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Often many people imagine that websites are run by men with glasses typing Matrix-style codes. The truth is that although all pages are based on a code, they are usually handled from friendlier interfaces.

One of the most popular tools for this are content management systems. That, like a car, you do not need to manipulate all its components to use it, only the steering wheel and the pedals.

Similarly, CMS ignore certain aspects of the code. But this is just an introduction. If you wish learn more On these management systems, we recommend that you read the following post.

What is a CMS and what is it for in Internet and marketing?

What is a CMS and what is it for in Internet and marketing?

As we anticipated previously, it is a content management system (Content Management System). Which, facilitates design, edition Y creation of content that will later be reflected on the site. We can say that it transforms thousands of lines of code into a more friendly dashboard, for which you will not need to have great programming knowledge. That is, if you want for example, add an entry to your blog or site, you just have to write it in the indicated sector of the CMS.

Once this is done, the system will capture all that information (including images, videos and other multimedia files) and you will add the code that will give you the final form to the post. It is important to clarify that these services do not only apply to blogs. They are also used in wikis (including offline) and groupware system within Business. It can also work very well for newspapers, online courses, bookstores, etc.

What are the advantages of using a CMS over a web to code?

What are the advantages of using a CMS over a web to code?

While it is true that similar results can be achieved through professional programming, a CMS is a multifunctional tool that allows the creation of catalogs, to stock information and get it back in any case. All this without advanced technical knowledge in computer language. But in addition to this, content managers are plausible to incorporate Google Analytics tools (if you don’t know what this is, go through here .

With these utilities we can perform a tracing from our site and use them to get better in search of more visits. Also, it will help us position ourselves in search engines, as long as let’s generate content. You also won’t have to worry about compatibility. Since when using a CMS the product is most likely compatible with different browsers on the market. Being also the usable tool from them. With which you only need Internet access to create, edit and publish content.

List of the best CMS to create your own website or business blog

List of the best CMS to create your own website or business blog

We have analyzed this tool as a generic utility. But nevertheless, there are several options on the web, so much so that there are different types of classifications for them.

But we will skip that part to show you what the best options are:


It is without a doubt the CMS more used nowadays. It is estimated that the 32% of sites websites are powered by WordPress. And although it was originally intended as a platform for blogs, today it can be used without the need for one.

The reasons for your popularity they are varied. Starting with what it is free to download and use. Furthermore, it turns out simple of using, compatible with search engines, it is possible to add different plugins Y themes. As if this were not enough, programmers also have it among their favorites, since it offers an interesting margin to modify the code. You can find more information about WordPress and how create your site here

It is a tool with more features than the previous one, but at the same time it is more complex and difficult to handle. It may be more useful on sites with a important traffic and those dedicated to e commerce. Although it is better indicated for people with more experience in the creation of websites, you can find different templates that will help you facilitate the creative process. If instead you are ready to advance in difficulty, you will love this tool. You can use it in a way free since it is a free software.

If you tried Joomla and it was difficult for you, Drupal will not make it easier for you. However, it is one of the preferred by experts. Since it offers an administrative panel advanced and you can control the total content, as well as the users and their permissions. Like the previous ones, it is free to use, but unfortunately you will need a own hosting. Also, although to a lesser extent, it is compatible with various templates and plugins. It is also one of the CMS that has been growing year by year.

If you don’t want to go around and create a quick and easy blog, maybe this is your best option. While it is not an advanced tool, it is simple and free. It only requires a registry and you can start writing. Of course, it is not recommended if you want monetize since actually you are not the owner official blog.

Thanks to its advertising campaigns, it has become one of the CMS in increase. From this list, it is the only fully paid. Although it makes up for this with a large number of templates and a wizard that will guide you through the creation. In addition, it will provide you with hosting and for a further sum of money, you can also get a URL without Wix domain.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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