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When you finish reading this article, we have dedicated to let you know everything you need to know about the company page of LinkedIn, you will be convinced that this is the best place to publicize your brand.

Beyond that LinkedIn It already has more than 600 million users worldwide, the professional profile of the vast majority of them is even more important, which tells us a lot about the quality of interlocutors with which your company will be communicating.

So we invite you to continue reading, since throughout our content you will find lots of benefits, which you may not know, of create a company page on the social network for professionals par excellence.

What is a LinkedIn Company Page and what is it for?

What to consider before searching for a person on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn for Business is a platform dedicated to the exclusive use between brands, through which the social network allows you to interact with all its members as a business organization. This means that your new page will be the image of your company on LinkedIn. One of the main doubts that arise in some who still do not have their company page of LinkedIn, has to do with the universality Of the same.

In other words, they are not sure that the page can be viewed by all Internet users. The answer to this question is that yes, all Internet users will have access to visit your page, which will serve your company or business for many things, among which we can name the desired visibility, something that in and of itself makes it worth creating one.

Likewise, your company will be joining millions of them who already know that they are left behind or take a long time to create your own company page in LinkedIn, is the equivalent, neither more nor less, of give advantages to the competition. But that and more we will be showing you in the following sections, so we invite you to continue reading …

What are the benefits of having a LinkedIn Company Page?

Explain the benefits that are achieved immediately after having created a page for the company in LinkedIn, is closely associated with the benefits of belonging to the social network preferred by large companies and corporations worldwide. Of course, the foregoing does not exclude that small and medium-sized businesses, as well as many businesses and sole proprietorships.

Let’s see how to take advantage of advantages such as the ones we name below:

It is the best generator of leads

The statistics do not lie, and, above all, they are not wrong. In that sense it is good that you know that LinkedIn exceeds almost 300% to monsters like FB and Twitter in generating leads.

If the above is based on rough data, imagine for a moment how far you will be projecting attracting qualified clients, when they contact your business through a page in which the company is the protagonist. In addition, the statistics mentioned above also show that users of LinkedIn is it so more willing to buy in companies when they contact them through the same social network.

Position your brand in the business ecosystem

Many providers of the most varied services and professional assistance already know how useful it is have an online presence with a LinkedIn company page, Given the increases exponentially the chances of being in the first places of the search engines.

Increase the number of contacts

This in the sense that it allows you to maintain direct communication with both suppliers, as with professionals who work in the same business sector. And the best of all is that it may not be necessary for you to go for them, since they will want to be in contact with your company page in LinkedIn.

Help find the best talent for your company

The best professionals in all specialties prefer to offer their services to serious companies, which they usually make sure of mainly visiting the profiles of LinkedIn company pages. That ensures you always have a good number of qualified applicants.

It will be your best advertising ally

To the create your LinkedIn Company Page, you make space in one of the best places for promotion of the brand’s products. If you take into account that most of your visitors belong to the professional environment, you realize that they are people with greater purchasing power.

How does LinkedIn marketing for businesses work?

Once you have created your new company page on LinkedIn, you have at your disposal a series of tools to boost marketing of your business.

Here we present them:

Allows you to present ads in different formats, including video ads, dynamic carousel ads, and single image ads. It is very useful when generating leads, and even makes it possible segment your audience according to your preferences.

You can use this tool in two different ways. For example, do it through a campaign of message ads and add a lead generation form to it, which accelerates the generation of qualified contacts. It also allows you to advance a campaign of announcements by conversation, including several calls to action sending potential clients a lead generation form.

Text Ads

A great tool to manage the advertising of small owners, that through it they can better self-manage the generation of ads according to each budget. In addition to being able to constantly monitor the leads reached, you will only pay for the effective adsEither by click or by impression.

Dynamic Ads

One of the best tools to enhance the marketing of your company, since it allows you to interact with the entire universe of potential clients through the use of ads that are personalized constantly and automatically. To measure its usefulness, just imagine the number of people you can reach and attract attention with your personalized ads for each of them who have data registered on LinkedIn.

Tips for maximizing your LinkedIn Company Page

How is LinkedIn different from other social networks on the Internet?

We are sure that, with everything said so far, you should be ready to create your company page in LinkedIn.

That is why we propose to leave you some tips that will be very useful to get the most out of it once you have done it:

Introduce yourself to your audience

The first thing we do as users by visit a LinkedIn page for companies, it is nothing other than to look at the section “About”. This makes it necessary that from the beginning you must make sure you achieve the best description for your company.

Although some may be a little scared with this, we tell you that it is something as simple as tell your story and the experience that accompanies you through your performance in the sector. Surely you have ever searched for companies using keywords search engines, and that should have taught you the importance of including them in the description of yours.

Optimization, optimization and more optimization

Talk about him digital showcase to many it may seem like a commonplace. However, from the beginning you must bear in mind that that is precisely what is going to represent the company page on LinkedIn for your business from now on. Consequently, to obtain the best results, from the beginning you must take care of making all the products or services that you offer can be viewed by customers.

Feed your number of followers

Remember that the tools that we name you above are at your complete disposal. So leave them aside when it comes to attract traffic organic followers of your company, which results in increased visibility. In that same sense, it is of primary importance to maintain each of the followers you get, something that you achieve by maintaining channels of interaction with them.

Your employees are very important

In fact, every day more business advisers recommend that each employee has their company page in organizations. The possibility that each one of the workers is a potential brand ambassador, has led companies of all sizes to worry about publicizing a list of their employees on their business page, which is seen as what is known as social proof.

Keep your page updated

If you do not want your followers to begin to perceive that your company page in LinkedIn it is a neglected site, you must get in the habit of updating it repeatedly a week. Although it is clear that this will depend on the activity or sector in which your organization operates, we are sure that you will always find new things to show, because there is always news to share with your followers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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