert in this area, with just a few methods that you carry out you can start hide your phone digits and that way take care of your privacy before third parties.

Why call with a hidden number? Advantage

On many occasions we want to do some call from anonymity for many reasons, either for security reasons and take care of personal data or simply by play a prank on a friend or family member. Despite this, there are different benefits that we find at the time of hide identity through mobile.

Among them we find the following:

  • Have a more privacy before third parties.
  • Power make jokes more easily.
  • Investigate in a way anonymous information from other people.

Steps to make a call hiding your mobile phone number on Android or iOS

Be able to execute calls from anonymity in Android or iOS mobile devices it is very easy to carry out. For this there are different methods that we can carry out, as well as install some apps that will help us hide the phone number every time we dial someone else.

For this, it will be necessary to carry out the following methods that we will explain below:

From device settings

The first method that we present to you is one of the simplest to perform, it can be carried out through terminal settings. In this case it will be necessary to follow these steps:

On Android mobile

  • The first thing will be to enter the application “Telephone” where you frequently make calls.
  • Now click on the three points in the upper right part of your screen where a new menu.
  • In this case select the option “Settings”.

From device settings

  • Now go to “More settings” or “Additional settings” this will depend on the model of the equipment.
  • Here you will see the following option “Show my caller ID”, you click on it.
  • Then select “Hide number”.

From device settings

When you have done this you can start call other mobiles in a hidden way, in other words, the receiving terminal will not be able to show your mobile identification number. In the case of wanting to return everything to normal, you will only have to perform the same steps, but select “Show number”.

On iOS mobile

  • In the case of iOS devices you will have to go directly to the application “Settings” of the team.
  • Now scroll the screen down until you find the application of “Telephone”.
  • When you are there you will find an option called “Show caller ID.”
  • Here you will have to enter it and uncheck the box.

From device settings

This way you can start call anonymously from your iOS device. In the case of wanting reverse this whole process you just have to mark again the box “Show caller ID.”

With operator code (Spain)

Another way to carry out this process is through the dialing of an operator code before making each of the calls, this will help you to prevent your data from appearing in Smartphone screen receiver.

In this case it will be necessary to do the following:

  • In the event that you are going to make the call from a landline you will have to mark code 067 in front of the number you want to call.
  • If, on the contrary, you want to make this call from a mobile phone then it will be necessary that you mark code # 31 # in front of the number you want to call.

With operator code (Spain)


In the case you want keep your calls permanently hidden you will only have to repeat the steps explained above from the settings. That is, you will have to access the settings and in the issuer ID You will have to hide it. By activating this box your number will appear in anonymity for any other terminal you decide to call.


With an external app

Finally, we explain another of the methods that you can start to execute to hide your calls. In this married it is about making use of a mobile app, which are designed programs mainly for hide issuer ID and thus prevent other people from save your phone data.

It is worth mentioning that both Android as well as iOS operating system They have very interesting and good applications that will help you achieve this. Therefore, making use of an app will be of great help to prevent strangers or some specific people from save your phone number when receiving a call from your Smartphone or landline.

List of the best applications on Android and iOS to call without showing your issuing ID

Taking into account that mobile applications are of great help to carry out some specific actions, here we are going to introduce you the best apps for both Android and iOS and with which you can start calling without having to teach your issuing ID. A form of protect and take care of your privacy from strangers or third parties.



The first application that we present to you is about SpoofApp, is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Which is mainly characterized by its easy operation and because it is really effective at the time of hide your issuer ID.

Therefore, if you are looking for an app to start hide each of your calls or just to create a fake number you can use SpoofApp. In addition, it offers you the possibility of change your voiceEither to make it sound like a man or a woman. An ideal way to start take care of your identity before other people.

*Note: This application is no longer available in the Google Play store, RIP 🙁

Hidden call

Hidden call

Another of the applications that we can find in Android operating system it is Hidden call, it gives you the possibility to start call from anonymity to all those people who want it. This app works specifically with code # 31 # which is available for most countries.

It is important to mention that some operators in some specific countries do not allow you to use this code, thus limiting the operation of this mobile program. Hidden call has become an excellent opportunity to prevent third parties or unknown take your issuer ID without your authorization.

Telos-Free numbers and lines

Telos-Free numbers and lines

Telos is mainly characterized by being available in a large number of countries, where we find Spain, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, among many others. This app no hide your issuer ID, but assigns you a new ID. Therefore, you can start using this number to call those people you do not want to have your telephone information.

You can start making use of the different calling and messaging plans that offers you telos to enjoy it with your new ID. This will vary depending on the country where you use the application. An application that will allow you not only add a line telephone, if not you can even add up to 4 completely different lines. Ideal for those people who do not want others to take their real numbers.

TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts

TextMe Up Free Calling & Texts

Starting to call without the receiving people taking your real number is possible, for this there is the TextMe app, it offers you a new issuer ID that will prevent other Unknown people may save your data. This will allow you to have more privacy when making different calls.

TextMe is available for both Spain and the United Statesas well as for others 40 countries more. In addition, it gives you the option to send up to a total of 40 daily messages and make calls totally free from the new number that has been assigned to you at the time of register.



To finish this list of applications we introduce you to Nextplus. This app offers you a new free number with which you can start making calls completely free. The way to pay for all these calls and messages is watching commercials and short short videos that will appear while you use the app.

Thus, Nextplus gives you the possibility to use said Issuer ID to make calls to unknown persons or those that you do not want to see your real phone information.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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