Combine Cells in Word  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Over the years, Microsoft Word has gained tremendous popularity worldwide. Since, thanks to its capacity and large number of options and functions that it provides to its users, has been cataloged as the most famous word processor in the world.

In this sense, Word is the most used tool at the time of create, edit, personalize or manage any digital writing. Taking into account that, by default, this program is installed on most computers, since is hosted in Microsoft’s widely recognized office suite.

Thus, due to its simplicity to introduce tables in documents, Word is used by a large number of professionals and students who they must handle these elements to expose their information in an enriched way. Therefore, in this post, we want to explain the procedure to be carried out to combine cells in a table easily, for the optimal utility that this function exhibits.

What to keep in mind before combining table cells in Word?

What to keep in mind before combining table cells in Word?

Before detailing the step by step that has to be carried out to be able to join the cells of any table in this Microsoft program, it is necessary to highlight some extremely important data on this topic. The first of them, is based on perfectly understanding what a table is about in Word.

Thus, we specify that the tables refer to the most appropriate format to achieve organize multiple data that need to be displayed in any document and that present a certain relationship. Reason why, they are made up of boxes that facilitate data entry and are identified as “cells”. Which are referenced by means of rows and columns.

That is why, it is emphasized that the cells of a certain table they serve to divide any content into several segments, in order that this information can be interpreted separately, correctly. That is to say, they simplify the distribution of a single writing in several boxes so that display content as the user chooses.

Apart from this, it is also crucial to point out that, when preparing a table in Word, the same program offers a large number of options that allow edit and customize this element easily. Therefore, in addition to applying formats or adding borders, rows and columns can also be added or deleted, just like merge or join cells.

The latter, for example, simplifies the mixing of vertical or horizontal cells to be able to create a table header that spans multiple columns. Taking into account that, there is the possibility of merge two or more cells in a table, without limitation, depending on what you need.

Steps to combine two or more cells in a Microsoft Word table

Now, due to the optimal utility exhibited by being able to combine two or more cells of a table created in Word, both in academic and professional settings; It is important to know the simplest way that exists to carry it out.

That is why then We proceed to explain step by payment what you have to do when joining several boxes in a table:

  • First of all, find and access the document where you have to use Word’s cell merge function. Once inside it, proceed to locate the table to edit in this way.
  • After that, it’s time to select all cells you want to combine in your text. This can be done by simply dragging the cursor from the mouse on these boxes to check them completely.
  • Having done the above, it’s time to go to the top of the main window, specifically in the Table Tools section for so click on the “Presentation” tab.
  • Finally, look for the corresponding box to the Merge group and among the options available there, click on the “Merge cells” selection. Thus, automatically, the boxes chosen at the beginning will be joined.

Steps to combine two or more cells in a Microsoft Word table

On the other hand, if you want to take a faster and / or more practical route, what you can do is select the cells to be combined as indicated above and right click on that selection. Now, among the options that they show you, click on the bar “Merge cells” and you’re done.

Steps to combine two or more cells in a Microsoft Word table

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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