CHANGE Wallpaper in Whatsapp  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

WhatsApp has become the instant application most used by Internet users. It not only allows you to send and receive messages between people, it also accepts sending videos, photos, notes and more, making everyone have an interactive conversation in real time. Many times it happens that we focus on these functions and forget others that for different reasons remain in the background.

This happens with the wallpapers of this tool, surely as it has happened to many of us, you have wondered if you can change the one that it brings by default. You should know that this is something you can do from the beginning of the app, so it is not due to any update, only that it is a function that is in the settings and several times we enter it only for what is necessary such as changing the status or the profile photo.

If you find that beige tone annoying or boring and you want to customize it to your liking and give a more chic touch to your conversations, in this tutorial we will teach you how to do it in an easy way. With these steps you can innovate with your own images or with those downloaded from the web. It should be noted that it is something that you can do on any device, be it Android or iOS.

Steps to change and customize the wallpaper image in the WhatsApp app

Changing the background image is simple, in both cases you can modify it in all chats, or have a different one for each conversation. On the internet you can get different themes and colors, but this tool offers some that can be very useful. In fact, sometimes the updates that it does, incorporate new themes.

Here’s how to do it:

For Android phones

If you have a computer with an Android operating system, you will be able to carry out the process without problems and easily. In this way you can include your favorite photo as a background for the chat. To know how to do it, do the following.

  • Open the application and access the menu (the three dots in the upper right).
  • Access the call option “Settings”.
  • Enter now “Chats” and touch the option “Background”.
  • This will open a drop-down menu where you can see five options, including: “Gallery”, “Solid color”, “Background gallery”, “Default”, “Remove background”. The first three are to change the background, the choice will depend on the one you want to apply to it. The fourth alternative is to return to the wallpaper that the messaging brings. You have a fifth to remove all types of background.

change whatsapp wallpaper

  • If you choose “Gallery”, This will automatically open the photo gallery that you have stored on your device. With her you can use any image, whether you have taken it with your mobile or downloaded from the web.

photo gallery wallpaper whatsapp

  • If you are more basic and opt for Solid Color, WhatsApp will open a color palette with different shades. You can choose any of these by clicking on them.

solid color whatsapp backgrounds

  • If you prefer the WhatsApp Wallpaper Gallery, this will show you photos that are selected by them by default. This is done through an internal application, if you do not have it installed it will ask if you want to download the package that contains them. Once this is done, When you log in, you will see the new configuration.

whatsapp backgrounds gallery

  • When you click on one of the photos of any of the options described above, it will preview how it looks. If you like it, click on “Establish” to apply it. If you don’t like it, you have the option of “Cancel” to return to the gallery and choose another.
  • If you are looking to place a different one for each conversation, you just have to locate the contact, enter the chat, go to “Menu”> “Settings”> “Chat”> “Background”.

For iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)

On iOS you can run it in the same way as on Android, as this depends on the platform and not on the operating system as such.

  • Enter the WhatsApp app and access “Settings”.
  • Click on the option “Chat settings” and select “Chat wallpaper” or “Background” as it appears to you.

Change wallpaper in WhatsApp iOS

  • As we mentioned before you will find a menu with several alternatives that will be displayed, choose the one you prefer and select the image and add it, to finish touch on “Establish”.
  • To add it in a personalized way go to chat, then to “Menu”> “Settings”> “Chat”> “Background”.

Solution to the problem: WhatsApp won’t let me change the background image

Although it is not a problem that is usually very common, it can happen. A new error has been seen in the platform, this has to do with the wallpapers that the chat has, which when changing it does not leave us, either by adding an image from the library that the application incorporates or inserting an image taken with our team.

This could be due to many things, including a very large image that cannot be adjusted, or a bug with the update. It can also happen that the one we have is shown in grayscale. Although the reasons are not known, it is said that this generally affects the iOS operating system the most. You can see how fix all Wasat connection failures from here.

To solve it do the following:

If the problem persists, perform a software update, as it may be a problem with your mobile phone.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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