Choose the Best Wi-Fi Signal Channel  Easy Guide ▷ 2020

The channel of your WiFi signal is also known as the frequency or signal intensity (Hz), by which the Internet is transmitted to your computers.

If you are in a place where there are multiple Wi-Fi signals, there may be problems when connecting to your router. An example of this would be constant disconnections or slow speed.

For this and other reasons it is important to know how to choose a different channel or transmission frequency, to avoid connectivity problems.

How much does channel congestion affect the quality of my wireless Internet connection?

If there are different routers transmitting under the same frequency or on the same channel, this will cause the communication network to become congested and different failures begin to occur. It is for the same as It is very important to observe how many devices exist near your location, and if there are many, switch to a different transmission channel.

This drawback has a considerable influence in places where there are different signals, but transmitting on the same frequency. So this can generate different failures such as the following:

  • Low speed.
  • Unstable signal.
  • Loss of signal and less coverage.
  • Disconnections.
  • Problems connecting to the network.

Steps to identify the best channel for your WiFi with “WiFi Analyzer”

There is an application for mobile devices that allows you to analyze the WiFi transmission networks and observe which channels are saturated, this is Wifi Analyzer and it is available in the Play Store. Once you have downloaded it you just have to follow a series of steps that then we will show you, so you can get the best channel for your network.


Run the app

When completing the download, the first thing you should do is open it, after it starts you will see different graphs; the amount will depend on how many WiFi networks are available and at your fingertips. In the same way you will see the name of each one. But, usually the one that has the greatest intensity is yours.

Analyze the displayed graph

The program will show you a screen with several graphs, this will help you to know which are the channels with the highest saturation and the respective intensity of the signal of the emitting devices.

Choose the right channel

If the graph is difficult to understand, don’t worry. This app has a section that tells you in a better way which are the best channels that you can use for your router to transmit the signal.

It tries to identify with stars which channel is the best. The more stars it contains, the less saturation it has. It is recommended that you write down on a piece of paper which are the best options, so that later you have identified the best option when changing.

How do I change the channel of my router and set the best and least congested?

It is an easy process to do, but you have to pay close attention when doing it. Especially since there may be slight differences in the location of the options. This is due to the various brands on the market, so there may be minimal variations.

Please follow the following steps carefully:

Enter your router to configure it

On different occasions we have explained how you can access your WiFi router and how to configure it. For this reason we will leave you here different links where you can see in more detail the explanation for enter your router Y correctly configure your Wi-Fi device.

However, we will give you a quick summary. To enter your router, you just have to enter your IP address, commonly it is: In case it fails, try This will place it in the search bar of your favorite browser. (In case none works, we invite you to enter the link indicated above so that you know other methods).

Once you have entered the indicated data, You will be asked to add a username and password. If you have not configured your device at any time, the user must be: admin and the possible password can be: admin, 1234, 0000 or any other depending on the manufacturer. These data can also be found on a label somewhere in it.

Change the broadcast channel

Now that you have logged in, just look for the section “Wireless networks” or “Wireless”, here you can change the transmission channel. Your router may be set to automatic or on a channel.

Now just look for the paper where you wrote down the best available channel, which you observed using the WiFi Analyzer application. Once you have it attach that channel and hit the “Save” button or “Save”. Restart the router (power cycle) to complete setup.


List of the best applications and software to analyze the channels of my wireless network

In addition to WiFi Analyzer, there are other tools that you can use to analyze the different networks in your area. Note that The importance of these apps lies in knowing which are the channels with the highest saturation and which are the best options you can use. This is why the program you want to use is important.

Next, we will give you a small list that you can try:

WiFi Monitor – Wi-Fi network analyzer

wifi-monitor-wifi-network analyzer

This is a complete tool with which you can monitor in as much detail as possible, the status of your wireless network, as well as other networks close to you. You just have to download it on any device so you can explore each feature.

It has custom tabs for specific functionalities. Each of them has a huge number of sections. But, the one that interests you the most is that of the channels, where you can recognize which ones are saturated.

WiFi analyzer


It works in the same way as the one mentioned at the beginning of the article. Although, with a more striking user interface. Like others, it has sections or tabs dedicated to a particular functionality. The most important are the graphs of the channels and the quality of those that are available. These can be observed with a star, the more it has, the higher quality it will be.

Although it is in English, it is quite intuitive thanks to its easy user platform and graphics.

WiFi Analyzer


Although it has practically the same name as one of those mentioned above. It is totally different, not only in the user interface that is much more striking and organized. But also allows you to analyze networks to provide a more detailed analysis of the current state.

5GHz WiFi and How You Can Fix 2.5GHz Congestion Problems

High-frequency Wi-Fi transmission networks or 5Ghz, allow a higher data transmission speed, so you will have better benefits for your devices. In addition to this, they have greater coverage and a wide number of channels to transmit. In the event that the channels available in the 2.5 Ghz frequency are saturated, it is best to change the frequency to a higher one.

Keep in mind that to perform this task, your router must be able to transmit on that frequency. Apart from this, the devices you will connect to it must support the new frequency. So before making any changes, make sure you meet these requirements.

It is very rare for modern equipment; mid-range and high-end, do not comply with them. But, If you have some something old or you have doubts, you do not lose anything by validating that they can work correctly.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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