Clear Cache Memory on Android  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Talking about the cache is talking about one of the most important allies that the processor of our mobile with Android system has, since Thanks to this memory, the operating system can access different information that is housed in it and to be able to provide a rapid evolution of all the requirements that we request when we interact with our mobile.

While cache is an ally it can also become a major burden on the performance of our phone, since if we do not delete the data that exists in it, problems of different types begin to arise.

So that you know how to clear the cache of your Android mobile, we will teach you the different ways that exist, so that you can do it with complete peace of mind and in simple steps.

What is cache and what is it for on your Android device?

Cache is the space destined to save data all applications that we have installed on our Android device.

In it, all the instructions and data that the processor needs are stored almost instantaneously in order to perform an efficient work.

These data are temporary since they are duplicated elsewhere on our device, serving only for a quick rescue of the information necessary by the processor.

In other words, if we need our experience as user through the operating system and the applications that we have installed on our mobile, be one of the best, this it can only happen when there is the largest amount of relevant data stored in the cache.

What are the benefits of removing virtual memory from your Android?

By eliminating the virtual memory that we have in the device we will obtain a series of benefits.

Some of the most important benefits are highlighted below:

When we delete the cache, RAM works better because it has data saved in a more efficient way thus increasing the performance of our Android.

Increase the battery life of our mobile, since by eliminating the volatile memory we are also closing some programs that could be executed in the background.

It increases our security level, because spy data with which third parties install codes to obtain information from us are also cached.

It is not necessary, in principle, to store our information on external storage units, since with the cache we can work quietly. In addition, we could not supplant this memory either because the processor is of high speed, very contrary to those of external storage.

A clarification that is important to highlight is that, when we clear the cache all applications will have to start from scratch, so our work will increase at first when we first discuss such applications.

What applications keep data in the cache of your smartphone?

Which applications keep data in the cache of your smartphone

In order to clearly establish who accesses our volatile memory, we can say that there are three access doors from which our cache is filled with their data.

Android needs to always keep different functions in mind or requirements that you need to be able to work in an optimal way, for this the operating system saves the most important instructions in the volatile memory so that our mobile is not slow.

Third-party installed apps they are perhaps the first we think of when we talk about cache memory. This app needs certain information to provide us with better experiences, for example, we register our name or email only once so that when we close them we do not need to load it again.

When we clear the cache in the applications, we also delete the history that we have loaded into it, that is why we must be careful and present this point when erasing virtual memory.

Something similar happens with the applications we have installed, when we enter different web pages Many times they ask us to identify ourselves, in this way when we do what we are actually doing is saving information in the cache and relating it to the Internet site on which we are browsing.

Steps to remove virtual memory from your Android and get rid of temporary files

Steps to remove virtual memory from your Android and get rid of temporary files

We will show you below the step by step to erase the virtual memory of a device with Android operating system:


The first step we have to take to be able to erase virtual memory is to access through “Settings”. Tool is represented with a gear that is in the upper right part of our screen.


The Android operating system shows us the data storage arranged by different categories, among which is volatile memory.

Cached data

We select this item, which will show us on the right the size in GB that it has saved. It is generally expressed with a horizontal line which progresses as the virtual line grows larger.

To accept

Finally, to conclude with the process of clearing the cache of our Android system we will select “To accept”.


This is another method to erase the virtual memory of the Android system, unlike the previous one, what we will erase is the cache of the entire operating system. Keep in mind that there is a difference with “Wipe data”, since this last option erases all configurations and memories, returning to the original factory settings.

List of the best applications to clean the cache and other temporary files of your Android

List of the best applications to clean the cache and other temporary files of your Android

There are many apps that promise us magic solutions and yet all they want is to sell us advertisements. As file cleaning is such a delicate subject, since we can touch the structure of the operating system and we could have big problems later.

This is why we want to show you the true and most functional applications to clean volatile and temporary data.

Among the best applications that we can find in the Google Play Store to clear the cache we can name the following:

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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