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Maintain an updated electronic profile When we spend most of the time working on the Internet, it is one of the best ways to show ourselves, since the boom that social networks have had in recent times has changed the way we see information.

At the moment, digital platforms are an indispensable tool for searching for information on the candidates in addition to our job letter, therefore the better presence we have in our profile photo, in this case Google Gmailthe better our projection will be.

Taking this into account, today we have decided to prepare a material that will help you correctly manage some aspects of your Gmail account so you can take it to a more professional level.

Learn step by step how to change and customize the profile photo of your Gmail account quickly and easily

A good profile on many occasions determines whether or not we get an online position or even a love date, that is why it is necessary to know how to manage it correctly.

Let’s see below:

On Android

Next, you will learn how to manage your profile from your mobile device:

  • Look for the app Gmail and sign in.
  • Click on the profile picture to open a window and press the button “Manage your Gmail account.”

Manage google account

  • Press on “Menu” which is located in the lower right corner.

Gmail Menu

  • Continue with the option “Personal information”

Personal information Gmail App

  • This will show the data and we can view the profile photo, in this case we must then touch on the small camera that appears in the image.

Click on Camera Photo from gmail

  • A pop-up window will appear, here we touch on “Set profile picture” to choose a photo from our mobile or take it in real time.

Set profile picture button

  • If we want one from the gallery we look for it, we adjust it and give it in “To accept” for it to be saved.

Set Gmail profile picture

In the computer

Let’s see now how to do the same previous procedures but from a PC:

  • The first step is to click “Google account” or to the profile photo located in the upper right corner.
  • Right next to the photo appears a small cameraIf we click, we can select an image from our computer or drag it.

change gmail profile picture

  • Next we will have to square the photo and click on “Choose as profile picture” to end.

Tips for choosing the ideal profile picture for your Gmail email account

Let’s now look at some simple, but necessary tips to make a good impression with your Google email account when looking for work or for various situations:

It must be a current photograph

The profile photo in the email is part of our cover letter, That is why it is worth updating it periodically. This should be done for several reasons, one of them is that over time the cameras improve their technology, so you should not go there presenting yourself with a poor quality image.

Many times we make the mistake of not updating our Gmail and on many occasions we do not even worry about placing a profile photo in this account. This is something that should be avoided if you use it as a means of work, since having a good presence in this account can open many doors for you. In addition, having an updated image means that you are not afraid to present yourself as you are and besides, it shows a lot of security.

Your face must be the protagonist

It is valid that show a little half of the body up, but ideally the person is square in the photo so that your face is main.

On the other hand, since the face will be the center, strange gestures should be avoided, so they recommend two types of expressions:

  • Neutral: If you are looking to give a more serious and calm impression, a high forehead, eyesight and a relaxed brow can contribute to this gesture.
  • Cheerful: If what you are looking for is to show yourself open and dynamic, a good natural smile without closing your eyes so much would be perfect.

It is important too avoid a lot of lighting in the face, but neither can the extreme of many shadows exist. Focus also plays an essential role and should not be overlooked. Women are not recommended to go overboard with makeup and for both genders they should not wear sunglasses.

Neutral environment

Since nothing should steal the spotlight from your face, try don’t dress fancy. A good combination of outfits can make you look elegant. In your environment there should not be other elements more striking than you, otherwise the effect could be counterproductive.

We show you other actions that you can customize in your Gmail account to give it a unique and original touch

Gmail He has been with us for a long time and although we think that we have seen everything about him, the truth is that he never ceases to amaze us and always has tricks to discover and to take the efficiency with which we use the account to the next level.

Let’s see some of them:


One of the things we can modify is the name, the one that appears with the emails we send.

We recommend that it be your real name to identify you correctly and so that when performing an advanced search in this you can be easily found:

  • We must go to our Gmail account and click on “See all settings.”

See all Gmail settings

  • Now in the tab “Accounts and import” We’re going to “Send as” and we click on the button next to it “Edit data”.

Accounts and import Gmail section

  • Automatically a new window will open, where in the box that is blank it will allow us to place the name that we want in a personalized way.

Name edit

  • Done this, the name will be personalized at the time of sending the emails.

Set up automatic replies

This particularly It is done so that when an email is received, a response that we have previously configured is sentSo whoever sends will know that your message has arrived and that as soon as you see it, you will reply to it.

You can even configure it and set an activation and deactivation date:

  • Go to “Setting” and click “See all settings.”

Gmail Settings

  • In the section of “General”, we were located in “Automatic answer” and the we activate.

Gmail auto reply enabled

  • We fill in the fields, We choose the date we want it to be executed, subject and message.

Set up Gmail auto reply

  • To the Finalize the process we click on “Keep”.
  • This it will work in the given time, and if for some reason you want to delete it, at the top of the mail you will find an option to “End automatic responses.”

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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