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In digital terms, a archive is defined as a file that corresponds to a unit of data or information stored in some medium that can be used by computer applications. Thus, each file is distinguished by start from an extension which is the part that identifies it, in addition to its proper name. Whereas, the extension is like the last name of the file.

Therefore, file extensions are an essential part of match a certain file on a computer. This, in order that the operating system can run it with the software associated with it from a character string added to the end of the file name. Which, must be taken into account when modifying the format of a file.

For its part, to change the configuration from one file to another, it is necessary to assess some fundamental aspects. Which, we will let you know throughout this post based on the procedure to be followed to make this change from scratch using a Windows 7 PC.

What should I keep in mind when changing the format of a file?

Mainly, it is necessary to consider that, it is easier to change the file extension to modify its format, automatically, in order to store it as a different type. Well, in this way, the way in which the operating system manages to recognize the file will also be modified. Taking into account that, just by changing the name of it, will not modify its format and that will only serve for the machine to identify it wrong way.

In addition to this, it is also important to understand that, you only have the possibility of change a file to another format that is of the same nature. This means that you cannot convert an image JPG in an EXE installer, for example. On the contrary, if it is appropriate to transform a video into simple audio, thanks to the fact that both correspond to multimedia files.

In addition, if you choose to change the format of a file in Windows 7, it is also necessary that keep in mind with which program or application you can open the new file. Which will help you make the transformation correctly and choose the format accordingly. That is, if you want to convert a file with the extension HTML, for example, to open it in a text editor, it will be appropriate that you modify the format to TXT.

Learn step by step how to change the format of a file in Windows 7

Although it is not the version of Windows most modern of all, certainly W7 has been one of the most widely used OS for many years. Thanks to its advantages, there are still many users who choose to use this operating system on their PC. Either because it supports greater synchronization between the computer and the user, takes up less memory, is open, saves energy, etc..

Even, it also corresponds to a version of Windows that facilitates different tasks for people. One of the most relevant refers to its ability to modify the format from one file to another, from scratch. Which is very helpful for not having to resort to third-party tools when doing it.

So, next, we show you step by step what you have to do from your PC with W7 to change the format of a video, audio and image file, depending on your requirements:

Of video

Of video

Usually, a video file has a certain container format or a specific file extension, such as: MP4, AVI, MKV, etc.. By means of this, it indicates that it is a file that contains several elements inside, especially video, audio, images, embedded subtitles, etc..

In general, when changing the video format to another type of configuration, users choose to modify it to get an audio file. Well, they simply want to hear what the video contains, through a relevant application.

To modify a format of this type in W7, the following process must be followed:

  • Find the video file to modify and proceed to open it in the program installed on your PC that can run it.
  • Later, within the software in question, click on the menu in the “File” section and from the available options, select “Save as”.
  • Then, you have to choose a location where you prefer to save the file (a folder where you can easily locate it) and then give it a new name.
  • Once you do the above, look for the drop-down menu that indicates “Format” or “Save as” and through it, click on the new format. If you want to transform it into an audio, you can choose one of the following: MP3, MPEG, AAC, FLAC, etc.
  • To end, just subtract click on “Save As” and with that, the original file will be opened in the program automatically. Then you can find the file in its new format in the location where you decided to store it.



When managing audio files, you can change its format to a different audio setting and even, it is possible convert an MP3 file to text sometimes.

Therefore, once you determine which is the new format that you need to obtain from an audio, you must carry out the following steps on your Windows 7 PC:

  • Through the folder where it is stored, proceed to open your audio file in the software that supports it from your computer.
  • Now, located in said program, it is time to select the “File” section and click on the option that says “Save as”.
  • Then, as in the previous case, choose the location to save the file and name it whatever you prefer.
  • Now, it’s time to choose the new format for your file. To do this, display the menu “Save as” or “Format” and among the available options, select required configuration.
  • Finally, only subtract press the button “Save as” then look for the new file in the folder you have chosen to save it. That’s it.

Of image

Of image

Luckily, if you choose to modify the original format of an image file in your Windows 7, you have numerous options available to obtain a new file with a different extension. Because, unlike video and audio files, images are by nature capable of much more transformation.

To carry out the procedure correctly, the steps to be carried out consist of:

  • First of all, find and choose the image file to transform. In order to open it with the program that has the ability to execute these files. You can even access the software to open the image from there (for example, through Photoshop compatible with W7).
  • Second, within the software or application in question, when the image has been opened there, click on the “File” section and click on “Save as”.
  • Then give it a new name from the box “File name” and choose the folder where you prefer to store it.
  • Then from the drop-down menu of “Format”, you can choose the new settings for your image file to modify its original extension.
  • After checking that it is the indicated format, you simply have to click on “Save” or “Save as” in order to obtain the new file where you established it.

List of the best programs to convert files to any format

In addition to using this functionality of Windows 7 When transforming files from one format to another to modify their extension, you can also rely on third-party programs that skillfully operate based on these kinds of processes.

So, below, we present you 3 quality alternatives that you can try now:

EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor

It consists of a program that, beyond working as a program to edit all types of audio and video effectively, has been classified as a tool that has the ability to convert any clip to various available audio formats, in high quality and without any difficulty. Taking into account that it is compatible with different configurations, such as: mp4, mp3, avi, mpeg, wmv, mov, rmvb, vob, flv, m4a, mpg and trp.

In addition to this, it is characterized by being an easy-to-use utility, so it is not necessary to have advanced knowledge. On the other hand, it is available both for 32 bit as well as 64 bit, is free software that can be downloaded directly from its official website. Additionally, the tool allows you burn the resulting files to DVD directly, as well as export them to platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Download EaseUS Video Editor Windows



It refers to an image converter for Windows that basically features the ability to read and convert images to more than 170 formats with which it has compatibility and even a large number of files RAW. In addition to that, it is distinguished by being a program with the ability to perform batch processing, thus revealing remarkable efficiency and speed.

Likewise, to simplify the tasks carried out by the user, this software allows you to save configurations to use them later, again and with this, you can apply the same changes over and over again effortlessly through your preset edits. Besides, it allows you to share the results on Facebook and send them by mail, just like protect them with a watermark and optimize them, according to your requirements.

Download BatchPhoto Windows

Any Video Converter Free

Any Video Converter Free

It corresponds to another of the best utilities out there to convert videos, for free and through your computer Windows 7, it supports this OS. Thus, it is defined as an application that supports a large number of formats (DivX, XviD, MPEG, MOV, WMV, AVI, among others) and, luckily, it guarantees a fast, effective and quality conversion for your files.

For its part, Any Video Converter Free is also considered an ideal program for transform high definition videos and even to edit any type of clip no loss of quality. In addition to this, it has the ability to download videos from the YouTube platform to proceed to manage and transform them directly.

Download Any Video Converter Free Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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