CANVA  What is it? + Advantages and Tricks ▷ 2020

Canva is a platform for edit images online widely used in Internet. It can be used on both computers and smartphones through its free application, which is considered one of the best.

The functions available allow obtaining very attractive content as a result. So, if you are looking to design ads for your social networks, this tool is ideal.

In this article we will talk about the features of Canva and how to use it. We will also show you the secrets that this tool has And, if you want to compare it with other apps, we will tell you which ones are the best.

What is Canva and what is this tool for?

What is Canva and what is this tool for?

Although you think that Canva is a Photo editor like any other, it is actually much more than that. Is a platform that was created to add touch-ups that allow, with quick and easy steps to have a perfect graphic editing.

In addition, it serves to:

  • Design logos: If you are just starting a business through social networks, the tool will leave you design your own logo, using any of the available vectors and figures. These contain drawings that can be combined with texts and effects.
  • Create the best poster: if what you are looking for is launch a short film or show an ad, you will need to have a nice poster created in Canva. The advantage you will get is that you can use any of the hundreds of pre-designed themed templatesWith this you will achieve an excellent visual result and without technical errors.
  • Make advertising flyers: a flyer is a visual resource that serves to visually and attractively break down the information of an event. As with posters, Canva also has templates for you to use directly. You will have to choose the design that best suits your needs and then edit it so that it has the desired look.
  • Design invitations: with Canva you can create a large number of designs for business or party invitations. You will have the option to choose the number of attendees, place and many other information.
  • Structure infographics: as Canva is a universe of templates, vectors, fonts and tools, it becomes a perfect tool for making eye-catching infographics. Also, you have no limits when it comes to visuals and you don’t have to be an experienced connoisseur to get professional results.

What are the benefits of using Canva to create my social media images?

What are the benefits of using Canva to create my social media images?

There are different benefits that you can get when you use Canva on your social networks. Some platforms have more affinity for this graphics editor, as is the case with Instagram. This is because the images that you will obtain as results considerably benefit the design and make the stories more attractive.

But this does not mean that you cannot use Canva for Facebook or Tik Tok, since you will also have important advantages, which we will mention below:

  • You can design your posts like a professional. That is, you will have extraordinary results with simple steps, you just have to choose the correct function so that your videos and images have harmony what are you looking for to visit your profile. This will generate a great impact on your audience so you will have a better chance of getting followers.
  • So, with Canva you will be able to design any type of post, make advertisements and flyers to promote your products and services, generate fun content for your followers and even design the formats for the stories.
  • Another benefit that you will have when you use this platform is that you will have the possibility of create a very attractive profile. This is because you can incorporate art and editing techniques in a few steps in any social network.
  • Which will make your Facebook profile, YouTube thumbnails, Instagram story images and WhatsApp statuses always have pre-established formats that will help you so that your audience can better identify you.
  • One of the most important benefits you will get, especially when you are just starting in the marketing of contents is that you can save money, since you will not have to pay a graphic design expert.

We are not saying that professional designers are not fundamental, but that, almost every time a venture is started, they do not have the funds to pay for their services. With Canva, you will be able to achieve very good results without being an expert in the area. Due to the extensive database that the platform has in templates and tools, there will always be content to create, even if you do it from scratch. Unlike other options, Canva always updates its resources.

By last, If you don’t want to use a template with a predefined design, you can create yours very quickly. If you prefer, you can save your project and use it when you need it most. This it will help you to make generic posts and edit them later, saving you time.

The best Canva tricks to get the most out of it

The best Canva tricks to get the most out of it

We will show you below, the best Canva tricks so that you work like an expert and can have everything you need in a few steps:

Add text to the image

This is one of the features you’ll use the most when editing images and you want to take them to your social networks. To incorporate text you will have to press the key “T” and in this way the tools to choose the font type, color and size will be enabled.

Convert all text to uppercase

A very simple trick, but one that will help you a lot when you have a long text and you want to see what the new layout would look like with a new font type that is in uppercase is to use key combination “Ctrl + Shift + K”. This will cause that, after you have selected what you want to modify, the text will appear with all the letters in uppercase.

Add a border to a text box

In case you want to incorporate borders of different styles to a text box that you have in an image, you will have to use the command “Alt + Shift + B”. In this way, you will access the tools that will allow you to modify the design to make it look the way you like it.

Select items

When you have to choose an element you must press “Ctrl + Click”. But in case you want to use tools for several components that are in one image you will have to squeeze Shift and then do click the left mouse button.

Scroll through layers

As with other image editors, Canva works by adding or removing layers to make a photograph that has several elements. So that you can move through these layers and achieve raise or lower others press the directional arrows and then click.

List of the best alternative platforms to Canva for creating images online

In case you are looking for a platform other than Canva to edit and create images online, pay attention to the following paragraphs, you will be able to find the best alternative tools:


With BeFunky you can edit photos online in a few quick stepsYou just have to register for free and start using all the functions that this platform has. In this way you will have results in your designs as if created by an expert. The steps you must do are very simple, you will have to choose the image from your computer or from the cloud and then click on the button “Create”.

The great advantage of this platform is that it is not necessary to register to access all its functions in a free. This will allow you to create images and videos with photo effects surprising, which will help you have more visits on your social networks. Among the tools most outstanding find photo correction and cropping to create picture collages in a very funny way.

It is one of the simplest platforms to use, you will only have to click on “Begins!” to access more than 200 filters and effects that this tool has. You will have the possibility to create memes from images that you can choose on your computer or via a URL. Its use is completely free.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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