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While it is true, color is a factor of great importance in any branch of design and, failing that, it is an essential element in web design, currently. Since, in addition to structure and shapes, colors are in charge of induce certain actions by usersDue to the fact that an appropriate use of colors can improve the user experience.

Thus, it is considered that colors are capable of motivating moods and, with this, influence people’s decision-making. Therefore, a bad decision around this aspect in web design, it could lead you straight to failure. But, this can be avoided with the help of ColorZilla.

In this sense, it is about a browser extension widely used by graphic designers and web developers to find out, in a simple way, a specific color code of the web or all the colors that it uses. Next, we explain What is ColorZilla for, how you should handle it and some alternatives in this regard.

What is ColorZilla and what is this tool for?

Basically, ColorZilla is considered one of the most essential tools for optimal management by web developers, designers or frontend. Since, it is a browser extension that facilitates different tasks related to color and thus, it allows to obtain a color reading from any point of the web browser, adjusting it quickly and pasting it into another design program.

That way, is a plugin available in Mozilla Firefox and an addon for Chrome which has numerous users worldwide. Who can use this tool for free and from any operating system, thanks to it is multiplatform (supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux). Among its main characteristics, we find that used to work with color palettes created by yourself or by the community, since it has a Photoshop-style color picker.

Likewise, has dropper and for that reason, it allows you to select a color from the web that you have on the screen to see its details (value in RGB or hexadecimal) and shows you the ID class of the element on which you are acting. For its part, it offers the possibility of zoom the page quickly.

In addition to providing a palette viewer and editor, it allows automatic copying and has full support for RGB, HSV and HTML colors. Added to that, it should be noted that, it lets you choose predefined colors and save the most used through custom palettes, for simplicity.

Learn step by step how to use ColorZilla to migrate colors from your browser to other programs

As we indicated previously, ColorZilla has the ability to analyze all the colors of a web page and so, it allows to get a color reading to adjust and paste it into another design program, such as Photoshop. Which means that, provides the ability to migrate colors from your browser to other softwares. However, although many users are knowledgeable about this function, they don’t really know how to proceed to do it correctly.

Reason why, it is necessary to learn step by step how to use this browser extension to capture colors from there and get inspiration with the most used ones. For this, first of all, it is appropriate that install this add-on in your browser of preference. That is, by means of Google Chrome or through the Mozilla Firefox.

Thus, the steps to follow will be the following:

  • Initially, you have to enter the Google Chrome web store, if you want to install ColorZilla on this platform. In case you prefer to do it from Mozilla, you should access your page of plugins or Addons.
  • After that, directly from the corresponding search engine, search for “ColorZilla”.
  • Once you find this tool among the results, access it and click the “Add to Chrome” or “Add to Firefox” button.

Learn step by step how to use ColorZilla to migrate colors from your browser to other programs

Done the above, after downloading the browser add-on, this will be displayed in the top bar of Chrome or Firefox with its corresponding icon.

Now, to migrate the colors of the browser, the procedure to be carried out consists of:

  • Access the web page of interest and locate the ColorZilla icon at the top of your web browser, to click on it.
  • With that, a menu with several options will be displayed and among them, select “Pick Color From Page” to start choosing any pixel that catches your attention on the web. Then, at the top of the web, you can see a black bar where RGB, hexadecimal, etc. colors are indicated.

Learn step by step how to use ColorZilla to migrate colors from your browser to other programs

  • After that, to migrate colors from your browser to other design programs, choose the option “Selection average” in the drop-down menu of the black box and proceed to select the color to migrate, freely.

Learn step by step how to use ColorZilla to migrate colors from your browser to other programs

  • Next, the chosen color will be copied by the same tool and you just have to click on the ColorZilla icon and click on “Copy To Clipboard …”. Verifying that the selected color is the same as that displayed in the option “Color Picker” from the drop-down menu.

Learn step by step how to use ColorZilla to migrate colors from your browser to other programs

In addition to that, if you want to see the history of all your color captures, you simply have to access the menu of the tool in question and click on “Picker Color History”.

Added to that, at the bottom, you also have three more interesting options that are:

  • Webpage Color Analyzer: It is a function that has the ability to analyze each and every one of the colors of the web page you are studying. That way, you will get a color palette that includes all those used in that platform.
  • Palette Browser: Basically, it’s about a color palette showing all possible combinations and lets know what is the RGB color you choose.
  • CSS Gradient Generator: Through this option, you will access an additional page where you can create, to your liking, CSS gradients whose code you will easily obtain (copying and pasting).

Best ColorZilla Alternative Browser Extensions You Should Know About

Today, in addition to ColorZillaThere are also other browser add-ons that offer the same functionality, in a certain way. So, to have a greater range of options when analyzing and migrating the colors of a certain web page, it is important to know what are the best solutions of this type.

Here are three of them:

Eye dropper

Eye dropper

Refers to an open source extension, available in Google Chrome and Chromium. Which, in the first instance, allows its users identify choose colors from any web page. For that, they will have to install the extension, open it and click the option “Choose color” to proceed to choose the indicated pixel. Once this is done, the same plugin will take care of show the hexadecimal code for you to proceed to copy and migrate it. In other words, its operation is very similar to that of ColorZilla.

Among other features, also provides a history column, in an orderly fashion, from where you can view all the colors that you have previously copied and get them later. It also has a useful color palette for adjust the tone to use.

Color Picker

Color Picker

It’s found available in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and consists of a useful extension to search for the desired color directly from the browser. For that, you just have to click on the icon in the toolbar and once the user interface is displayed, you can access four different sections. Added to that, it contains a large icon that offers a color palette and can be used to represent the user interface regarding the color picker.

That way, you can choose a new color or change the tone. Also, once you choose a shade, on the right side you will see six different formats with their corresponding valuesNow, it should be noted that, this web plugin it is not designed to select or migrate colors from web pages, specifically. Since, it simply offers you the possibility of choose and copy colors from a user interface (UI).

Color Dropper

Color Dropper

Finally, we emphasize this other online tool available as an extension in Google Chrome. Which stands out for offering a specific option to be able to copy the hexadecimal code color of the desired color, automatically. Thanks to that, it is an easy-to-use eyedropper tool, even because works via keyboard shortcuts too. In this sense, to capture and copy said code from any web page to the computer’s clipboard.

You will simply have to press the Color Dropper icon on the Chrome toolbar or use the following default keyboard combinations for Windows and Mac:

  • On windows: You can copy the color with “Ctrl + Shift + E”.
  • On Mac: The function will be activated through “Cmd + Shift + E”.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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