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For no one is a secret that, TikTok has been weighted as one of the most famous social networks of all. This, thanks to its short video format that has managed to capture the attention of different audiences for its innovation. So, managed to expand worldwide in a short time and even exceeded the number of downloads they have obtained Facebook, Instagram Y Snapchat, until now.

However, although it is a platform that provides an optimal user experience by offering a video editor with numerous tools And, in general, the app is fun; the truth is It has also generated great controversy. Well, it has been pointed out infringe the privacy of users.

For this and more, there are many people who prefer to close their TikTok profile shortly after registering on the platform. But, unfortunately, they do not know how to perform it or everything that this procedure involves. As a consequence, from this post, we will teach you How to delete your TikTok account permanently, why you should do it and if you have the possibility to reopen it in the future.

Learn step by step how to unsubscribe from TikTok and close your account

Unlike other social networks like Facebook, for example, where deleting an account from the platform is extremely complicated For the users as a method to prevent this from happening; in TikTok it is very easy to unsubscribe and close your profile. Therefore, if you do not feel comfortable within the social network, it has not met your expectations or you consider it pertinent to prevent them from violating your integrity in any way; it is best to opt for delete your profile in the social network of Chinese origin.

In this case, it is necessary to carry out the following procedure:

  • To begin, first you have to perform is enter the mobile app TikTok to log in to the account you want to close. Of course, using the corresponding data correctly.
  • Once you log into your account TikTok, the system will show you your feed or the Home section. But, to cancel you permanently, it will be a price access your profile by clicking on the category “I” displayed at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Once this is done, you will see your profile page and all the information it contains. Now, it’s time to enter the “Settings and privacy” menu just by pressing the three dots icon located in the upper right corner.

Learn step by step how to unsubscribe from TikTok and close your account

  • Next, from Settings and privacy, go to the Account section and there, press the option that says “Manage Account”. Generally, it is in the first position of that paragraph.

Learn step by step how to unsubscribe from TikTok and close your account

  • Next, they present you with several alternatives, but in this case you have to find and select the option that says “Delete account”. Which appears at the bottom of the screen, separate from all others.

Learn step by step how to unsubscribe from TikTok and close your account

  • After that, the mobile app will redirect you to another verification screen that it will ask you to enter your password or, failing that, an authentication code that will be sent to you via SMS, once you click on “Send code”.
  • After entering the information requested above, it’s time tap the “Continue” button.

Learn step by step how to unsubscribe from TikTok and close your account

  • At this point, they will tell you what happens if you confirm that you want to delete your account and other data of interest, so that you are aware. To continue with the process, press the button “Delete account” and automatically, the mobile app will close your session and thus, it will deactivate your account completely.

TikTok Detox Why should you take a break from some social media?

In case you have decided to delete your account from TikTok and permanently unsubscribe from this platform, because of the content that you usually see on it, which, indeed, is not to your liking; It is important that you bear in mind that there is another solution designed by the same social media app. Which is a function known as “TikTok Detox”.

Basically, TikTok’s Digital Detox refers to a utility that allows all users to restrict what content they can view, to improve their experience. Like, control the time they consume within the social network, with the aim of limit their use and prevent future addictions that are harmful long term. In that sense, said functionality offers two options to users that, specifically, are focused on optimizing the reservation of users and showing content that, visually, is suitable for them.

These options consist of:

TikTok Detox Why should you take a break from some social media?

  • Screen time management: Set a time limit for the use of the social network. Therefore, it is ideal to activate it when you are concerned about the amount of time you dedicate to the social network and for which, you stop complying with your obligations or responsibilities. There, you can choose a daily limit that lies between 40, 60, 90 and 120 minutes in total. Thus, once this time has been reached, it will be necessary to enter an access code to continue using the service.
  • Restricted mode: Refers to a mode that is based on the content that appears on the social network, for each user. So if some types of videos they usually annoy you or make you uncomfortable, it will be useful that you use this functionality to optimize your user experience and, also, it is considered an appropriate tool for manage a sort of parental control over the use by minors.

But though these alternatives fail to prevent multiple users from deleting your account TikTok, for other people they are not enough. Since, in short, they prefer to take a break from some social networks in order to get more peace of mind during your day to day.

Which it has been recommended by experts because of the following reasons:

  • They are platforms that end any free time you have in the day: Many people lose the value of time by spending hours after hours on social networks and above all, on TikTok because of its content format. Which only encourages users to be aware of what happens in the lives of other people and with this, they stop focusing on their same priorities.
  • They tend to keep you stuck in the past: These services are rated as the ideal way to view posts from people you want to forget or who have a negative effect on your peace of mind. Which simply serves to getting stuck in certain situations from the past; being an environment that affects you over time.
  • Easily addictive: So much TikTok Like most social media apps, they are often addictive for users. Reason why, there comes a time when their status only animated interactions depend on receiving And in that sense, their life only revolves around an online social circle that ends up affecting them.

As a result, if you unsubscribe from TikTok and choose to delete your other social media accounts, you will enjoy several extremely valuable benefits; such as:

TikTok Detox Why should you take a break from some social media?

  • You become much more productive in your everyday life. Well, by avoiding being connecting and disconnecting in these services, your brain will not tend to diminish the attention on certain responsibilities.
  • You will have more positive emotions: When you use these platforms, you go through different emotions in a short time (anxiety, sadness, anger, jealousy, etc.). Therefore, as you stop using them, you will realize that there is nothing that affects your mood as much as social media and in most of the day, you will feel at ease.
  • You will sleep better: Thanks to the fact that you do not spend too much time on these platforms or feel anxiety about what normally happens on them, you will sleep better. Taking into account that even the brightness of the mobile screen at night can alter the sleep pattern, influencing the brain so that it does not release melatonin.
  • You can nurture your personal relationships: While it is true, social networks help you feel close to those who are far away, but they take you away from those who are close to you. Therefore, by stopping using them, you can use your energy on people who are much closer to you and carry out activities to create more quality time with them.

Can I get my closed TikTok account back? How long do I have to do it?

Can I get my closed TikTok account back?  How long do I have to do it?

Effectively, if possible recover an account that has been closed TikTok in this way. However, for such action is reversible, users only have a period of 30 days which is the interval in which the system deactivates the profile in question so that it is no longer public. Which means that if you go through the process to delete your account and log back in before the month is up, automatically, everything will be reactivated and you will not have lost anything.

But, if you choose to do this after the 30 days indicated have elapsed, the change will be permanent and irreversible. Then, the profile will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to log in again TikTok. In addition, you will lose access to all the videos you have published and you will not be able to receive a refund for the things you bought within the service. However, information that is not stored in your account (such as chat messages) will be visible to other users.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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