Change Remote Desktop Port in Windows 7  Guide ▷ 2020

Today you can find a large number of specific tools that help facilitate a large number of activities to the human being, especially if you are a Windows user. This is how you will find here the remote desktop tool, which helps decentralize the use of a single server and that way perform specific work from other remote servers.

All this has made the remote server become one of the best features added to the Windows operating system. It allows power remotely control other Windows PCs on the local network or even the Internet that have ports open and redirected from the firewall. When connecting these servers it is recommended to do so through a VPN to subnet and then to the road remote Desktop.

Taking into account the importance of this type of activities in the Microsoft OS, here we are going to explain How can you start changing the default port in the Firewall on your Win 7 computer. To do this, simply follow each of the steps that we are going to teach you below in detail.

What to keep in mind when changing the default port for remote desktop?

Change the port to remote desktop default is an activity carried out by the vast majority of the users, although it is also considered as an activity little or more necessary for mania of the same users and system administrators. However, there are good reasons why these types of activities can be carried out.

One of the main reasons why it is considered convenient change the default port is that this helps slow down or avoid external attacks, since at the time of make the change and move it to a port not so well known to the hacker, This will not be entirely clear where to make the attack.

Another reason why this procedure should be performed is because it is a very good alternative be able to use a secondary access for computers on a LAN network, so that the new port must be used in a way exclusive by a server or another client that wants to separate.

Learn step by step to modify the firewall port for Remote Desktop in Windows 7

Knowing everything mentioned above in the post, now we are going to teach you which are the steps you must follow to be able to modify the firewall port for the remote desktop on a Windows 7 computer. Keep in mind that this is a real advantage for those who for some reason need use this access.

To carry out this procedure, follow each of these instructions:

  • For start with this process you need to click the button “Windows Start”, then you must select the section of “Team”.
  • The next thing will be to click on “System properties”.
  • Now in the window that appears on the screen, find the option to “Remote access configuration” which is located on the right side of your screen.
  • Here you will see what are the “System properties”, from here it will be where the server user permissions that will allow you to access the remote desktop from the host computer.
  • Once you have reached this point, you must click on the “Windows + R”.

Learn step by step to modify the firewall port for Remote Desktop in Windows 7

  • There you will see the window run in space corresponding you must write the following command “Mstsc” without the quotes.

Learn step by step to modify the firewall port for Remote Desktop in Windows 7

  • Then a new window will appear “Connection to remote desktop”, in the space of “Team” you must write the server’s IP address parent to link to. If you want you can add the name of the team you want to connect to.

Learn step by step to modify the firewall port for Remote Desktop in Windows 7

  • In the case that you do not know the IP and you want to know it, it will be necessary to carry out these steps, the first thing will be to press the key combination again “Windows + R” and there write the command “Cmd.exe”. then place the command “Ipconfig”, so that a series of data from the network connection is thrown at you.
  • Here you must locate yourself in the “IPv4 address” which you It will indicate the IP number assigned to your device.

Learn step by step to modify the firewall port for Remote Desktop in Windows 7

  • If you know the IP you will be able connect to your computer from another computer, whether you have your main PC in the room and you want to connect to it from your PC in the living room, in another room, in the backyard of your house, among others. being a Local IP which is within your network, you can connect to it even from your smartphone.
  • Now if you find yourself outside your home and you need to connect to your main computer. Then you must make use of a Public IP so you can access. For that it is important that at the end of the settings restart the computer, as this will ensure that changes are applied in the correct way and start to work properly.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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