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Outlook is one of the world’s leading email services, and has a wide variety of settings that allow us to customize the views of our mailbox.

Among these settings, we can find the language settings, from where we can alter the language in which the page is presented. This setting is very useful when the user travels to an area where a different language is used., and automatic network settings modify the language of the page that is spoken in that area.

In this note, we will teach you how to solve this problem, demonstrating step by step how to change the default language of your Outlook email on all your devices, as well as various other adjustments you can make to personalize your inbox.

Learn how to change the language of your Outlook account

For Outlook users who wish to modify the language of their postal service, They can do it very simply from the native settings of the service, both in its web version and in the mobile application. While the steps have slight variations on both platforms, the general direction is very similar, and each procedure can be applied on any operating system mobile or from desk.

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From the phone

The Outlook mobile app gives users the ability to check their emails anywhere. This app has an automatic setting that modifies the language to match the location of the device. With this in mind, it is necessary to know how change the default language of the Outlook application.

This procedure is applicable to both Android and iOS and consists of the following steps:

  • Opens the app of Outlook from your mobile device.
  • Press About you profile picture.

Access the Outlook confiuration on Android

  • Press about him gear icon, located in the lower left corner of the side menu.

Access the Outlook confiuration on Android

  • Swipe down, up to the section “Preferences”, where you will find the option “Idiom”. You can see that it is configured in “Automatic” by default.

Change language in Outlook for Android

  • Choose “Idiom” and scroll through the list until you find the language you want to define for the application.

To the select language, the application will restart automatically, and you will return to the main screen with the selected language applied for all mailboxes visible from the app.

From the computer

Because Outlook has by default the automatic language function, open the portal in an area where a language other than yours is used, the page will be modified to suit the local language.

To correct this setting, the procedure from the Outlook web portal is very simple, consisting of only these simple steps:

  • Log into your Outlook account.
  • On the main page, click the gear icon located at the top.
  • Choose “See all Outlook settings.”

See all settings in Outlook

  • click on “General”.
  • Choose the settings of “Language and time zone.”

Change language in Outlook web

  • Choose the desired language from the list to be displayed.
  • Once the idiom, click on “Keep”.

When modifying the language and saving the changes, these will be applied automatically, modifying the language in which you will be able to see the options, settings and folders of your mailbox in Outlook.

If I change the language of Outlook, does the language of the emails also change?

While it is a fairly reasonable doubt, the answer is quite simple. Since the content of the emails is written in a fixed way in a single language, and not subject to Outlook settings, this one is not modified at all.

Although it may seem a bit strange to receive emails in one language while the service is configured in another, the truth is that this is completely available to the sender of the email. As receivers, We will only be able to see the content of an email in a different language if we use translation software.

Other changes you can make to your Outlook account

Outlook has a respectable layer of personalization for an email service, allowing the user to manage the appearance of their inbox and email account with a configuration to your liking. Next, We will see three actions we can take to give a more personal touch to the appearance of our Outlook mail, and we will teach you how to apply them on any of your devices.

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Change profile picture

Change profile photo in Outlook

The profile picture It is one of the most basic forms of personalization in any social network or messaging service. Thanks to her, it is much easier for users to identify a contact from their list. This configuration is very easy to do on the desktop version.

For this, the procedure is as follows:

  • Log in through the web portal of Outlook.
  • Click on the circle with the initials of your name, located in the upper right corner.
  • Choose “My profile”.
  • click In the box “Add a photo.”
  • In the next window, select the link “Add a photo” to open your computer’s file explorer.
  • Select an image from the computer filesr and adjust it to your preference to fit the Outlook circular frame.
  • Click on “Keep”.

For the mobile application, however, this setting is not possible. The app syncs with the web client and updates the photo automatically. The only way to carry out this process through the mobile, it is through the Web navigator, following the same instructions used for the desktop version.

Change username

Edit Outlook account information

The email username configuration is another of the most basic elements when it comes to making sure your account can be found by your contacts more easily.

For the desktop version, the process to modify the username is as follows:

  • From the inbox, click on your profile picture.
  • Choose “My profile”.
  • In the section labeled as “Name”, click on the link “Edit name”.
  • Choose the name and surname that you want to be displayed in your email.
  • Solve the picture Captcha.
  • click on “Keep”.

In the same way as with the profile picture settings, the Outlook mobile app does not have the option to edit the usernameTherefore, if you want to do it from your mobile, it will be necessary to enter the web version through the device’s browser.

Set a view for your inbox

One of the customizations more satisfactory to do in your inbox is the management of a custom view for this. Through these settings you can change the hue of your inbox and edit its color.

From the web application, the procedure to edit the appearance of your inbox is as follows:

  • click at gear icon that you will see at the top of the window.
  • Choose “See all Outlook settings.”
  • Be guided by the route General> Appearance ”.

Change priority mailbox in Outlook

  • Select theme and color what do you want to apply to your inbox
  • If you wish activate dark mode, that option is also available in this window.
  • When you finish making changes, click “Keep”.

Unlike other settings, this configuration is not automatically applied to the mobile application, so we can use a different design for it, through the following steps:

  • Opens the application Outlook in you mobile.
  • Press About you profile picture.

Change appearance in Outlook for Android

  • Choose the gear icon to access the app settings.
  • Swipe down, up to the section “Preferences” and enter the option “Appearance”.
  • Select one of those available to apply to the inbox, and define if you prefer the theme settings light or dark.

When you select a setting, it will be applied automatically and, as soon as you exit the settings screen, you will be able to see the new appearance that you have configured for your inbox.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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