Change Colors in Windows 8  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

One of the main advantages it offers the Windows operating system to your users, is that the same is fully customizable, so you can modify a large number of aspects with the objective that each of the people can adapt to your taste, this is done with the aim that each of the users feel completely comfortable working on the system.

W8 has become one of the latest versions from Microsoft, which has several important tools that will allow you modify various elements of the OS, how can it be the windows, the icons, the colors, the wallpapers, among many other elements present there.

Taking into account that customization It is a very important factor for the vast majority of people, here we will explain how you can start changing the colors of Windows 8 to customize its look completely to your liking To do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you next in the post.

What is the difference between changing Windows 8 colors and changing the theme?

As already mentioned at the beginning of the post, Windows stands out for allowing the customization of many of its main elements, this is how most users usually ask What is the difference between changing the system colors and changing the theme?, in the case of modify the colors, users will be able to vary the color of the windows, the icons, the start bar, among many other elements.

By changing the color of each of them automatically your screen will change appearance, the default colors of W8 are blue, you can change all this to red, yellow or any other color you want in order to give a new look that allows you work much more comfortably.

In the case of change the theme or also known as themes or wallpapers, the user will have the opportunity to find different custom system themes, in this case each of themes have their own colors and wallpapers, so you can simply select one of them and that way You will save yourself the trouble of modifying all these aspects manually.

This is mostly for those users who want to be modifying the look like your home screen without doing a lot of work. However, if you want something more personalized and much more original, then it is best if you change the colors and create the look you really want to have on your W8 computer.

Learn step by step how to change colors on your Windows 8 PC

The procedure to be able change the colors of your Windows 8 PC it’s very simple, so you do not require advanced knowledge for it. This will allow you customize the appearance of your computer and that way give it the look you have wanted so much, making your system something completely original.

In order to perform this procedure, it will be necessary for you to follow each of the steps that we are going to teach you below:

  • To start with this process you must do right click with mouse on a part discovered from your desk.
  • Then you will see a drop-down menu with several options, in this case select the item from “Personalize”.

Learn step by step how to change colors on your Windows 8 PC

  • Now the window of “Personalization”. There you will find different options that will allow you change colors, sounds, effects, among others.
  • In this case you can enter the color section and there you can modify each of the elements available to change the color, just go selecting those colors you like the most.

Learn step by step how to change colors on your Windows 8 PC

  • Once each of the the necessary aspects, all you have to do is save the changes made so that they are applied. This way you are modifying the colors of your Windows 8 PC quickly and easily.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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