CLICKBAIT  What is it? + When to use it and Examples ▷ 2020

Despite being a tool used for a long time, there are still many people who do not know what the meaning of clickbait, which is translated into Spanish as a cyber bait, click bait or cyber hook, and it is a form used in many website with the objective of attract visitors to certain websites to generate advertising revenue.

It can be said that this practice of click bait it started when they began to appear social networks, which have been growing considerably in popularity. And it is that this tool only does reference to content published on said social networks and that you are composed of a headline and an image.

This means that it is a technique that allows create tabloid headlines and descriptions in a link. In this way, here we are going to explain a little more about what they are the cyber baits, what they are for and when they are convenient to use, For this, follow in detail everything that you we will explain in the post.

What is Clickbait and what is it for on social networks and the Internet?

What is Clickbait and what is it for on social networks and the Internet?

It is no secret to anyone that he content marketing it becomes more and more important to brands and companies, and all this thanks to social networks who through an image, a text or a video allow promote a firm in a more organic way. All this has been made even easier thanks to what has been the clickbait. And is that this cyber hook is the type of content that is generated through a very striking title and on many occasions accompanied by an image.

But it is also important to mention that in some cases lack quality and offer a not very accurate information with the aim that users enter it out of curiosity. In this way, with click baits you can get what a increased traffic for web pages or blog, all this with the objectives that said websites may generate higher income of money through advertising that contains said portal.

This type of tool has only one objective, and it is to create a emotional factor to the reader through a very striking headline in order to make it almost impossible don’t click on it. In this way curiosity will take over the reader who will have no choice but to enter there looking for more information than the owner is talking about.

However, when the user is sent to that website reality is different, on many occasions they end being sent to other websites completely different from what it said in the headline or in that case you meet very empty information on the subject. This means that the only thing that matters in this type of action is the user’s click but not the content of the same on the website.

Is Clickbait good? When is it best to use it?

Is Clickbait good?  When is it best to use it?

Before starting to use any type of tool like this, it is very important to know what is its actual operation, as this will allow you to determine whether it is really worth using it or not. This is basically what happens with click baits, in spite of be really interesting for what is advertising, it is not highly recommended to always use it nor in large quantities since visitors can feel pressured or unsure.

The main reason why it should be used the clickbait is if the person has a online business where your main objective is based on monitoring at the end of CPM and in massive traffic. For this type of business it is a more than interesting tool as if really attractive and eye-catching titles are created the results can be very good.

In the case of a online business selling products or services then all this changes, since for this type of cases these items are not highly recommended since you can simply end up generating a customer rejection, especially if you use them very cheeky way. Note that your main objective in this type of business is to sell and not generate click, what if it happens with those focused on web traffic.

Examples of websites that use Clickbait as a teacher

Surely you are wondering what websites make use of these elements to generate more web traffic and so I can increase your earnings easily. That is why below we are going to show you the top five websites that currently use clickbait like all pros,

To do this, follow the list that we will show you below:


It is the first website that we present to you, it is about Buzzfeed, a portal very recognized in almost the whole world which is responsible for offering viral content news, thus offering many topics of interest about artists and celebrities. In addition, it offers you a lots of videos and images that they will allow you learn new tricks and challenges.

Thanks to all this content offered by this platform, the way to insert all these click baits without the user being able to realize it. This will allow you get a higher amount of clicks every time readers come to it looking for information, thus taking advantage of insert really interesting titles that attract all the attention of the reader easily.


Publisuites has become another of the web portals that makes use of these elements, taking advantage of mainly its great popularity. Keep in mind that this platform is dedicated to what is content marketing so you must contact either your brand or company with influencers, editors, media and publishers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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