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As everyone knows, Microsoft Word is a program par excellence to write texts. But also it is possible to use table tools. While this utility is more powerful in the other program Office called Excel, we can use these pictures for simple tasks.

The tables, are necessary and very useful tools when it comes to managing and categorizing content in an orderly and efficient way. However, sometimes it can be a bit complicated to modify.

If you need to know more about this tool and handle it like an expert, you should not miss this post. Here you will learn how make changes to the size of tables.

What aspects should I take into account before modifying the size of a table?

Before you start making changes to our table, it is important that you know a couple of key questions. One of them is that, like text, the boxes are always contained by the margins of the sheet.

Another thing to keep in mind is that its size is defined by the lines and not by the volume of the words or numbers they contain. In other words, even if we have a cell large with a short word, the size will still be defined by the box.

In this sense, we must also say that, table lines can be invisible. Like we mentioned before, the size of the same will continue to be governed by the lines and not for its content.

Finally, we can add that, if it exists text outside and back to the table, this one will go “Displacing” according to the modification. I mean, I know will behave as if the table were a paragraph. And to delete a row, a space will be removed in whole document.

Steps to increase the size of a table in Microsoft Word

It may happen that, when creating a table, notice that it is too small. Or contrary to you have plenty of space and takes up too much in the document. For both cases there is a solution. And is that Microsoft Word allows to modify several parameters from the same. Between them, the size.

To learn how this modification is done, follow these steps:

Adding rows and columns

It is perhaps the simplest way to increase the size of your table. As long as you have content to fill in the blanks.

The steps to follow are those:

  • Inside the document, go to where the box is located.
  • If you need add a row plus, positions the cursor on the outer edge of any of them.
  • By doing so you will see a circle with a “+” sign inside.

Adding rows and columns row

  • Tapping on it a whole row will be added, fair below.
  • With this method you can add both inner and contiguous rows.
  • In the case of what you want them to be columns those who join, do the same on vertical lines.

Adding column rows and columns

If you think you do not have enough pulse to perform the previous method, quiet, what there is another with the same result.


  • Press the right mouse button on the cell located at the end to which you need to add boxes.
  • In doing so they will appear two menus. The first is the traditional and contains functions of the text. The second, a little smaller you will find the options of “Insert” Y “Remove”.
  • Tap on “Insert” and choose the option that corresponds, which can be add columns or rows from both sides respectively.

Adding rows and columns from menu

It is important that you know that you are two alternatives they can only add new lines one by one. That is, if you want add several, you must repeat the operation as many times as rows and columns are necessary.

Increasing the size of cells

If you need it, too you can specify a specific height and width to the cells. This, as a whole will modify the overall size from the table. Before continuing with the pstep by step, it is important that you know that the unit of measure used in the dimensions of these elements will always match that of Word.

To modify this, you will have to usar advanced options of the Menu file. The changes made will also affect the margin rules.

Going back to size, you must follow these steps to change the dimension of the cells:

  • Create a table. You get this from the menu “Insert”, section “Boards”.
  • Define the quantity of rows and columns.
  • Add content to it it is optional as you can do it then.
  • Click on one cell.

resize specific cells

  • You will see in the ribbon a new tab called “Table tools”. It is made up of the elements “Design” Y “Provision”.
  • Go to the latter (you can only do it if the cursor has selected some cell. And the changes made are apply to the table that contains it).
  • Locate the section “Cell size”.
  • Press the button on the upper left corner from the table. In it appears a figure of four opposite arrows (see image). This will select all cells inside the table.
  • Change the height and width values. These parameters refer to the individual cells, but having all selected they are applied to the whole table.
  • If you want to assign the changes a specific column or row, choose one of the cells understood in it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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