Clear ALL History on Android  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Most of the applications we use on our phone keep a history of everything we do, This can be an advantage and at the same time not, it all depends on the point of visit where the situation is focused.

But if you consider that you should empty that history, here you can find a detailed guide with all the steps you must follow to achieve it. With just a few steps you can delete the history of those applications that you use most frequently.

One of the reasons people remove the record, is that these are saved on the phone, generating them less storage space, so in order to have more free space we must empty this. Although the history is something that is generated with great constancy.

What applications on my Android device leave a trace in the data history?

Our devices keep a record of everything what we do, see and keep. But such history of actions is saved on the phone, so we may have more than one reason to delete it. But before emptying something we must know what are those applications that generate it, and We make a brief explanation below:


Browsers it can be said that they are the first in the list to store an entire record, what do we visit and how long do we last. Today there are various types of browsers that allow us to navigate without any registration, but most of us use:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Others…

Since these are ours trusted browsers and what we know the most, and despite the fact that it offers us navigation without registration (incognito mode), most of us surf in normal mode.

Location system

These are other apps that monitor each action and it can be said that even each step, since it saves a record of where we stayed and where we want to go. Google Maps is the most common location system for Android users, although there are others.

Location systems, they monitor every place where we are Thanks to the GPS and the Internet connection, which makes a data transfer, specifying locations according to the map that it handles.

Call log

One or more calls we can see registered on our phone, and more if we do not receive it and it was lost. Just as we can view missed calls, we can also do it for received and issued, saving number, time and date the call was made.

So we should delete this small list if our phone It is handled by many people and we do not want anyone to know about our communication register.

Messaging apps

Messaging apps grow more every day in the world, so each one seeks to give a better experience to its users. These generate a small record of each of our conversations, so to avoid saturate our phone With a lot of data, we must make a backup and delete the messages.

Apps like WhatsApp have a type of messaging that allows the creation of audios, which is quite heavy for the phone, when they are handled in large quantities, so by eliminating we free up memory of our Android.

Steps to delete your browsing history in all browsers for Android phones and tablets

Now that you know which applications leave a trace on your smartphone, we proceed to teach you how to eliminate this in browsers. In fact, it is what we use the most every day:

In Google Chrome

If we do not want to keep a record of those web pages that we have visited with Google Chrome, we can delete the history. This record or history occupies us considerably the memory of our device.

When we delete the history, everything we have done will be erased and where we have visited with our browser, and if we have a device synchronization from Chrome, the data on the other devices will also be deleted:

  • First we must go to the menu and look for the google chrome icon, although if we have the icon on the phone’s desktop we can click directly on it.
  • Then we go to the app options, tapping on “More”, which in many devices is reflected with a three vertical dots icon. Then we click on “Record”. If the address bar is found at the bottom, we just slide our finger up on it and tap on “Record”.
  • We play where it says “Clear browsing data.” We are located in “time interval”, we select the volume of history that we want to delete, if we want to delete them all, we select the option “Since ever”.

google chrome history

  • Finally, we mark “Browsing history” and we uncheck the information that we do not want to delete (if we want to delete all, we do not uncheck any). And to finish we tap on “Clear the data”.
  • If we are going to delete all the browsing data, we will see a box that does not show what to delete, we select and uncheck the options of our preference and tap on “Delete”. If we want to eliminate everything, we select all the options that appear.

click delete

In Safari

Safari is the browser par excellence of those who use iPhone, however we can also find a large number of Android users who use Safari such as preferred browser. Well, like the other browsers, it generates data in the history, so here we will learn how to remove them:

  • With our Android in hand, we go to the desktop and search “Mobile settings” and being there we look for the Safari app. At that moment we will see a list of options, which we go down until we find “Clear history and website data”.
  • Being in the option, we select it and delete even the Cookies so as not to save any navigation traces.

*Note: If we only want to eliminate Cookies we choose in “Advanced” (within the “settings”) and click on “Website data” and we select “Erase all data.”

In Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox could not be left out, since it is one of the most used browsers. Just like the others, it saves a great browsing history, where each of the activities carried out within it are reflected. So to erase them we must follow the steps below:

  • To begin we search on our device for the firefox icon and we open the app, then we select the button “Menu” and we choose “Record”.


  • We tap on the drop-down menu next to “Temporal range to clean” and we choose the amount of history we want to delete.
  • We click on the arrow located next to “Details” to select the type of information we wish to remove.
  • We select “Clean now” to be able to delete all selected history. We can do this whenever we want, but we must bear in mind that absolutely everything is eliminated.

How to delete location history from Google Maps on Android?

Google maps is one of the apps that helps us more and more every day, thanks to its innovative updates we can locate ourselves wherever we are, and find the address or location of the places we want to go. But continuous use generates a large amount of data on the phone, which takes up a lot of memory, but we can remove them with the steps below:

  • We must have previously logged into our device and access the Google Maps app. Then we go to “Menu” and we select “Record”.
  • On the right side we see three points in the form of a vertical, which means “More” and we locate the option “Delete activity by”.
  • To delete by date, we choose in “Delete by date” and we define the period. Although if we want to delete all the history, we select “Delete by Date” and we choose “Since ever”.
  • Finally we tap on “All the products” and we choose “Maps” and we select in “Remove”.

*Note: If we delete the history, all the sites we have visited and all the reviews we have written will be forgotten.

How to delete the call log from your Android mobile easily and quickly?

We use our phone a lot, to receive and make calls, but this gradually generates an amount of record, that if we want to delete it, we must follow the following steps:

  • We open the phone app that is dedicated to recording calls. Its icon is always a phone.
  • Then we press the option “Recent” and we’re going to “More” with its icon of three vertical dots, we select “Call History”.
  • And to finish it will ask us if we want to delete the call history and press on “To accept”.

Steps to delete the history of all your messaging apps on Android

Our messaging app also keeps a small history of all our searches and actions within it, so if we want to delete them, we follow the steps below:

On WhatsApp

  • First we open the app, and at the top we see the icon “More” next to the magnifying glass to search. A list with several options will be displayed and we select where it says “Settings”.

touch on more

  • They direct us to a different screen than the one we were on and select “Chats”.

whatsapp settings

  • Then we go to “Chat history”.

select chat history

  • To finish, we choose if we want “Delete all chats” or “Empty all chats”. After we select them, everything will be deleted, and we can be sure that all our history data has already been deleted.

On Telegram

  • We open the Telegram app and look for the conversation window which we want to clean.
  • Click on the icon “More” and we select “Clear browsing data”.
  • When the action window appears, we check the box “Delete also for X” being x any contact with whom we have had a chat conversation, and we touch on the message in red “Clear browsing data”. With this we complete the operation.

On tinder

  • We open the app and click on the profile icon located at the top of the main screen.
  • Then we will “Settings” and we scroll down and select “Delete account”, a message will appear that says “Account successfully deleted.”

*Note: With these two simple steps the account is deleted and when we log in to Tinder again we will see that everything was removed and the account as well, so a new account will be created.

On Instagram Direct

  • First we locate the Instagram app and we launch it, we wait for the initial page to load, and we go to our user profile.
  • We touch the option of “more”, whose icon is three bars
  • Then we go to the section of “Accounts ” and we play where it says “Search history”.

einstagram configuration

  • Finally we tap on “Clear search history” and confirm by selecting “Yes, I am sure”.

After this we will no longer find any search history, although this can be saved each time we carry out a new search.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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