Change User Password Windows 10  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

One of the advantages that users obtain when using Windows as your operating system, is that they will have the opportunity to create different user accounts as necessary and in that way to be able to control or restrict access to the computer. Undoubtedly this is very important considering that these computers contain a large amount of information and personal and private data.

Therefore, it is very important to have a strong and secure password that cannot be easily violated by third parties. Since this will be what allows third parties to not access all your data stored there without your authorizationEspecially if you live with other people who also use the computer.

But nevertheless, must take into account that in many occasions these users are created and a weak key, so it becomes more than necessary to be able to change it. This is how we are going to teach you here how you can change a user’s security key in Windows 10 and thus be able to increase your protection, for this follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post below.

Learn step by step how to change the password of a Windows 10 user from scratch

If for any reason you consider that your user account has a weak password and you want to change it for a stronger one but you don’t know how, so here we are going to show you step by step how you can do this. Keep in mind that it is a fairly simple procedure to carry out, but that in order to carry it out it will be necessary that you have the user password, otherwise you will not be able to change it.

Being all this clear, then follow in detail each of the steps that we are going to teach you below so that you can make the password change:

  • To start with this procedure, the first thing you should do is enter Windows settings. To do this you must click on the start button and then select the icon “Setting” in the left panel that appears when you open the start menu. You can also access “Setting” pressing the key combination “Windows + I”.
  • When you are in the section “Windows Settings”, you will find different categories, in this case you must select the one from “Accounts”, since from there you can configure everything you need with your user account and you will also find many tools related to the operating system login.

Learn step by step how to change the password of a Windows 10 user from scratch

  • In this new window you will get everything related to Windows accounts, In the left part of your window you will find an options panel, there you must select the section of “Login Options”.
  • Once there you must scroll the window on the right down until you find the section of “Password” which you are going to select, it will appear with the icon of a key.

Learn step by step how to change the password of a Windows 10 user from scratch

  • When you select the item of “Password” This box will expand and you will find the option to “Change” which you must select. As you can also see from there you can update your security questions in case you want to do so.

Learn step by step how to change the password of a Windows 10 user from scratch

  • By selecting the option “Change” A new window will open where it asks you to enter the current password of the Windows user, which is why it was mentioned at the beginning that you should know the current password in order to carry out the change. In this case you must enter the access code and click on “Next” to continue.

Learn step by step how to change the password of a Windows 10 user from scratch

  • After entering the current password correctly, another window will open, this time you must enter the new password what do you want two times and one hint of it that will help you remember it in case you forget it.

Learn step by step how to change the password of a Windows 10 user from scratch

  • Once you have filled in the corresponding fields, you just have to click on “Next” there you will see that your password change has been carried out successfully, so now you can start enjoying a much safer and stronger security password.

Tips to create better passwords for your Windows 10 users

If you are one of the people who for some reason costs generate strong, hard-to-guess passwords, then it is recommended that you look for some alternatives that help you create it. Nowadays you can find different types of tools that will help you with this work, such as the step by step internet password generator, with which you can create quite strong access codes.

With this in mind, here are some tips so that you can make the best passwords for your Windows 10 users:

Use our password generator

Use our password generator

If what you are looking for is create strong passwords, then with him step by step internet password generator you will be able to have 100% secure keys and reliable, which becomes a very good alternative to protect each of your social networks, emails and any other platform that you use and consider that it has a weak key and that it can be easily compromised by third parties.

It is important to remember that Passwords are the main measure of identity verification of any website that requires it, so it is essential that it is safe and strong enough. This type of action is recommended to be left in the hands of technology experts, since all this will give you greater reliability.

Thus, the internet random password generator step by step will allow you to create security keys that contain only numbers, only letters, alphanumeric keys, original and ingenious and above all easy to remember. In this way you can start protecting each of your online accounts from any type of intruder.

Combine two words

It is important that at the time of create security passwords do it with words that have nothing to do with you, that is, other than neither your name nor surname, nor that of your wife or a close relative. A good alternative is to combine two words that have no value or relationship for you.

When you already have the two words defined, the following will be to alternate their letters, that is, if you have chosen the words “Internet” Y “Browser” then this would be as follows: Innatveergnaedtdor. How can you see this password has no numbers and is quite difficult to guessWhat if you have to do is keep it in a safe place in case you forget it.

Convert vowels to number

Another alternative is to change the vowels you have your password for a number, This method is quite well known, but it works very well as it allows create keys that are quite difficult to guess. In this case, just take care of selecting any word that is not so common or related to your life and just change each of the vowels for the numbers you want, you can also do it using symbols instead of numbers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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