Change Language in Excel  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

While it is true, Excel is a spreadsheet developed by the Microsoft company and it is part of Office. Thanks to the fact that it is a multiplatform program, is a solution used by millions of users around the world, just like Word and PowerPoint.

In that sense, people turn to Microsoft Excel to perform endless actions based on working with numerical data and being able to manage them easily. Either, through its calculation functions, calculating tables, its graphical tools and thanks to its macro programming language.

Now, this spreadsheet program supports the possibility of carrying out several options in order to personalize the experience of each user. Therefore, apart from changing their appearance, it is also possible to change the language and here we will explain how to do it properly.

What to consider before changing the language of Microsoft Excel?

Due to the global and multicultural economy that exists today, it is common for many users who manage Office applications need to work in other languages ​​for comfort, quality and professionalism.

Therefore, this office suite provides the possibility of change language automatically. In order for the programs to work in the required language at any given moment. However, before proceeding with any such modification, it is important to bear in mind that, within Microsoft Office There are three types of basic languages ​​that each user can change, according to their requirements.

Next, we mention what they are:

  • Editing or creation: Refers to the language used for write or edit the content in one of these programs, in this case, in Excel. Generally, a partner keyboard for that language must be installed through Windows system settings.
  • Correction tools: Consists of the language used to perform the spelling and grammar tests of the text presented in the document. Therefore, it must be the same language used to create or edit the file.
  • Languages ​​to display: It’s about that language used for Microsoft Office buttons, controls, and menus and is usually known as “User interface (UI) language”. In such a way, it could match the editing or creation language (if the user wishes) and it is also possible to set different languages ​​for both (that is, write the documents in French and that the controls are in German, for example) .

On the other hand, it is also essential to take into consideration that, once you change the language in Microsoft Excel, automatically this parameter will be modified in each and every one of the applications belonging to the Office suite. Which means that this change does not only affect Excel and is done in general terms.

In addition to that, it should be noted that, when installing Microsoft Office on any computer, mechanically this service will be coupled to the language that is configured in your operating system and, by default, it will take it as the default language to establish it both in Excel and in other applications. It is because of that, many users need to know the procedure to change this aspect.

Steps to change the language to Excel to make documents that are understood in other countries

Whether to create and edit your documents fundamentals in data numbers in a more comfortable way in Excel, to show a greater capacity or because the operating system of your computer is not in the language you speak, it is valuable that you know Step by Step how you can modify the language of this program.

With this, you will even achieve that the documents made are understood in other countries and have greater coverage. So then We proceed to explain the appropriate means to follow to change the editing and correction language:

  • To start, access a blank book from Microsoft Excel.
  • Followed by that, go to the program’s options bar and click on the “File” tab.
  • Now, locate yourself on the left side and among the available choices in the list, select “Options”.

Steps to change the language to Excel to make documents that other countries understand

  • Subsequently, a new dialog box will be displayed and there, you have to click on “Language” in the options on the left side.

Steps to change the language to Excel to make documents that are understood in other countries

  • Then if the required language is listed among the available alternatives, simply click on it and press the button “Set as default”.

Steps to change the language to Excel to make documents that other countries understand

  • In case the desired language is not displayed, open the menu that indicates “Add additional editing languages” and once you find it, select it for later click on “Add”.


  • By last, click “Accept” at the bottom and voila.

On the other hand, if you want to modify the language to display in the controls and buttons of Office programs, the process to follow consists of:

  • Access any Excel workbook, click on “File”, select “Options” and click on “Language”.
  • Next, if you want it to have the same language established for editing and creating the documents, just choose the option “Match Microsoft Windows” within the two boxes that exist in “Choose Help Language and User Interface”.

Steps to change the language to Excel to make documents that other countries understand

  • But, if you prefer it to have a different language than the previous one and the language of the user interface and Help does not match, proceed to select the required language for each one and set it as default.

Steps to change the language to Excel to make documents that are understood in other countries

  • Finally, click “Accept” on the bottom.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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