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Although the truth is that the use of smartphones has exceeded all possible expectations and even though the vast majority of people worldwide use one of these, they do not understand how extremely complex its operation is. Since, although some of them are simple and inexpensive devices, they are also equipment that manage a large number of processes at the same time and until when they are not even in use.

Usually a smartphone never stop working, since it continuously manages all the processes it contains, so that when you require its services, it can facilitate a completely pleasant, fast and agile experience. Thanks to the fact that it constantly manages the apps that run in the background.

But well, in many cases, this type of application usually annoy and inconvenience users and therefore, they prefer to stop them altogether. In such a way, in this post we want to teach you the steps to follow so that you can close the applications that run in the background, highlighting the process to be carried out on Android devices and, on the other hand, making known what must be carried out on iOS.

Steps to stop all applications and prevent them from running in the background and thus save battery on Android

Luckily, to stop all apps running in the background on Android phones, there are various methods that you can use according to your preference. This, mainly, in order to put an end to the usual annoyances generated by this type of process and, in addition, save device battery.

In effect, below, we present the main tactics used in Android to carry out said closing of applications:

Using the “Settings” menu

Using the

  • To start, enter the menu “Settings”Of your Android device, which is identified with a gear icon. To do this, just access the screen where all the applications are located or, slide the screen down and press said icon located on the Right upper corner from the displayed drop-down menu.
  • Once located in “Settings“, find the option“Applications” Y enter it. Typically the selection is at the top of the entire menu.
  • When you see a list of all the apps installed on the terminal, proceed to find the one you want to close or stop.
  • Later, click on said application and with it, a new window will open where you can see all the details of it.
  • Now, among several buttons that there are, locate the one that says “Force stop“Or”Stop” Y click on it. This button is near the top of the screen.
  • After that, they will show you a small window and in it, you must press “To accept“Or”Force stop”To complete the process. By doing this, background processes stop automatically.

Logically, this process should be carried out to close each of the applications you want.

Using the applications view

Using the applications view

This is another of the most common methods to stop apps running in the background on Android, quickly.

The steps to follow are:

  • The button on which you should rely mainly, is the “General view”That all Android devices contain. Commonly, such a button is a simple square or icon that shows two overlapping rectangles and is located at the bottom of the screen (almost always to the right of the “Start”).
  • Once the button “General view”, Proceed to press it and at the same moment, the device will show a list of all the applications that are open at that time.
  • By looking at all these apps in such a way, you can scroll them up or down and even from left to right on some Android models. For thus, get the specific app you want to close.
  • When you find the right app, you just have to drag it off the screen. The way you swipe it usually depends on how you swiped to find it initially.
  • For example, if you slid horizontally, you have to make it disappear dragging it up and down. Now if you did it in portrait mode, you should drag it left or right. Even, an X may appear in the top corner on the screen and press it to close the app that way.

It is worth noting that this method immediately closes all the applications you want, but unable to stop background processes that are associated with the program in question.

You can use the development options

You can use the development options

Surely, this is the procedure longer to be able to close and stop applications running in the background. However, it is advisable to run it for its great effectiveness.

To do so, complete the following step-by-step process:

  • To start, enter the application “Settings”From your mobile (gear icon). This, through the menu that brings together all the applications of the device or by sliding down on the home screen to press said icon in the drop-down menu they show you.
  • Located there, you have to scroll to the bottom of the menu and select the option “Phone information”, which is located at the bottom of the screen. In case your device operates with Android Oreo 8.0, you have to click on “System“To later find that choice.
  • When you enter “Phone information”. Swipe the screen down and locate a new option called “Build number”At the end of the menu. This, you must press it around 7 or 10 consecutive times.
  • After completing the recommended keystrokes, a message should appear emphasizing the following: “You are now in developer mode!”. Subsequently, click on “Behind”Which is a button that is displayed in the upper and lower corner of the screen of your Smartphone.
  • Now, select the option “Development options“, Which is very close to the”Phone information”.
  • When entering this selection, search and press “Running services”. The name of this option, usually changes in some Android and is identified as “Processes”.
  • After that, press the application you want to close by placing it in the list of currently open services. You must make sure to press the indicated name and make no mistake.
  • Lastly, you have to press the “Stop” button and with it, the same device will take care of stop application execution. Probably, you should click on “To accept“Or”Stop”(Again), to confirm to the system what you want to conclude.

Luckily this process completely stop the application you want and thanks to this, it can be considered the most effective compared to the previous recommended ones.

How to close all the apps on an iPhone smartphone at the same time and automatically?

As the recommended processes to follow in Android for closing and stopping applications, those indicated for iPhone devices they are also easy to carry out and reveal excellent results.

Commonly, they are based on two tactics to follow. The first one is following traditional steps with the help of the Home button and the other is using jailbreak. Which is a process that deals with eliminating some of the limitations imposed by Apple on devices that use the iOS operating system through the use of modified kernels.

Using the Home button and without Jailbreak

Using the Home button and without Jailbreak

It is a fairly simple process that helps force an application to close completely that is running in the background, that has been totally blocked or that is causing the iDevice to malfunction.

Thus, you must perform the following steps:

  • To start, access the multitasking screen. Many users do not know how to do it, but fortunately, it is very simple. Since, you just have to do a double click on the Home button from your iOS device, quickly.
  • Once you do the above, you will see that the main screen of the iPhone shifts to the side and with that, it allows you to see the different applications that are running in the background.
  • Subsequently, you must slide your finger on the screen from side to side (left to right), in order to find the application you want to stop.
  • When you locate said app, swipe from the bottom of the window towards the top. In this way, it disappears and this means that your process has been completely closed. In other words, it is no longer working in the background.

In this sense, it is relevant to note that if you want to close several applications at the same time, it is also possible with this method. In view of that, you just have to use two fingers to swipe apps up simultaneously and ready.

With Jailbreak

With Jailbreak

In case you don’t know the jailbreak is a term that has been given to all the methods that exist today, to manage to bypass the large number of security measures imposed by the Apple company to safeguard your iOS system. Therefore, they allow install and even modify anything on the system. Since various teams and developers have thoroughly analyzed Apple software code to do this effectively.

Thanks to that, if you have your iPhone device with the Jailbreak, you can make use of it to take advantage of the famous SmartClose tweak, which exhibits the ability to close all applications at the same time. It should be noted that these tweaks refer to programs or applications created by hackers and are found through Cydia.

Now in reference to “SmartClose” operation, we indicate that once you install said program, an options panel is automatically created in your mobile Settings application and in that way, you can configure it to your liking.

Regarding its main features, this tweak allows you close your multitasking apps in an absolutely intelligent way. Thus ensuring that battery consumption is reduced, as well as the consumption of RAM and device resources.

Further, SmartClose is on beta basis, but still, it is fully functional and helps you further increase the life of your iPhone. Since it basically manages to place in “Winter mode“Or”Frozen mode”All applications, but does not close them completely. This, in order to prevent that when you run the app again, do not open again from scratch.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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