Change Control in Word  What is it? + How to Activate ▷ 2020

Word has a tool that allows you to share documents with other users and then control, easily and quickly, the changes that have been made.

You can accept or reject the indications one by one suggested by others, but you can also do it in a group or choosing the editors who have made the modifications.

If you want to know all the secrets that this very useful function has in long texts, you will have to continue reading the following paragraphs. We will show you a practical guide for you to carry out this function and the benefits you will have when using it.

What is Microsoft Word Track Changes and what is it for?

What is Microsoft Word Track Changes and what is it for?

Microsoft Word exchange control it is a function that allows you to have control over the documents that are written and should be shared with other people.

This generates as a result that, if a user has made a change in a word or in any illustration, either by adding or removing them, the editor will quickly and easily realize all the modifications made.

The great advantage of this function is that other people can generate contributions from their area of ​​knowledge to certain sectors of the text. But these are not the only benefits, there are others that we will mention in the next paragraph.

Benefits of Word Change Tracking Why should you start using it?

When you use a track changes in Word you can share your document with anyone without any kind of restriction. You only have to activate this tool so that you can find suggestions or corrections to your text.

The people with whom you have shared will have the possibility to write in any place all the changes they consider necessary, but They won’t be able to delete or add words without you noticing. This is because when you add sentences, it will appear in another color and in an underlined way. The same will happen when you delete, the words will be a different color and will have a strikethrough effect.

If you are the copywriter, when you get all the change suggestions, you can accept or reject one by one. But if the document is long, you can approve or not accept the changes with a single click.

In this way, the control that is carried out is efficient, since all the people will have the same document and the edition of these changes can be done automatically.

Another benefit that you will have with this type of tool that Microsoft Word offers is that, there may be different correctors that use the same machine. These people can be identified in a simple way because the program allows you to edit the color settings and the name of the editors.

Steps to activate the control of changes in your documents in Word

Steps to activate the control of changes in your documents in Word

The steps that you will have to perform to activate the change control can be divided into two stages. One is the sending of the document by the editor and the second part is when the person who owns the writing receives the corrected file.

The first thing you have to do before sharing the document is:

  • Go to menu “Check”, Choose “Tracing” and then activate the option “Change control”.
  • At this time, all the changes that are considered pertinent will be made.
  • Once you have finished making corrections or recommendations in the text, you will have to send it to the person who wrote the document. This user will click on “Change control” and you will see all the edits that have been made.
  • Then you will have to click on each edit and press the right mouse button and choose whether you want to reject or accept the changes.

Another way you have to accept or reject all edits is to go to “Check”, press on the menu “Changes” and choose the tool “To accept” (or “To refuse”). Next, a pop-up menu will be displayed in which you will have to choose whether to accept (or reject) all changes.

When you want to include a comment, you will have to go to the option control changes and then click on “Balloons”. Then you can choose if you want to see only the comments (this will help you get the words out of the text you deleted, but you will see them on the side), all the online reviews, or the balloon reviews.

In case you want to modify the format of the comments that will appear in the balloons, you will have to go to the option “Change control” and then select “Change segment options ... ”. Next, you will have to choose the color of the changes and the name of the person who makes the corrections.

Understanding change control How does it influence the interface when activated?

Understanding change control How does it influence the interface when activated?

When you activate the change control in your document the first thing you will see is that the function found in the ribbon turned into a yellow box.

As a result, when you want to deactivate this tool, you will have to click on “Change control”, since it is not a function like the others in which it is deactivated automatically. In case you enter new words to the text, these appear in red and underlined. But when you want delete one or more words, they will not disappear, but you can continue to see them red color and crossed out.

Another option is to include comments in the same text. This tool is useful when you share different topics with other editors and you want to show a particular point or indicate other types of ideas. For this case, You will see a balloon on the right margin of the page indicating that a word received a comment.

When you work with balloons, you can choose any of the 3 options that you will have on the menu. So you can see on the side of the page that each change you made generates a comment by means of a balloon. These will have a red outline color, but the letters will be black.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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